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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For those who asked in my last post since I talked about the 2nd live-action Death Note Movie, there are only TWO movies. Like I said, these 2 movies cover the entire Death Note series from start to finish. The 2nd movie totally completes the series. The 2nd movie, in my opinion, was a LOT better than the first. Glad you guys liked the pictures too! I couldn’t get over how much the actor looked like L and did the mannerisms of the L character perfectly.

So today, a reporter from our local newspaper is coming to my apartment to interview me about my artworks and is going to have an article about me! She was really interested in the whole anime style and wanted to ask me questions about that too since there’s a big art community in this area but it’s mostly fine arts and very little illustration. She’ll be here at 1:30pm and said that she wants me to draw while she asks me questions and takes pictures of me. Nothing more distracting than that when trying to draw! lol! I know when I did the workshop at the NY Anime Fest, the photographer kept snapping pictures non-stop and that was pretty distracting. This will be a lot more laid-back though and the lady was really nice so I’m pretty excited and pretty nervous.^^’

I seem to be getting back into watching anime again…Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is what I’ve dived into again. I looooooove the way this show is animated. The characters eyes…LOVE and the animation itself is so smooth and flowing. It’s not like some animes where it’s choppy, this one is drawn so well and I just love the style. It’s very CLAMP since the characters are so elongated and thin…they look…graceful. lol! I guess that’s the best way I can describe it. I also enjoy some of the characters trying to say “Lelouch.” The character in the picture below with the green eyes, Suzaku, that voice actor can’t say Lelouch worth beans…it’s kinda like, “Leerouco”.XD Most of the other voice actors can say it pretty well but I guess there’s just too many “L’s” in his name for most Japanese to pronounce.XD Although I commend them for trying...heck in Inuyasha, they completely changed Kirara's name to Kilala just so the English voice actors could say it!XD

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