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Thursday, July 7, 2005


Okay, I changed my colors so they won't hurt anyone's eyes like they did b4! n_n hope you like them! n_n

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Hey, has anybody noticed that I like to use this face alot?? It's kinda scary actually. it's like I'm forcing myself to be perky on every comment. My mom said it freaks her out... n_n... see there I go again!!!! It's driving me crazy!! It's like whenever i'm done with a sentence I have to put that smiley face there!!! n_n.... SOP IT!!!!!!! Just stop it!!!! I need to find a new face... o.0.... there that's better.... n_n... STOP!!!!!!

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   I'm Sick!!! (AGAIN)

Yes, thus again, I tis sick... I hate my life very much so, & if you truly want to be my friend, you'll comfort me by commenting & signing my gb... no really i'm seruious... n_n... naw I'm just joking! n_n But I am serious about being sick... The only thing that makes me feel better is to think: What would Peter Griffin do in this situation...?.... Probably blow something up... Hey! Speaking of blowing things up, did you guys hear about that london thingy? They think it was a terorist attack! 0.o... or maybe it was the aliens!!!! Speaking of Aliens, last saturday I saw War of the Worlds! o.0 It scared the shit outta me! Alien & the end of the world movies always scare me, but nothing scares me more than when the two genres are combined, like independence day, Signs, & War of the Worlds... n_n I believe in aliens, ya know! n_n

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

   I'm Sick....!!!!

This stinks cause today, I was supposed to go over my dad's house & hang out, but somehow, last night, I caught strep throat. I despise my life right at this moment... :(

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

   I'm So Sad!!!! :(

I just got finished reading the ending of The Demon Ororon. It's sooooo sad!!!! I was crying an ocean outta my eyes!!!!! Wahhhh!!! T.T So sad.... It's like so sad... wow... I'm pretty sad cause the only thing I can say without giving the ending away is to just say it's so sad... Wahhhh!!!:( You guys just have to read it for yourselves... It made me cry... T.T

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   Albino Freaks

Hey have you ever heard of an albino?? I just heard about them at camp. But my counsler was talking about this albino deer that lives at the camp. So I'm like, what's it look like. And then she's like: well, it white & has red eyes. So then i'm thinking I wanna be an albino human, so I can freak people out. But she said that if your an albino your cells get all outta wack & then you die in your teens or else get deadly deseases. Freaky. And I asked her what an albino person looked like & she's like well that have white hair & pale skin, but no red eyes. I'm like, WHAT?! no red eyes? What kind of albino has no red eyes?! And then I started to think, hey what if the Ishballins were albinos that got a nice sun tan?? Possiblity. Well after that I started to think about Cheza & how she has red eyes. And then I'm like, dude I so totaly wanna be her! I love her eyes. They're so outta wack, man. And well, thus we come to the end of my eduactional, but scary post. If you think I'm scarry plz comment & let me know why, k? n_n thanx!

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   I'm Mad

I feel so proud of myself at the fact that I deleted my old account, Shugo//Kite. But the thing that I hate is the fact that it also deleted all of my old comments on fanart. And trust me I had over 200 comments on there. I also sounded kinda perky on those comments too... that's weird. I really need to get some friends don't I? I feel so lonely. I need a hug. Will you hug me??? Don't worry I'm not gay, just lonely & friendless. -_- plz sign my guest book!!!! n_n That'd make me really happy! n_n Just as happy as you are when you leave the room after you dad just pharted! n_n

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Monday, July 4, 2005

   Yay! I've Made The Change!

Okay! I've finally changed my account. As you all know, I used to be known as Shugo//Kite. But since my site wasn't functioning correctly I've changed. And the chnge took me two hours... and I'm sleepy. And it's midnight right now so I'm gonna go to beddy bye. Nighty night! n_n

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