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Saturday, April 5, 2008

So, I should have my Naruto comic done by Monday or so. I have the comic itself done I just have to color the cover page. Don’t expect this to be a serious comic…it’s actually kinda picking on Naruto and it’s only a little 3 pager. I’m not even going to shade it all, just pretty much keeping it line-art.^^
My boys are coming over Saturday night. We found a Mario Kart drinking game and are going to have fun with that.XD We’re also are going to watch some movies. Woot!

Whelp, I got a raise at work. Freakin’ finally. It only took about a year and a half of hard work to get it. Feh! I don’t know how familiar you guys are with Unions but they’re basically companies whose jobs it is to keep up with the rights of employees and making sure that companies aren’t taking advantage of their workers. Not all that many businesses have Unions but one is trying to get us employees to sign up for it. I mean, everything seems fine and dandy with having a Union at my job but the problem is is a little thing called “Union Dues” which means $8.55 would be taken out of every paycheck I get. Now, that doesn’t seem like a lot but that amount adds up! By then end of the year, they’d have taken almost $600 of my earnings! So, I’m hoping we don’t get a Union at my company (if they get 51% of employees to sign up then we ALL have to pay the dues) since unless they’re going to get me a heck of a big pay raise, it won’t be worth it.

I’m drinking some hot cocoa. Dark chocolate flavor…yumm. I’m a dark chocolate fan over milk. Stinkin’ SessLover18 was saying that it’s too warm where she lives to be drinking hot cocoa. Feh! I wish it were warm here…I’m sick of this cold crap. Although we had a couple days where it was in the 50’s! That was pleasant.
Picture of the Day is of Momiji from Fruits Basket:

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