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Saturday, November 25, 2006

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Saturday, November 25, 2006 @ 10:20am (EST CST)

Mood: Tired/Annoyed

Hey guys!

Yesterday my friend John & Akemi-chan, along with myself went out to the mall on Black Friday. XD It was a horrid sight. People were shoplifting left and right and the store owners couldn't do anything about it. Haha. Isn't America awesome for making that holiday? jk.

But when we were at the mall, I got these Flame Alchemist gloves from Hot Topic. Since I only have one arm, I gave the other glove to my friend John and we were being retards and pretending we were the Flame Alchemist(s). Haha. Retards :P

After Hot Topic we went to Claire's (thanks to Akemi-chan dragging us there). Akemi-chan got these retarded friendship necklaces with little monkies on them. One said 'Best' , another said 'Friends', and the last said 'Forever'. I got the Best one. Then Akemi-chan also bought me and John these retarded princess crowns and made us wear them the rest of the day. D: Cruel and unusual punishment!

Then we went to Border's and I got Until The Full Moon Volume 2 , Saiyuki Reload Volume 1 & 2, & Sokora Refuges Volume 2.

Then we went to the movies and saw Stranger Than Fiction. It was a good movie, but I wouldn't pay for me to see it again. It was more like teh type of movie your mom makes you sit down and watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon. That's just my thoughts on it anyway. And it wasn't all that funny either. It was more of a serious film. Didn't care for it too much.

After the movie we went back over to the mall, where we got sushi at Little Tokyo. There was this one sushi roll we had no clue what it was, so I took a bite out of it, and it got stuck to my braces, and I was screaming cause it tasted disgusting. And I was waving my head around like a retard, and John and Akemi were trying to help me get it out and we made a huge scene... XD And of course when it was over, we laughed like retards and fell out of our chairs.

Also when we were in the food court, this guy was giving out balloons at Chic Fil E (sp?). So I went up and got one, and started rubbing it on John and Akemi's head to make their hair staticy. I guess that pissed akim off, so she took a chopstick and asked if she could see the balloon. And of course me, being so sweet and naive, that I give her the balloon willingly. Then she took it to the chopstick, and right as I reached to get it back, she popped the motherfudger in the middle of the food court. The balloon popping sounded like a gunshot, so everyone was terrified, including myself... D:

Then the rest was history I suppose. XD

Well hope everyone has a good day! ::hugs::

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Everyone is always connected." -Lain