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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday, September 14, 2006 @ 6:18am (EST)

hey guys! well lemme see here... yesterday was nothing big. i just basically went through every class reading my fma novel. ::sigh:: oh but i found out good news! ::strikes pose:: im #1 in my spanish and typing class! ::evil laughter:: muhahaha! the typing class teacher said i was trained with proper keyboarding technique and could advance to tenth grade level! HA HA HA HA! ph34r my l33t 5|
and um... lemme see... what else... ::thinks hard:: ::light bulb goes off:: ::light bulb burns out:: sorry guys. i got nothing. but yesterday i was just watching more epis of Bleach. its a very addicting anime once u get into it. XD

and again, I'm sorry if I haven't been able to get to you recenlty! I apologize for the hold up! ::bows:: GOMEN! T^T

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"Do I look like a clown to you!?"-Edward Elric

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-EE2 Da Crazy/Perverted/Fanboy Guru

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 @ 6:26am (EST)

Hey guys! lemme see here.... yesterday at sko0l sucked. i ate with no one thus again. all our classes were canceled since there was kindda a flood thing going on and we couldnt cross the roads and stuff... so i was stuck in a class room with a bunch of retarded chicks... -_-' they're all in my homebase, and i asked Mr.Briadic if i could go to the class room next door with chi-chan but he said NOOO! T^T meanie

But in other news... Britney spears had her second son! w00t! AND last night was the season finalee for Big Brother 7! w00t! MIKE BOOGIE WON! ::dances:: and dancing with the stars also came on.

Well i dont have much time for my post today, so i'll have to leave you with that. i know my dearest, CK, doesnt like long posts, so I'll keep it short. n_n ♥

oh yeah and I'm gonna be late on commenting on ppls sites incase u haven't noticed. T^T i've been busy, and I'll try to catch up when i get home from sko0l, k?

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"I knew you were alive."-Roy Mustang

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-EE2 Da Speaks His Min Guru

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006 @ 6:08am (EST)

::FANBOYISH SQUEEL:: XD GUESS WHAT!? Today the FMA Movie came out! w00t! AND I ALREADY GOT IT AT 12:00AM ON THE DOT! ::evil laughter:: My dad took me out and we got it! HA HA HA HA! I got to watch it all too! ::evil laughter:: MUHAHAHAHA! XD it was awesomeness! but hohojeebus.... NOOOOO ::sob:: T^T and alfonse.... YARG!!!! ::sobbers::

But neways besides that Yesterday SUCKED. Alls we did was talk about 9/11 in sko0l. I DONT CARE ABOUT 9/11. I'm sorry if that offends any of you, but trutfully I dont. I dont like talking about it because they make such a huge deal over it. Thousands of people die each day, but we don't do anything for them. We dont have a holiday/day of mourning in the memory. Americas fucked up. I dont like this country... ::pouts:: sorry if im offending any of you, but thats just my thoughts. i might be wrong, but thats what I think. I think 9/11 is be way over exagerated then what it should be.

In other news... I re-opened my old Largo Army! w00t!! XD its now open and ready for new requests and members. I still have to work out some of the kinks, and i think i need at least a three person staff to help me out and stuff, but I'll figure something out. i'm surprised I got it done in such a short amount of time on a monday evening.

And also yesterday morning since i was on the comp the whole time instead of eating, my mom FLIPS out on me cause i wasn't eating. 3 minutes before I leave she tried to make me eat a freaking granola bar. WTF!? I kept telling her i wasn't hungry and then she turned super bitch and grounded me... again... XD just cause i wasnt hungry. what a fucked up mom and dad i have, eh?

but yeah that was my day. ::huggles fma dvd:: XD ♥

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"Science that does not make people happy isn't science."-Alphonse Elric (FMA Movie ::fanboy XD ♥ ::)

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-EE2 Da FMA Fanboy Guru ♥

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006 @ 6:29am (EST)

Hey guys. umm lemme see...

Yesterday I...

[x] Baked Cookies (XD)

Watched Ouran High School Host Club and Bleach

And Explored Some Of My Past Actions On MyO

::sigh:: wow... Speaking of past actions, i remembered i made a site called Largo Army. XD i cant remember the password.. damn. oh well. if anyone ever joined and i gave you the pw, plz pm it to me. i hate it when i forget stuff like that... then it eats away at me until i fix the problem... GYA! ::freaks out::

Yeah... ::sigh:: well todays monday. the most dreaded day of the week. o_o and it's also the 5th anniversary of 9/11. yarg. but im not gonna go on about it. i dont know if an of you were affected by it, but i wasn;t and i care not to talk about it.

and me and CK were talking to. XD funny shit there. I hit myself with an AC Adaptor on accident... it wasn't a pretty site... ::sob::

Well that was my day yesterday... i dread going to sko0l... oh well. wish me luck today!

