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Friday, April 3, 2009

For those who are seeing the news with the shooting in Binghamton, NY where 13-14 people were killed and 26 wounded, that's only 10 minutes to where I live. It's actually only a block to where the dance studio is where I take my belly dancing lessons. Just letting people know that I'm okay since I've gotten a few messages and texts from friends since they know I live nearby and go there as well. The shooter was a guy who was laid off from IBM which has been firing people recently in our area due to the economic problems. So yeah, my thoughts go to those who lost their lives as well as the family of those people as well.

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I hurt my back again yesterday right before work. I tend to hurt my neck and back frequently, last time I went to the doctor he has said that I should try building muscle in those places so I wouldnt hurt myself as often doing mundane things. Lol! I hurt my neck the first time opening a water bottle, the 2nd time lifting a box of dimes at work. I hurt my back the first time lifting my laptop, this 2nd time from yesterday was blowing my nose.XD Pathetic, I know. Im thinking my belly dance class will help build more muscle but mostly it just keeps you trim more than anything. Bah, whatever. I still went to work like a good little employeeall doped up on muscle relaxers and pain killers but hey, I was there!

I had a guest at the casino I work at last night, ask me to marry him.XD At first I was like, you wouldnt want to marry me because then you couldnt gamble here! But then he said that that was okay, I guess he has a serious thing for redheads because he just wouldnt let up about how much he loved my hair. I didnt want to break his heart and tell him it wasnt natural. Lol! My hair color is similar looking to Donnas from That 70s Show so I guess thats good he couldnt tell it was dyed. Heehee! Ive gotten a lot of compliments since Ive gone red and my tips at work have even gone up.XD The dude who asked me to marry him was like, old enough to be my dad though so yeck.

In a couple weeks Ill be in North Carolina for my sisters wedding. I cant wait because I just want to go down south since I love the weather! Plus, its vacation time off from work too. Yesssssss.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I finally changed my theme and its the first time I made a theme around one of my own drawings. I think it turned out pretty well although Im kinda testing to make sure everything is fitting the way it should on the page. Just curious, whats your guys monitor resolution? Mines actually 1280X800 but I know that its a little of an odd-ball size so didnt make my theme around my resolution and stuck with the standard size although this top post is being stretched for no reason which is driving me nuts but whatever. Took me awhile to get all the ads and banners off my imeem playlist though! Sheesh! Since when did they start plastering like 18 ads on one playlist?!

I had my belly dance class today and it was actually my first time in the advance class. My teacher last week asked me to join the advanced class so that was cool. The class is in the middle of a routine though so it was a little hard for me to keep up since I dont know their steps yet but they still said I did well. I also bought another clothing item off my instructor (she sells belly dance clothes) and its a pair of silky black pants that are really tight up top and then hugely bell out at the bottom and since its silk when you spin it gives such a cool effect! Plus, it has some kinda see-throughy swirls that go up the leg and it looks so neat. I love those pants.XD

My parents ended up getting the house in Florida. They put in a bid and they got it so theyre excited that theyll have a winter home. I look forward to visiting during the frigid winter months thats for sure!

Well, thats all for now, behave everyone and Ill be seeing ya!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

fired and then anothers father dying so she had to fly down to Florida. I had to pick up their shifts but at least this coming week is back to normal but then it goes a little wonky again.
But anyway, I was working on trying to get that fairy contest drawing done and it seemed like forever but I finally finished it so if you guys could go take a look and comment, Id appreciate it.

Ive been applying to jobs left and right but its hard to get employed with the economy the way it is and everyone else is out there looking for a job too. People keep saying I should be happy that I at least have a job which is true, but how great is it to be stuck in a job that you absolutely despise? Ah well, Im keeping my fingers crossed that I get a call from someone and until then, Im going to keep applying.

