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Monday, November 27, 2006

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006 @ 12:25am (EST CST)

Mood: Tired/Hungry/Pissed

Hey guys!

Well it's officially official. I have fallen in love with Saiyuki almost as much as Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist. The damned thing is addictive. But only in manga format of course.

I've tried watching the anime today, but I couldn't get the feel of it. the voices sounded weird and the animation wasn't what I expected. Gojyo's hair wasn't scarlet. It was more pink-purple if you ask me...

My friend Heather-senpai was the one who told me to watch the anime. Why? Because she said there weren't boobs popping out every which way like in the manga. What's the point of watching the anime then, right? XD LMAO JK, JK! I'm not that big of a pervert. But I do prefer reading the actual artist's story rather than some shitty look-a-like-but-isn't anime. Like Chobits for instance. CLAMP did a beautiful job on the manga, but when you watch the anime version, it's way fucked up from the original story line. I hate it when anime does that. And I hate to say this, too, but... Fullmetal Alchemist did the same exact damn thing with the anime. I'm not saying the anime was bad, I'm just saying it's way off line from the original story plot, and that really gets to me. I'd love to see if they could actually make the anime over again, but this time following the manga series. That would be awesome, yeah? :D

But anyways, enough of my rambling, and onward towards my life.

Yesterday was okay. I didn't do much but watch Bleach, Saiyuki, and AMVs on YouTube all day. I'm on episode 103 in Bleach right now. Yarg. Only one more episode and I'll be caught up with Japan! XD

Yesterday I also watched Girl's Next Door. Yes, shocker. EE2 watches a show on whores sleeping with a 500 year old man. lol It's one of my favorite shows too. Why? 'Cause I'm awesome like that. XD

And then I made a quiz for TheO. Hopefully it's accepted within 2 weeks time period. if it gets accepted that be... um... how you say? 'Bomb Digity'? XD

And also, what would you guys think if I rerouted my site to another one? Would you still visit me? D:

Well hope everyone has a good day!

Quote of the Day:

"You can't spell 'awesome' without 'me'." -Mary DeCarlo


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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sunday, November 26 2006 @ 10:00am (EST CST)

Mood: Tired

Hey guys!

Well yesterday was a drag I suppose. First off my site got kindda fuckd up from an HTML error, and now I can't fix it. This time I will give all of you a warning. DO NOT STEAL anything from my site. Why? Because there's an HTML error, that could probably ruin your site as well. So don't touch anything in my HTML unless you want your site to be ruined as well. Got it?

Secondly, I had to help move furniture around the whole house. Ever try moving a treadmill (sp?) up and down 2 floors b4? Its painful.

Thirdly, my dad got into a car accident, but thankfully it wasn't anything serious. He just had a broken arm/rist. So we were at the hospital all night cause of that.

And lastly, I finished reading Pichi Pichi Pitch volume 3, and Ranma 1/2 volume 33. Ranma 1/2 33 was a good one. lol And Pichi Pichi Pitch is pissing me off cause they're all a bunch of fish swimming around and screaming out names and i dont know what the fuck is going on in that damned book. WTF!?

And last night I also watched Trinity Blood and I heard Aaron Dismuke's voice as the weird emo vampire. ::points:: ::laughs:: HAHA! I hate Aaron Dismuke. He makes every character he plays, including Alphonse Elric, sound like a f***ing p***y!

But yeah that was my day I suppose. Made a new e-card 2. Hope everyone likes it. :D Have a good day!

Quote of the Day:

"No friggin' way!" -Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach epi. 90)


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Friday, November 24, 2006

Saturday, November 25, 2006 @ 10:20am (EST CST)

Mood: Tired/Annoyed

Hey guys!

Yesterday my friend John & Akemi-chan, along with myself went out to the mall on Black Friday. XD It was a horrid sight. People were shoplifting left and right and the store owners couldn't do anything about it. Haha. Isn't America awesome for making that holiday? jk.

But when we were at the mall, I got these Flame Alchemist gloves from Hot Topic. Since I only have one arm, I gave the other glove to my friend John and we were being retards and pretending we were the Flame Alchemist(s). Haha. Retards :P

After Hot Topic we went to Claire's (thanks to Akemi-chan dragging us there). Akemi-chan got these retarded friendship necklaces with little monkies on them. One said 'Best' , another said 'Friends', and the last said 'Forever'. I got the Best one. Then Akemi-chan also bought me and John these retarded princess crowns and made us wear them the rest of the day. D: Cruel and unusual punishment!

Then we went to Border's and I got Until The Full Moon Volume 2 , Saiyuki Reload Volume 1 & 2, & Sokora Refuges Volume 2.

Then we went to the movies and saw Stranger Than Fiction. It was a good movie, but I wouldn't pay for me to see it again. It was more like teh type of movie your mom makes you sit down and watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon. That's just my thoughts on it anyway. And it wasn't all that funny either. It was more of a serious film. Didn't care for it too much.