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"Can I help?"-Ichigo (Bleach)

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-EE2 Da FMA Fanboy Guru ♥

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006 @ 9:08am (EST)

Hey guys ::yawns:: well i didn't post at my usual times (1:00am, 6:30am) because I passed out at 11:00pm last night. i guess all those nights without sleep finally caught up to me. XD

But neways, yesterday i went back up to the doctors. then i went to the mall and met up with my cousin, Collin. so then we went to the local Permanti Brothers' resteraunt (sp?). My first time there. it was okay i guess. food wasn't to appealing to me. bleh. I ordered that big bowl of pasta thing... I think they ripped me off cause i got what looked like a kids portion of pasta.... damn ppl.

then i went to Barnes and Nobles, and FINALLY finished reading Fruits Basket volume 13. Then I read Kagetora volume 1 cause i accidently bought volume 2 2 weeks ago without knowing i didn't read volume 1! XD

then i came home and went on the comp. and i was talking to CK in Messenger. Then she decided to call my computer. XD ::lmao:: it was amusing. she called and she started making weird farting and burping sounds over the comp on my speakers. ha ha. then i started playing the EMO song. XD

so yeah that was my day i guess. my dad's supposed to come over today but who knows...? oh well. hope u guys have a good day! n_n

Quote of the Day:

"I must be more disciplined!" -Kagetora

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-EE2 Da FMA Fanboy Guru ♥

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

Saturday, September 9, 2006 @ 1:00am

hey guys. lot happened today. well lets start out with morning.

I was in Drawing 1 Class and sum sophmore chick asked me out to homecomming.... ::shifty eyes:: okay.... dont even know the chick... ::rejects::

then durring lunch found out my ONE friend who had the same lunch as me changed sko0ls... ::sobs:: so now i have no one to sit with at lunch. poopytanks. oh well dont eat lunch neways so shouldnt be to bad. just sit outside and read i guess.... ::sigh::

Right after I got home I had to go to a doctors visit. yarg. hate doctors. he yelled at me about sum shit cause i get to stressed or sumthing or another. ah well, can't always be perfect for the doctor's now can we?

Then i went to half priced books. w00t. i got Dragon Knights volume 3, Angel, and ummm.... ::tries to recall last title:: AH YES! Wish by CLAMP. XD and i also read Chrono Crusade volume 1&2 today. i got them a while ago but i never had time to read them... ::sigh::

Then I had to go up to my grandma's house and hang out there til my mom helped her with her stuff.

when i was up at my gram's house i saw all these little kids runing around out in the Church's yard and it reminded me of when i was little and played tag up there. ::smile:: i miss being small... T^T I miss my papap too... ::cries like baby:: WWAAAAHHH!!!

Then i wrote a short story called Cold Heart. its about a chick who hates everything (including herself), hates life, hates her family, hates sko0l, and yeah. she winds up killing herself in the end (ha ha). its written in a weird style. kindda like a play write sorta thing.

Then i just redid my site. But while redoing it i noticed Photobucket fucked around with the KB sizes... DAMN THEM! i cant upload my own walls anymore.... grr... only size they accept is 800x600. i made a reeeaaly cool wall that was ed from Bluebirds Illusion and it had flames in the bg and it had a cool poem. but alas i cant find a site that will host that type of KB/GB! ::rips hair out from head:: image hosting is so confusing sumtimes...

and i've also been looking around like ebay and google and shit and i been seeing a LOT of the fma movie. XD ::turns fanboy:: ::squeel:: I CANT FUCKING WAIT TIL SEPTEMBER 12! XD yarg i already seen the movie raw (no subs) in jap. but it was sooo confusering cause i dont speak japanese. i cant wait to understand what the hell they're saying other than 'Edo!' XD lol

well guess that was my day. luv ya guys!

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"Puedo ir al ban(ny)o"-EE2

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-EE2 Da More Like Rosette Than I Know Guru

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Friday, September 8, 2006

Friday, September 8, 2006 @ 6:37am (EST)

hey guys. well i'm late posting cause i forgot half my homework and im having a huge stress attack... O_O

but other than that sko0l yesterday sucked. again. we didn't do anything different i guess. same old stuff as the rest of the week.

