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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 @ 6:28am (EST CST)

hola guys! ::hugs::

Yesterday I had to stand in the rain without an umbrella for a total of five minutes... Then my neighbor came down and she screamed 'YOU DICKHEAD! Use the fscking garage!' ... so i stood under the garage roof and i was dry! :D it was like magic. it never crossed my mind that maybe i should stand under shelter while waiting for the bus... D: im retarded i guess...

then later i got a NeoPet during Typing Class cause they have sum typing game on there called 'Typing Terror'... So i figured i might as well get one if im gonna be wasting my time on it, right? eh its interesting what all u do on there and stuff. lmao i got sum kind of stone thingy thats supposed to be rare on auctions. w00t! but i dont know what to do with it... D: poopytanks... oh well ill get the hand of the virtual pet thing.. i know my little cousin ava's into it. ill ask her wat the whole things about and stuff. n_n'

yeah and in english Ulman's thus again a crazy bitch. she sent me to the principal's office down in the 400 levels cause i was 'late' for her class cause i was helping my friend pick up her books... damn that bitch! I still had 50 seconds til the bell and she sends me to Mr. Maracho! D:< that bitch needs to burn. i need to transfer from her class cause shes driving me insane...

but thats all i have for today i guess. gotta go fix sum tea and get ready for the bus... D: ::hugs::

Quote of the Day:

"Oh God, the milk!" -Ken Hidaka

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 @ 6:15am (EST CST)

hola guys!

well yesterday was pretty boring i guess. another freezing day in the hundred acre wood... O_O and whats worse is todays even colder... and its raining.... ::sob:: i dont want to go to the bus stop in the FREEZING rain!! D:

yesterday my math teacher kept starring at my in class... i was freaked out cause of it.... o_o
and we had a sub in science... and the sub wore suspenders and he had a fscking lisp! plus he had these big ass glasses and walked around like a total nurd! ::lmao:: he was all like 'Significant Figures are equivelent to...' lmao god it was amusing. so we just used the period as free time instead of listening to the guy. i know sounds bad, but hey i dont wanna listen to a do0d with a lisp yell to me about significant figures and scientific notation. eh? lol

::hugs:: hope i dont get another flu from standing out in the rain... D:

Quote of the Day:

"Stop making me repeat myself! Its bad for my health!" -Duo

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This is what happens when u wake me...

-EE2 Da Grumpy Guru-

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday, October 16, 2006 @ 6:30am (EST CST)

Hey guys! :D

Well lets see here... Yesterday i watched Fox & the Hound and 50 First Dates. God was 50 First Dates Funny. XD i was laughing my ass off when Henry was being 'beaten' by that old raggedy do0d. ::lmao:: but besides that i was on the compy and myO was acting retarded for me, so i wasn't able to comment... ::sob:: IM SOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! D: ill tr to get to everyone tonight tho. n_n

But i think the main event of my day was how i woke up:

"Edward, get out of bed! Your brother is trying to burn down the house."

lmao its exactly as it sounds. my bro was trying to cook tea, and instead set a wooden spoon on fire and causing a huge portion of our kitchen to BURN. lol at least when i burn a house, i burn it to the ground. lol

well have a good one guys! :D

Quote of the Day:

"Panties, Panties, Panties" -Chi

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-E2 Da Pinup Guru ♥-

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday, October 15, 2006 @ 10:42am (EST CST)

hola guys!

Yesterday was pretty lame i guess. i woke up, went on the comp, updated, went to walmart, then panera's, then the mall to get Chrono Crusade vol 5 & 6, then came home, watched moulin rouge, went on th comp, etc etc. pretty lame eh? and i was also able to talk to ck again! w00tness. XD

Have a good one my friends! ::hugs::

Quote of the Day:

"Man fears the darkness, and so he scrapes away at the edges of it with fire" -Rei Ayanami

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday, October 14, 2006 @ 9:00am (EST CST)

hey there guys...

