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Monday, November 27, 2006

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Monday, November 27, 2006 @ 12:25am (EST CST)

Mood: Tired/Hungry/Pissed

Hey guys!

Well it's officially official. I have fallen in love with Saiyuki almost as much as Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist. The damned thing is addictive. But only in manga format of course.

I've tried watching the anime today, but I couldn't get the feel of it. the voices sounded weird and the animation wasn't what I expected. Gojyo's hair wasn't scarlet. It was more pink-purple if you ask me...

My friend Heather-senpai was the one who told me to watch the anime. Why? Because she said there weren't boobs popping out every which way like in the manga. What's the point of watching the anime then, right? XD LMAO JK, JK! I'm not that big of a pervert. But I do prefer reading the actual artist's story rather than some shitty look-a-like-but-isn't anime. Like Chobits for instance. CLAMP did a beautiful job on the manga, but when you watch the anime version, it's way fucked up from the original story line. I hate it when anime does that. And I hate to say this, too, but... Fullmetal Alchemist did the same exact damn thing with the anime. I'm not saying the anime was bad, I'm just saying it's way off line from the original story plot, and that really gets to me. I'd love to see if they could actually make the anime over again, but this time following the manga series. That would be awesome, yeah? :D

But anyways, enough of my rambling, and onward towards my life.

Yesterday was okay. I didn't do much but watch Bleach, Saiyuki, and AMVs on YouTube all day. I'm on episode 103 in Bleach right now. Yarg. Only one more episode and I'll be caught up with Japan! XD

Yesterday I also watched Girl's Next Door. Yes, shocker. EE2 watches a show on whores sleeping with a 500 year old man. lol It's one of my favorite shows too. Why? 'Cause I'm awesome like that. XD

And then I made a quiz for TheO. Hopefully it's accepted within 2 weeks time period. if it gets accepted that be... um... how you say? 'Bomb Digity'? XD

And also, what would you guys think if I rerouted my site to another one? Would you still visit me? D:

Well hope everyone has a good day!

Quote of the Day:

"You can't spell 'awesome' without 'me'." -Mary DeCarlo