After the movie we went back over to the mall, where we got sushi at Little Tokyo. There was this one sushi roll we had no clue what it was, so I took a bite out of it, and it got stuck to my braces, and I was screaming cause it tasted disgusting. And I was waving my head around like a retard, and John and Akemi were trying to help me get it out and we made a huge scene... XD And of course when it was over, we laughed like retards and fell out of our chairs.

Also when we were in the food court, this guy was giving out balloons at Chic Fil E (sp?). So I went up and got one, and started rubbing it on John and Akemi's head to make their hair staticy. I guess that pissed akim off, so she took a chopstick and asked if she could see the balloon. And of course me, being so sweet and naive, that I give her the balloon willingly. Then she took it to the chopstick, and right as I reached to get it back, she popped the motherfudger in the middle of the food court. The balloon popping sounded like a gunshot, so everyone was terrified, including myself... D:

Then the rest was history I suppose. XD

Well hope everyone has a good day! ::hugs::

Quote of the Day:

"No matter where you are...
Everyone is always connected." -Lain


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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006 @ 8:54am (EST CST)

Mood: Tired

Hey guys!

::yawns:: I just woke up.... D:

Yesterday sucked pretty bad I guess you could say... I don't even know how to describe the situation.But the point is, my mom was trying to hurt al physically, so I stepped in and took the several burning hot blows for him... Now I have bruises all over my body, and iut hurts every time i try to lay down. ::sob::

My mom's a bitch for doing that to Al and me... Same with my dad.... The only reason my mom stopped hitting me was because he walked in the room. And when he walked in the room he pretended like he didnt even see us being beaten by a wild woman holding a spatula hitting her two sons... WTF!?

But neways on with the actual Thanksgiving thing.... It sucked pretty much so. I didn't eat anything but half a dinner roll cause I was afraid the food was poisoned by my mom...

And the PS3 was okay I guess. I suppose I just don't understand the full concept of gaming, 'cause i suck at that type of thing...

And also last night I finished the first Saiyuki series. Now I'm on 'Reload'

But today I'm planning on going out to the movies with some of my friends. We're planning on seeing Borat, but it mighbt be a failure, but if worst comes to worst we'll see Happy Feet or Stranger Than Fiction. Then we're planning on going to the mall to hang out and do nothingness...

So hope everyone has a good day, and I'll get to commenting tonight! :D

Quote of the Day:

"What's necessary in a fight isn't fear. Nothing can be born from that." -Urahara Kisuke


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thursday, November 23, 2006 @ 8:13am (EST CST)

Mood: Tired/Hungry

Hey guys! ::hugs::

Yarg i missed u... D: ::tear::

As most of u know I was in the hospital for the past two posts... But yesterday I came back and it was a grand return. 'Cause with my return I brought my brother Al! ::smiles::

First let me get this straight: I was not attepmting suicide. It was only an act that got me badly hurt. I just wanted a ride to the hospital and some time with Al.

And if it wasn't for the 'suicide attempt' my dad wouldn't have taken Al staying into consideration. But because I was so 'worried' about Al, he told my mom he could stay.

But of course my mom's having problems with him and won't look, talk, or even go in the same room as him. D: but oh well at least he doesn't have to leave, yeah? :D

Also after I came home yesterday, I had to go to sko0l for 2 hours... D: I was in sko0l for science and history. In science we went into the Planiterium (sp?) and watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving. lol we were making fun of all the rude little brats on that show. haha

But anyways, today I'm planning on going over my aunt's and spending Thanksgiving. bluhh... I dont like Thanksgiving. I never eat anything there. The turkey sucks butt, I hate mashed potatoes, and everything else on the table looks inhumane. So I only east dinner rolls. XD

But i'm also planning on playing PS3 with my cousin Collin. Some how he was able to purchase that damned PS3 without getting a limb torn off... o_o how did that happen?

Well hope everyone has a good turkey day! ^^

And againg thanks so much for all the comments! They made al and I feel better. :D

Quote of the Day:

"Kindness we receive in our lives is not always enough." -Chairman


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 @ 6:14am (EST CST)

Hullo everyone. Well it seems as though most of you have never heard of Ed's other siblings from the 'surprise' in your comments yesterday... But yes. EE2 has four sisters and three brothers and several other half siblings that not even I myself know... But anyway, sorry about yesterday. I forgot to put my name in the introduction... *laughs* But proper introduction, right? My name is Jen. Just Jen. No 'Jenny' or 'JLo'. Just Jen. And if you want you can find me here on myO: WinrysDaughter

Now that that's taken care of let's update on my brother's life, shall we?

Yesterday he spent in the hospital. He watched Memoirs of a Geisha for part of the time he was awake... The rest he kind of slept away... Hospital life seems boring...