well yesterday was pretty boring i guess.. it took forever for the sko0l day to end. but yah... english sucked, but surprisingly she wasnt psycho like i thought she'd be. ::sigh of relief:: and the bets part bought my day was talking to CK for couple hours on the phone and myspace! :D ♥

g2g i got busy day shopping for food today... D:

Quote of the Day:

"You little bitch!" -Ichigo Kurosaki

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Firday, October 13, 2006 @ 6:17am (EST CST)

hola guys well lemme see here... busy day indeed...

first my bus was late and i had to stand in the cold for an extra half hour... D:

Warning: I Have Nothing Against Gay Ppl

then durring first period... ::sounds extremely embarrassed::... i was 'sexually harrased' (or so ppl call it)... D: ::emo tears:: it was scary... scaryier than horror scary. it was GAY SCARY. the fear of thinking your gonna be ass raped by sum big ol' ppl. O_O it was scary as fuck. two do0ds sitting behind me started talking sum inappropriate things and what not.. but dont worry i wont repeat what they said on here. way to vulgar. but yeah i was scared the shit out of for the rest of the day, and probably rest of the week. But thankfully i was able to report them thanks to my friend Chelsea and Dan! :D w00tness for them.

but 4 real, do0ds seem to be hitting on me more than chicks... D: its SCARING me. i didnt know my sko0l was THAT gay/bi.... damn... ::runs away:: ::hides in bathroom stall::

but yeah besides that my english teacher wasn't THAT crazy today. still crazy, just not as bad. we were talking about sum english term that led to a conversation about a serial killer, that led to a conversation about us being able to kill someone.

Here was the question she asked the class:

"If a serial killer somehow gets into your house, and ties up your family members, and by some odd chance, you have a weapon (gun). Would you be able to shoot that person even if it were to save your loved ones? would you truely be able to pull that trigger and end a human's life?"

My Answer:

"Duh. he's asking for it. it's called 'Private Property.' he shouldnt be taking my family neways. hes just asking to be shot by a little EMO boy holding a gun.

so yeah... But hey on the bright side i was able to watch more Bleach and Adam 'liked' my Halloween E-Card! :D ::feels special:: w00tness! thanks everyone for all the sends on the card! n_n

have a good one my friends and happy Friday the 13th!

Quote of the Day:

"He and I are two of a kind." -Zaraki Kenpachi

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday, October 12, 2006 @ 6:07am (EST CST)

hola guys. lets see here...

Again i was coughing up a storm and had to go home early today cause i was worse than yesterday... D: but while i was in sko0l i met new ppl who crazy bout anime such as myself. and we were having debates on better manga tittles and what not. ::sigh:: its so nice talking to someone who FINALLY understands the complexity of an anime series! ::armstrong sparkles:: its been so long since i've had an intense conversation revolving around anime/manga! n_n but neways English sucked again...

We're in class and im sitting there being a good student, with my binder opened and taking notes, when all the sudden Mrs.Ulman turns around and glares at me and yells "Edward [Insert Last Name Here] what do you think you're doing talking in my class!? Why isn't your notebook opened to our notes!?" im like lady wtf? im not talking, my binders opened, im writing down what i see on the board, and your YELLING at me!? WTF!? and i suspect next time i gotta take a piss before class she's gonna give me a saturday detention like she almost did today!? wtf!?

speaking of which right b4 english started, i went to the bathroom (dont worry not sharring anything here.) and i walk into class 2 minutes after cause its right down the hall. so i walk in, im not late or nuthin, and she bitches to me 'Edward you're LATE! I'll give you a saturday next time you have to stop and take a piss before my class young man you hear me!?"

::deep breath:: ::exhales::

[Note: This Is Not Directed To You People]


::bitch slaps::


on the other note i watched bleach and got a Flu Shot... D: it wasn't fun. i dislike when ppl poke me with their finger let alone needles. if u want to give me a shot give me the damned needle and i can do it myself, ya know? i cant stand suspense of knowing ur gonna be pinched with pain at any second.

but that was my day i guessed... yarg... have a good one! w00t it Thursday!

