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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

fired and then anotherís father dying so she had to fly down to Florida. I had to pick up their shifts but at least this coming week is back to normal but then it goes a little wonky again.
But anyway, I was working on trying to get that fairy contest drawing done and it seemed like forever but I finally finished it so if you guys could go take a look and comment, Iíd appreciate it.

Iíve been applying to jobs left and right but itís hard to get employed with the economy the way it is and everyone else is out there looking for a job too. People keep saying I should be happy that I at least have a job which is true, but how great is it to be stuck in a job that you absolutely despise? Ah well, Iím keeping my fingers crossed that I get a call from someone and until then, Iím going to keep applying.

My parents are down in Florida for the next 2 weeks and they just emailed me telling me they put a bid on a home?! What the?! I guess itís just going to be a ďwinter homeĒ since, like most people who live in the cold regions, winters suck and you just want to go somewhere warm until it heats up again. Plus theyíre retired and it seems a rule that if youíre retired, you have to move down to Florida or at least have a winter home there.XD I hope they get it though because then *I* can go down and visit.^_~

I talked to our founder, Adam for awhile on the phone the other night which was nice since I was grumpy and at work and he cheered me up. Iím going to be having another workshop at the NYAF and this year Iím going to be showing how to color on the computer. Should be easier than lugging around all the crap needed to show how to color with colored pencils.XD

Whelp, thatís all for now, I have a lot more to talk about but donít want to bore people to death. So behave everyone and Iíll be seeing Ďya!

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