Last night i was on the phone with CK. we were talking about my sto0pid yaoi dream (which was EXTREMELY SCARY). everyone says i should right a fan fic on it... o_o lol

well and this morning my internet wasn't working either. yarg...

Oh yeah and W00T STEELERS! XD we won last night's game! w00t!

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"No it's NOT alright!"-Rosette Christohper

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-EE2 Da EMO Alchemist

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Thursday, September 7, 2006 @ 6:33am (EST)

hey guys. ::yawns:: im tired.. T^T well yesterday sucked (again) my english teacher is a MAJOR BITCH. and when i was waking up this morning, getting out of my top bunk, i stepped on my Cobra Command Action Figure. ::sobs:: now i got a huge gash on the bottom of my foot cause Cobra's sword stabbed me!! T^T
And I also joined The SasuNaru Fan Club w00t! i'm also apart of the staff! XD im the graphics design president person do0d. pretty cool, eh?

but other than that my day was pretty blah. redid my layout to. you likey?

Quote of the Day:

"I feel smart today"-Mary DeCarlo

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-EE2 Da EMO Alchemist

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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Wednesyday, September 6, 2006 @ 6:30am (EST)

hey guys. ::yawns:: well i read most of ur comments from yesterday, and u ppl are yelling at me (in a way) about my thoughts on Irwin's death. PPL I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THE GUY. He was a COOL do0d. I wish i could be like him. It's just the way he died I had bad thoughts about, k? SO DONT THINK I HATE HIM. he's fucking awesome in my book.

well neways yesterday was pretty lame. I got yelled at by my english teacher. lol it was amusing. i was packing up my vocab book when she said Mr. (INSERT LAST NAME HERE), where do you think you're going? and i was like 'i'm planning on running out this door as soon as the bell rings, which is gonna be in a couple seconds. is that so bad to wanna pack everything up to ensure the safety of my educational materials, Mrs.Ulman? ::smile:: XD LOL she smacked me on top my head with the ruler and made me stay late for class... poop. it sucked.

Then when we got to lunch all the jocks and whores stole our lunch table, so we had to find a new seat and we were acidently sitting in these big junior ppl's seats. o_o ::gulp:: they were mean and kicked us out their chairs. poopytanks. i swear i was like the loser from that one sitcom where his lunch seat gets taken by popular ppl, then he finds a seat but it's the bullies, and then he gets beaten up and left chairless. XD so yeah it kindda sucked.

And last night I was watching 8 Mile too. it was funny when the do0d shot himself in the pants. XD ::lmao::

and i was also talking to CK last night to! XD it was FUNNY. we were talking abut how the Walmart smiley guy has botox and about the cookie song. I was also telling her how her spanish moother's voice drives me crazy cause i cant stand accents like that! o_o

and last night i had the CREEPIEST yaoi dream ever.... o_o

well that was my day. guess I'll ttypl!

Quote of the Day:

"He's into dead girls." -Kagome Higurashi

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-EE2 Da EMO Alchemist

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Tuesday, September 5, 2006 @ 6:24am (EST)

hey guys. well lemme see.. yesterday was pretty boring i guess. I woke up to the news saying 'Steve Irwin' had passed away. I won't tell u guys what my first view on his death were. Let's just say they weren't to nice.... ::cough:: ::tries to remember rest of day:: i have fucked up memory problems... crap. well earlier, after I woke up i had to go out school supplies shopping. i also went to target and walmart and preordered the FMA movie. (w00t) so then i came home, went on comp, made icons 4 ppl, redid my site song, watched Ladder 49 again (thus the song came to be). and then my mom made her home made red macaroni and cheese. w00t!

oh yeah when i was at walmart, we saw these posters about Dr.Phil coming to the walmart, and my mom was FREAKING out. XD LOL i love Dr.Phil. he's awesome do0d. u gotta be an ass to hate that guy. i think he's super-dee-dopper-dee-awesome! XD

but yeah that was my day i guess. it sucked. im not looking forward to going to sko0l today... i'm way to tired... ::yawns:: ::falls over:: ::dies::

later ppl

Quote of the Day:

"But I put my life on the line to save animals."-Steve Irwin

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-EE2 The Absent Minded Alchemist

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