Quote of the Day:

"Never, you dumb fuck!" -Abarai Renji

Sin of the Day:

Not literally

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 @ 6:14am (EST CST)

hey guys. yarg. well lemme see here...

yesterday i was sick thus again. I was coughing up a storm and made ppl worry about me more than necsicary... ::feels bad:: everyone thought i was in dyer need of sum type of medication cause i was coughin so much. D: i felt like Alfonse Heidrieck... ::emo::

Then my english teacher was a bitch, i read KH: Chain of Memories, got yelled at, was jumped by seniors and my money was taken... D:, made brownies, and learn new equations in science. i also watched more Bleach and downloaded the Mulan Rouge sound track on my iPod. its been reflecting on me lately, and my work (I.E. Site, and recent e-card). So yeah... and if any of u ppl get the time plz check out my ecards! :D much thanks would be given! ::bows::

Oh and also b4 i leave, here's my answer to yesterday's question:

[x] 11th Squad. 'Cause Kenpachi's the bomb-digity times ten cubed. :D

::hugs:: later!

Question For Today:

[Yaoi Couple?]

Quote of the Day:

"I'm scared to poop...!" -CK

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 @ 6:10am (EST CST)

hey guys! yarg... i have to go to sko0l... D: bummer...

but neways, Yesterday I had off from sko0l so i spent the day doing...

[x] Sleeping In

[x] Watching More Bleach

[x] Redoing My Site

[x] Sketching

so that was my day. wasn't to exciting. one of the most boring days ever i think.. D: but when i was sketching, i was listening to Baby of Mine by Allison Kraus. i luv that song. (dont laugh) my mom used to sing it to me when i was little (the original from Dumbo). but yeah the song inspired me to draw sum cool pics with a kid and his mom and sum other mother and her child drawings.

but i guess that was my day... yarg... it sucked...

Question of the Day:

[Which of the Thirteen Squads from Bleach would you like to be stationed in? And why if any reason?]

Quote of the Day:

"One who knows nothing can understand nothing." -Ansem

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-EE2 The Perv Guru-

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Monday, October 9, 2006

Monday, October 9, 2006 @ 12:28am (EST)

Hey guys. yarg. lemme see here...

Yesterday morning at 4:30 my mom 'woke' me up to ask if i wanted to go to my grandmas. and of course, since i just got into bed an hour before then, i was out of it and said of course not, then passed out again. Then 5 hours later after waking up at 11:00 i notice NO ONE is in the house. O_O so i start searching in EVERY room i could think of. I looked outside, down the sreet, asked my neighbors if they knew where my family disapeared off to... And then i get a phone call from my mom on her cell. I burst out into tears:


And she says:

"I told you this morning that we're going to my mother's house. you said you didnt want to come so we left you. what, did you honestly think we were kidnapped?"

o.o ... ::feels like retard:: i must be the most retarded kid on the face of the earth thinking that... so she bursted into laughter when i told her i went searching the neighbordhood for her... D:

but besides that i got to talk to CK, Edmari, and Mat-kun yesterday! :D w00t. i was also able toorganize my mountain of manga and see what all i have to read. Luckily i still have some books of nick-san's that i haven't read. So Nick-san, if you're reading this, may i Pweeaassee ::with cherries ontop:: read Othello and Confidential Confessions?? :3

And speaking of manga, i'd like to thank you all for giving me suggestions on what mangas to read! ::bows:: Thank you thank you! :D im now looking forward to purchasing Ceres, HunterxHunter, Scrapped Princess, and Excel Saga! w00tness! :D

And also my mom got me the original ALIEN movie from the 70s! :D it sucked pretty bad tho... it wasnt scary like i thought itd be... D: ::disapointment:: i was expecting to piss my pants like in signs... ::sigh:: oh well at least it had a scene with a chick getting undressed... OH WAIT. The chick didnt even have nuthin going for her neither. D: it was a waste of time. ::sigh::

::hugs:: have a good day everyone! :D

Quote of the Day:

"Sanity, huh? I don't even remember having a thing like that to start with." -Zaraki Kenpachi

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