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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hel-LOOOOOO Otaku! I actually wasn’t going to update today but than was commenting on people’s posts and saw quite a few had updated so figured, what the hell. I’m going to be starting a new drawing today for a contest that I was actually PMed about. I don’t usually enter contests but this one involves creating a fairy character so…c’mon! I mean…a fairy! I HAVE too. *much luv to fairies*
An d speaking of fairies, Sessy mentioned the term “knock on wood” in her post and I thought it was funny because I was reading a history book on religions of the past and in there it tells you where that phrase comes from and it’s so cool! Since I’m lazy, I’m just going to copy and paste what I had typed out in my comment on Sessy’s post about where that term came from:

The term, “knock on wood,” is actually an old Wiccan/Pagan phrase dating back around 3000-1500 BC when people thought fairies were in fact, real. Originally, fairies were thought to be the spirits of those who had past but then it evolved into being spirits of things found in nature and one of the main rules of being a Pagan/Wiccan is to have a high respect for nature and to not do anything bad or else you'll piss off the fairies. So, if you were having good luck, you'd literally, "knock on wood" as thanks for the fairies for giving you good fortune because if you didn't give thanks, the fairies could take it away from you and then give you bad luck.

I thought was that so neat…no wonder I say that phrase all the time! It’s giving thanks to the fairies!XD

I need to change my theme…I’ve had this one since Fall.XD I usually change it every season but I was kinda an emotional wreck during the changing of the seasons this year. Spring will be here soon though! I have to figure out what to make it…hmmmm. But another season of Ghost Hunters arrived via Netflix in my mail today so WOHOO! I’m going to watch me some paranormal huntin’!
Whelp, behave everyone, see ya soon and remember, don’t piss off the fairies!

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