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Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday, August 25, 2006 @ 12:10 am (EST)

Hey guys. welll yesterday sucked monkey butt for me. The morning started out okay cause I was watching Ouran High School Host Club episodes and trying to get into Bleach a little bit. Then at 1:00 pm I had to leave to get my hair done for school. Speaking of school, school starts in less than a week for me! o_O THRUSDAY IS NOW MY DOOMSDAY... ::shudders at thought:: But neways as I was saying, I went to get my hair dyed. So instead of 'dying' it, the sto0pid lady bleaches it, and fails horibly. The end result was the color Dirty Dish Water Blonde. But it's easier to just call it brown. ::sigh:: it looks UGLY. Then I was about to get out of the barber chair and walk out to the car, when my mom suggested I get a trim. at first I'm not sure about getting a trim since it's already short enough. But then I give in because my mom's threatening me with no internet and TheO t-shirt... T^T So i get back in the chair and the lady goeas fucking CRAZY! She's like cutting off ALL of my bangs! I have no individuality to my hair now... ::sobs:: I look like every other loser that goes to my school distrist!! ::sobs more:: ::pouts:: then i HAVE to say i like the cut or else my hairstylist freaks out like always. so when we leave i run out into the car and look at myself with disgust and i just wanna fscking kill someone... (mainly Renee - my personal hairstylist... -_-') then we get into a big fight and we go home, i go up in my room, think of myself even more hideous than i already was, etc etc (this stuff you don't need to know or you'll think I'm crazy and have fucked up self esteem issues... ::whistles::). So then I watch BB7 and they evict James. erg. I'm no longer planning on watching the show anymore since James was the main reason I watched it for. i liked seeing his strategy. Then I called CK, talked to her about interesting things. I told her about yesterday morning's Dr.Phil show and about the 'Children of God' cult. it was pretty creepy.... ::whistles:: Then CK made a stpid comment:

"Hey, don't they say that we're all children of God?"


Her:"Then doesn't that mean that you and I are siblings? Like brother and sister?"


Both: ::LMAO::


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"This makes him seem even more evil..." -Haruhi

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-EE2 Da Short Gunslinging Guru

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday, August 24, 2006 @ 12:07 am (EST)

hey guys. well lemme see... yesterday I sptn home alone watching Ouran High School Host Club nonstop, i drew sum cool pics, made fun of my bro, and talked to CK. Again, as always, the phone conversation with CK was HILARIOUS. we were talking about the SIMS game and how you can make your own family. i sa that when i get the game i'm gonna make a family andits gonna be me and CK with the 500 kids she wants (n_n;). So then I said instead of keeping the last name ***********, I decided to change it to... ::drum roll::


LOL XD get it? its a mix between elric and mustang! LMAO... okay i know i'm lame, but lame stuff amuses the shit out of me, k? lol then we were talking about that one commercial i saw about the do0d getting pregnant. thats right, a GUY got PREGNANT. and we were making fun of my bro (who's gay), to wear condoms and have protection or else he's gonna wind up pregnant and no way for the kid to come out! XD ::lmao:: Okay, i know i went beyond the line there with being inapropriate, but face it most of my conversations with CK are. and we were also playing a theropy game where you have a letter, and you guess the first word that starts with that letter. and we talked about other stuff... that i'm not willing to discuss here... but yeah thats what I did today... pretty boring, eh? well ttypl!

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"I'm sorry!" -Tohru Honda

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-EE2 Da Totally Obvious Guru

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 @ 12:19 am (EST)