But the people at the hospital said that Ed and Al can come home today in time for Thanksgiving. *smiles* That's good. And my dad was in a fight with my mom over letting Al stay. And she's kind of against it, but so far she's giving in. The possibility of him staying is pretty high.

So I supose everything's turning out good for us so far. And thanks everyone for all the carring coments on yesterday's post!

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 @ 6:20am (EST CST)

Hello guys. I'm Ed's younger sister and I'm going to be posting for today and maybe the following days due to my brothers' absence. Both Edward and Al are away right now due to suicidal attempts.

Don't worry neither of them are dead.

Ed became upset because our mom said that our brother Al wasn't allowed to stay with us anymore, and had to move in with our other, much older brother, who lives out of state. So Ed's not allowed on the computer for quiet some time...

But please pray for them, okay? I'm sure it'll help alot. And I'll try to keep you guys updated on what all's going on with Ed 'cause I know you're all such a big part of his life.

Wish us good luck. And thank you for being there for Ed. He really appreciates it.

Quote of the Day:

"I am not worthless!" -Nitta Sayuri

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006 @ 6:15am (EST CST)


That looks like it'd feel so warm right now...

Hey guys!

Well yesterday sucked pretty bad I guess. My dad came over and my brother was still in the hospital, and still is. My dad gave me a couple of dollars to buy some stuff with. yay.

But turns out I was right. My mom's not speaking to Al and neither is my dad it seems. And I can't go to see him either cause they wont drive me up! And they won't let me call him either. I'm being forced to shun my own brother. How retarded is that?!

But anyways, nothing much to say I guess. We watched the Stealers game. w00t go Stealers.

Have a good one!

Quote of the Day:

"I'm not going there to die. I'm going to find out if I'm really alive." -Spike Spiegel


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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006 @ 10:32am (EST CST)

Mood:Tired/Fidgety (sp?)

Hey guys

Well yesterday was very tiring. I had to go to work at around 11:30am and I left work at 10:00 ... yarg almost 12 hours. Dammit. But anyway, besides my shitty day, my brother is still in the hospital. And my mother's not speaking to him... Maybe I was wrong in the last post? Maybe my mother is a true homophobic... If that's true I lost half the respect I had for her.

Homophobics are retarded. And if you (the one reading this post) is a homophobic, Get Over It. Gay people aren't going to jump on you and rape you. They're normal people, too. They aproach people in a normal manner. They're not crazy animals who just rape the first person of the same sex. I can't stand people who think badly of homosexuals. And I hate the people who write comments about my brother in a rude manner. Like 'Eww, he's gay.' I have something right back at you, 'Eww, you're staright.' And people who are homophobics and write flamers against them, STOP IT. I will stab any of you who EVER do that. STOP MAKING GAY PEOPLE FEEL BAD! They're probably the most happy of any of us! So if your life's a fucking mess, don't make their's a mess either! DUH!


Sorry I had to get that out of my system...

But yeah. After work I went to Barnes & Noble and got Saiyuki 7-9 and Pichi Pichi Pitch 2. Surprisingly I've become quiet fond of that damned mermaid manga. XD lol I'm watching the anime and everything. It's so lame but so good. haha.

I also talked to CK last night. We were taking pics and stuff again. she made a really funny .GIF of me on my dog cage. haha.

Quote of the Day:

"My weakness is that I can't do much..." -Papa Roach


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Saturday, November 18, 2006 @ 9:55am (EST CST)


Hey guys.

Well yesterday was okay and everything, cept til when i got home. I got a call from my dad yesterday. He said he was down at the hospital. Why you ask? Because my dick head of a brother thought he could try and kill himself...

He tried to cut his wrists. Why? Because he thought our mom wouldnt love him anymore because she found out he was gay... ::sigh:: hes such a retard! of course our mom's still gonna love him even if he's gay. No one gives a fuck. It's who he is. If she's loved him up til this point in his life, then why would she stop loving him over somthing so stupid? It makes no sense.

But yeah I was up at the hospital for a couple hours, then my dad told me I should go to work or else I'd be working all day today (two 5 hours shifts D:). So I worked til 1:00am. Then after the store closed my uncle let me pick out a few books for my school work and for pure enjoyment. It was nice of him. I'm sure it was out of pitty for my brother... But it was still nice. I got Saiyuki 3-6, AirForce 1, Wild Act 1, Ranma 1/2 31, Until The Fullmoon 1, Swis Family Robinson, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Thornbirds, and The Art Of Walt Disney's Fantasia. Then I went home and passed out at 2:30am. Then woke up at 4:30am, went back up to the hospital, and then came back at 8:00 and here I am typing this post... crazy day, eh? yeah...

At least it's anime night. Hope everyone has a good Saturday! And I'll try to get around to everyone's site today too!

Quote of the Day:

"I came to laugh at you!" -Chars Aznabal