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Friday, February 27, 2009

My kitty, Jenks had a nice birthday…just gave him lots of attention and spoiled with with canned cat food.XD My mom brought him over gifts of toy mices and other fun stuff for him. She got a custom tag for his collar with his name on the front and my contact info on the back if he were ever to run out and get lost or something. Let’s hope that never happens.>_<

How many of you watch American Idol? I was SO happy that Adam made it though! Not our Otaku Adam, of course…but he’s the one that Simon called “Robert Patterson” handsome and then Ryan made the comment about how he feels about “having some Edward Cullen” in him and Adam said he loved those books so yep, he’s my fave contestant. Helps that he can sing like nobody’s business so I hope he goes far.
I enjoyed my 2 days off thoroughly. They were nice and relaxing. We learned some tricky moves in my belly dancing class so my hips and abs were a little sore but that’s good! Shows I’m working them and that can only lead to improvement. We had a different teacher this time because our regular instructor was sick with the flu so it was neat learning things in a little different way. I like our “sub” in the fact that she did a little more one-on-one and really showed what muscles you need to flex or keep loose to do certain moves….but she got distracted a little more easily in that she’d start doing some moves and than go nuts into a dance routine leaving us like…what the heck is she doing? Lol! But it was fun and she was selling some items and I already have a belly dance skirt but she was selling a scarf that I wanted so bad! She sells them for a lot cheaper than retail and they’re MUCH better quality too…plus, one of them was green so I just had to get it since it’s my fave color. Here’s what the skirt looks like…except mine has better quality, thicker materical but at least you get the idea:

Isn’t it hawt?! Oh I love it…now when I shake my hips and do the shimmies and hip drops it looks and sounds so cool!^_^

Sunday it looks like I have to be fitted for a bridesmaid dress. A lady I work with asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and I agreed…even though I hate being in weddings. Ergh. I’ll probably still have to take the dress to my seamstress since dresses don’t fit me around the waist because I’m too thin and no dress made in a store fits me right. Oh well, at least I don’t have to pay for the dress. lol!

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