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Friday, February 13, 2009

Thanks to those who checked out my latest drawing! Luv you guys! If you haven�t seen it yet, here�s a linky-poo:

So how is everyone on this merry Friday the 13th? I really don�t believe in superstitions so this is just another Friday to me. Oh, and YAY! My mom just dropped off a space heater I ordered. HEAT! YOSH!!! I am so tired of cold weather and winter up here. You guys know the phrase, �chilled to the bone?� I feel like that virtually all winter long where you just don�t feel quite warm enough. My hands always feel like that of a corpse. The heating is great in my apartment since to cut down the heat cost, my bro had shut off most of the vents and my living room is quite large so it doesn�t get enough heat from that one heating duct. Bah!

Oh, and I doubt I�ll be updating again on Saturday so happy Valentines Day! Most people get depressed during this holiday if they don�t have a significant other�I don�t. lol! I just plain don�t care. I actually don�t like being in relationships. Too much drama and time needs to be put into it and I�m happy being a loner. In fact, a guest at the casino I work at asked for my number. He was a friend of a guy who works there and usually I just make up the excuse that I already have a boyfriend as to not hurt their feelings but I couldn�t because Shawn (the one who works there) would know that�s not true. D�oh! So he�s been texting me and he dropped by the casino yesterday and he wants to go to a movie.>_< Ergh, I had said okay but I�m just going to let him know now that I�m not interested in dating at the moment and it�s nothing personal against him, I just don�t want to pull myself away from my artwork since I�m on a pretty decent streak lately! I think I need to have a long distance relationship�like the dude lives in another country or something.XD I remember I did a card reading for fun at a Renaissance Fest, you know what the guy said I was based on my cards? A seductress!O_O lol!

And special thanks to Adam for sending me an awesome Valentines gift! That being a ringtone he made of my fave singer, Gackt! YAY! And it happens to be one of my fave songs by him. How did Adam know?!!!>_> I have a gift I�m going to make for Adam as soon as I finish something I�m working on now. Hee!

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