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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thanks to all those who checked out my drawing! Love ya! In case you missed it, here�s a link to the chibi version of myself and my kitty:

And speaking of kitty, today is Jenks� birthday! Well, I don�t know if it�s his real birthday but I had adopted him Oct.25th and they said that he was 8 months old so I dubbed Feb.25th to be his 1st birthday! I�ve only had him 4 months but I already can�t imagine my place without him. He follows me around like a puppy�anywhere I am, he�s right there. He�s my little lap warmer and I call him my ninja cat for all the ways he sneaks up on me and when we play he does the somersaults in the air.XD He�s wonderful because he actually lets me sleep in! Bliss�he sleeps, curled up on my left side and when he hears me moving around, then he crawls onto my chest and purrs and wants to be petted. So cute. Happy birthday to my special little guy who was saved by the humane society from an abused and neglected home and found his way into my home where he�s spoiled rotten and given lots of lovin�.

I have the next 2 days off from work! Wohoo! I was going to do another drawing but decided instead to have some �me� time. I have some things to catch up on�like cleaning, laundry, that kind of fun stuff. Plus, I have some books that are only partially read through that must get some needed attention. My belly dancing class is tonight plus Ghost Hunters AND American Idol are on! Oh man, I love Wednesdays. Of course, I�ll leave some room to go onto PixieHollow.com and fly around for awhile.^_~

Here�s a picture of my kitty, all cozy on the quilt of my bed. So, behave everyone and I�ll see you guys around! Bye bye!

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