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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hello all you wonderful people, how are you?! I�m doing alright�a little bummed that we got a big snow storm yesterday after the snow had melted and I was all happy to see the snow gone and birds and critters starting to come out again and now�more stinkin� snow! Ergh. I need to move somewhere that rarely if never gets snow. Seriously.XD

Anyhoo, sorry I�ve been gone again. Not that long though, what, about a week? I dunno, but lately I�ve been addicted to a website called PixieHollow.com. It�s Disney run and all you do is make a fairy and then you get to fly around and meet other people and do quests for the famous Disney fairies like Tinkerbell. I�m glad that I met other adults on that site so I don�t feel like a creepy 20-some year old on there. I�ve met a few mothers and grandmothers on there! Lol!
But yeah, I got a new drawing done! It�s a chibi version my myself and my putty-tat, Jenks so if you could take a look and comment, I�d be appreciative:

So, behave everyone and I�ll see you guys around! Bye bye!

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