My parents are down in Florida for the next 2 weeks and they just emailed me telling me they put a bid on a home?! What the?! I guess its just going to be a winter home since, like most people who live in the cold regions, winters suck and you just want to go somewhere warm until it heats up again. Plus theyre retired and it seems a rule that if youre retired, you have to move down to Florida or at least have a winter home there.XD I hope they get it though because then *I* can go down and visit.^_~

I talked to our founder, Adam for awhile on the phone the other night which was nice since I was grumpy and at work and he cheered me up. Im going to be having another workshop at the NYAF and this year Im going to be showing how to color on the computer. Should be easier than lugging around all the crap needed to show how to color with colored pencils.XD

Whelp, thats all for now, I have a lot more to talk about but dont want to bore people to death. So behave everyone and Ill be seeing ya!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hel-LOOOOOO Otaku! I actually wasnt going to update today but than was commenting on peoples posts and saw quite a few had updated so figured, what the hell. Im going to be starting a new drawing today for a contest that I was actually PMed about. I dont usually enter contests but this one involves creating a fairy character socmon! I meana fairy! I HAVE too. *much luv to fairies*
An d speaking of fairies, Sessy mentioned the term knock on wood in her post and I thought it was funny because I was reading a history book on religions of the past and in there it tells you where that phrase comes from and its so cool! Since Im lazy, Im just going to copy and paste what I had typed out in my comment on Sessys post about where that term came from:

The term, knock on wood, is actually an old Wiccan/Pagan phrase dating back around 3000-1500 BC when people thought fairies were in fact, real. Originally, fairies were thought to be the spirits of those who had past but then it evolved into being spirits of things found in nature and one of the main rules of being a Pagan/Wiccan is to have a high respect for nature and to not do anything bad or else you'll piss off the fairies. So, if you were having good luck, you'd literally, "knock on wood" as thanks for the fairies for giving you good fortune because if you didn't give thanks, the fairies could take it away from you and then give you bad luck.

I thought was that so neatno wonder I say that phrase all the time! Its giving thanks to the fairies!XD

I need to change my themeIve had this one since Fall.XD I usually change it every season but I was kinda an emotional wreck during the changing of the seasons this year. Spring will be here soon though! I have to figure out what to make ithmmmm. But another season of Ghost Hunters arrived via Netflix in my mail today so WOHOO! Im going to watch me some paranormal huntin!
Whelp, behave everyone, see ya soon and remember, dont piss off the fairies!

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Friday, February 27, 2009

My kitty, Jenks had a nice birthdayjust gave him lots of attention and spoiled with with canned cat food.XD My mom brought him over gifts of toy mices and other fun stuff for him. She got a custom tag for his collar with his name on the front and my contact info on the back if he were ever to run out and get lost or something. Lets hope that never happens.>_<

How many of you watch American Idol? I was SO happy that Adam made it though! Not our Otaku Adam, of coursebut hes the one that Simon called Robert Patterson handsome and then Ryan made the comment about how he feels about having some Edward Cullen in him and Adam said he loved those books so yep, hes my fave contestant. Helps that he can sing like nobodys business so I hope he goes far.
I enjoyed my 2 days off thoroughly. They were nice and relaxing. We learned some tricky moves in my belly dancing class so my hips and abs were a little sore but thats good! Shows Im working them and that can only lead to improvement. We had a different teacher this time because our regular instructor was sick with the flu so it was neat learning things in a little different way. I like our sub in the fact that she did a little more one-on-one and really showed what muscles you need to flex or keep loose to do certain moves.but she got distracted a little more easily in that shed start doing some moves and than go nuts into a dance routine leaving us likewhat the heck is she doing? Lol! But it was fun and she was selling some items and I already have a belly dance skirt but she was selling a scarf that I wanted so bad! She sells them for a lot cheaper than retail and theyre MUCH better quality tooplus, one of them was green so I just had to get it since its my fave color. Heres what the skirt looks likeexcept mine has better quality, thicker materical but at least you get the idea:

Isnt it hawt?! Oh I love itnow when I shake my hips and do the shimmies and hip drops it looks and sounds so cool!^_^

Sunday it looks like I have to be fitted for a bridesmaid dress. A lady I work with asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and I agreedeven though I hate being in weddings. Ergh. Ill probably still have to take the dress to my seamstress since dresses dont fit me around the waist because Im too thin and no dress made in a store fits me right. Oh well, at least I dont have to pay for the dress. lol!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thanks to all those who checked out my drawing! Love ya! In case you missed it, here�s a link to the chibi version of myself and my kitty:

And speaking of kitty, today is Jenks� birthday! Well, I don�t know if it�s his real birthday but I had adopted him Oct.25th and they said that he was 8 months old so I dubbed Feb.25th to be his 1st birthday! I�ve only had him 4 months but I already can�t imagine my place without him. He follows me around like a puppy�anywhere I am, he�s right there. He�s my little lap warmer and I call him my ninja cat for all the ways he sneaks up on me and when we play he does the somersaults in the air.XD He�s wonderful because he actually lets me sleep in! Bliss�he sleeps, curled up on my left side and when he hears me moving around, then he crawls onto my chest and purrs and wants to be petted. So cute. Happy birthday to my special little guy who was saved by the humane society from an abused and neglected home and found his way into my home where he�s spoiled rotten and given lots of lovin�.

