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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I finally changed my theme and itís the first time I made a theme around one of my own drawings. I think it turned out pretty well although Iím kinda testing to make sure everything is fitting the way it should on the page. Just curious, whatís your guyís monitor resolution? Mineís actually 1280X800 but I know that itís a little of an odd-ball size so didnít make my theme around my resolution and stuck with the standard size although this top post is being stretched for no reason which is driving me nuts but whatever. Took me awhile to get all the ads and banners off my imeem playlist though! Sheesh! Since when did they start plastering like 18 ads on one playlist?!

I had my belly dance class today and it was actually my first time in the advance class. My teacher last week asked me to join the advanced class so that was cool. The class is in the middle of a routine though so it was a little hard for me to keep up since I donít know their steps yet but they still said I did well. I also bought another clothing item off my instructor (she sells belly dance clothes) and itís a pair of silky black pants that are really tight up top and then hugely bell out at the bottom and since itís silk when you spin it gives such a cool effect! Plus, it has some kinda see-throughy swirls that go up the leg and it looks so neat. I love those pants.XD

My parents ended up getting the house in Florida. They put in a bid and they got it so theyíre excited that theyíll have a winter home. I look forward to visiting during the frigid winter months thatís for sure!

Well, thatís all for now, behave everyone and Iíll be seeing ya!

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