I have the next 2 days off from work! Wohoo! I was going to do another drawing but decided instead to have some �me� time. I have some things to catch up on�like cleaning, laundry, that kind of fun stuff. Plus, I have some books that are only partially read through that must get some needed attention. My belly dancing class is tonight plus Ghost Hunters AND American Idol are on! Oh man, I love Wednesdays. Of course, I�ll leave some room to go onto PixieHollow.com and fly around for awhile.^_~

Here�s a picture of my kitty, all cozy on the quilt of my bed. So, behave everyone and I�ll see you guys around! Bye bye!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hello all you wonderful people, how are you?! I�m doing alright�a little bummed that we got a big snow storm yesterday after the snow had melted and I was all happy to see the snow gone and birds and critters starting to come out again and now�more stinkin� snow! Ergh. I need to move somewhere that rarely if never gets snow. Seriously.XD

Anyhoo, sorry I�ve been gone again. Not that long though, what, about a week? I dunno, but lately I�ve been addicted to a website called PixieHollow.com. It�s Disney run and all you do is make a fairy and then you get to fly around and meet other people and do quests for the famous Disney fairies like Tinkerbell. I�m glad that I met other adults on that site so I don�t feel like a creepy 20-some year old on there. I�ve met a few mothers and grandmothers on there! Lol!
But yeah, I got a new drawing done! It�s a chibi version my myself and my putty-tat, Jenks so if you could take a look and comment, I�d be appreciative:

So, behave everyone and I�ll see you guys around! Bye bye!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Thanks to those who checked out my latest drawing! Luv you guys! If you haven�t seen it yet, here�s a linky-poo:

So how is everyone on this merry Friday the 13th? I really don�t believe in superstitions so this is just another Friday to me. Oh, and YAY! My mom just dropped off a space heater I ordered. HEAT! YOSH!!! I am so tired of cold weather and winter up here. You guys know the phrase, �chilled to the bone?� I feel like that virtually all winter long where you just don�t feel quite warm enough. My hands always feel like that of a corpse. The heating is great in my apartment since to cut down the heat cost, my bro had shut off most of the vents and my living room is quite large so it doesn�t get enough heat from that one heating duct. Bah!

Oh, and I doubt I�ll be updating again on Saturday so happy Valentines Day! Most people get depressed during this holiday if they don�t have a significant other�I don�t. lol! I just plain don�t care. I actually don�t like being in relationships. Too much drama and time needs to be put into it and I�m happy being a loner. In fact, a guest at the casino I work at asked for my number. He was a friend of a guy who works there and usually I just make up the excuse that I already have a boyfriend as to not hurt their feelings but I couldn�t because Shawn (the one who works there) would know that�s not true. D�oh! So he�s been texting me and he dropped by the casino yesterday and he wants to go to a movie.>_< Ergh, I had said okay but I�m just going to let him know now that I�m not interested in dating at the moment and it�s nothing personal against him, I just don�t want to pull myself away from my artwork since I�m on a pretty decent streak lately! I think I need to have a long distance relationship�like the dude lives in another country or something.XD I remember I did a card reading for fun at a Renaissance Fest, you know what the guy said I was based on my cards? A seductress!O_O lol!

And special thanks to Adam for sending me an awesome Valentines gift! That being a ringtone he made of my fave singer, Gackt! YAY! And it happens to be one of my fave songs by him. How did Adam know?!!!>_> I have a gift I�m going to make for Adam as soon as I finish something I�m working on now. Hee!

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello everyone! I finished a new drawing and if you guys could take a look at it and comment, I�d be very appreciative:

I�m super tired so I don�t have much to say right now. I have to open at work and it sucks when you�re used to closing every night of the week. I couldn�t sleep last night so�blah. And we have a meeting today about cutting drunks off when they�ve had too many. It�s so retarded that people in our department have to go because we�re not the ones serving these bozos alcohol.

Anyhoo, I got my hair dyed red and it looks totally awesome. I got so many compliments so it made me feel good. Gawd, I�m so tired. My boss is evil. Zzzzzz.

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