Hey guys! the reason being for my posting so early is because my mom is breaking me into my school sleeping pattern... ::sob:: so no more posting at 1:00 am... ::sobs more:: i gotta go to bed by 12:00 am... just cause i gotta go to my room doesn't mean i'm gonna sleep though. i think she forgets that i have a collected resource of manga and dvds stashed up in my room... ::evil grin:: speaking of manga, today after my Ortho appointment, i went out to Barnes and Noble to get Chrono Crusade columes 1 & 2. I read volume 8 while I was there just to see what happens. DAMN ANIME! MAKING ME SOB LIKE A LITTLE P***Y BOY!! Why do they have to *** ** *** ***!? But NOOOO!!! IN the manga they ****!! (notice I'm bleeping out what i say for those of you who don't like spoilers) So now I'm reading the Chrono manga. But before any of that, this morning after my post since I was still feeling depressed, I decided to visit some sites. Seeing the sites, I see alot of this 'Ouran High School Host Club". So I decided to watch it. I AM HOOKED. XD it's one of the greatest shojos i've ever watched! i also read the volume 1 manga at barnes and noble while i was there along with Tsubasa volume 3. I had a very manga/anime filled day. n_n and I must say in the end of volume 1 manga, why did everyone vote for their least favorite to be the twins!? they're the best! XD lol But yeah that was my day pretty much so... right now i'm making spiderman macaroni and cheese i bought at Giant Eagle for a buck. w00t. i've been craving sum of that old Kraft Mazaroni and Cheese for a while. XD can't wait til i can eat it tho. ::licks lips:: YUMMY! ttypl!

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"... In those days we really believed that to be the world's one and only truth" -Alphonse Elric

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 @ 1:08 am (EST)

Hey guys... Well as you can see I redid my site ChrnoxRosette! I also finished the series like 5 minuets ago... I'm SOBBING. (i know i'm lame when it comes to anime finales, so sue me will ya?) but ya it was a good one. i didn't expect that ending. I mean i knew they... ::stops:: ::thinks before speaking:: ::stops:: ::coughs:: So anyways on a different hand, today I also um... um... what else did i do besides watch Chrono Crusade and sob my eyes out? ::thinks hard:: nothing really. I just remember watching Chrono, stuffing my face with rice krispies, making fun of my dog for being an evil monster that tries to eat my finger off (ouch btw... T^T), and sob my eyes out, then redo my site. I also made sum more icons. i liked them alot. i'm to lazy to put them up tho, so I'll do it tomorrow when i'm feeling perkier, k? well that was my day. go ahead and make fun of me crying, i dont care... ::pretends not to care:: but hope u guys have a good day today!

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"I'm so scared!" -Rosette Christopher

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made by memade by meMade By Memade by memade by memade by memade by me

made by me

-EE2 Da Watery Eyed Guru

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday, August 21, 2006 @ 1:00 am (EST)

Hey guys! Well today started off good. I was watching more Chrono Crusade. XD ish awesome. Can't get enough. I'm on epi... um.. actually can't remember... sum where after 12 i think tho... But neways I was watching Chrono Crusade, when my friend Chi-chan called me for the first time in FOREVER. we talked and gossiped about her friends and everything. Then i went back on the comp to watch chrono crusade, when CK called me. we talked for around an hour. we were having an interesting conversation involving 'doing' the teacher to pass the eighth grade. it also involved a seme and an uke (of course). it was to inappropraite to post on here, but it was very amusing. and we also talked about my iPod. Like if I was at a convention and just happened to leave my iPod sumwhere, and sum1 from myO found it and read the back of it, they'd be like 'OMIG! IT SAYS EE2 DA FMA GURU! IT'S EDWARDELRICTHE2ND'S IPOD! Let's hold it for randsom until he gives us all his HTML! ::evil laughter::... XD LOL(*note: I have an iPod engraved with EE2 Da FMA Guru in the back to know it's mine n_n) it cheered me up a bit and i was laughing my arse off. lol Then me and my mom watched Panic Room together. man that shit was good. That was a GOOD movie. way better than Sin City. I was scared when they did the slow motion scenes. GODDAMMIT PPL! no more slowmo scenes! I CANT TAKE SUSPENSE!!!!! lol but yeah... Then we watched Jaws on AMC. Believe it or not I've never seen Jaws (1) until today. It was a good movie. i remember when I was little watching the ending to it though where the one guy gets eaten.. but thats all i remember. then we watch BB7. DAMMIT I HATE Chicken George for putting James on the block. he's a freaking retard for doing that! errggg!!! i hope boogie gets him out while he's up in HOH. ::sigh:: but neways since i'm sure most of you probably don't watch it, I won't bore you with it anymore. But that was my day. I can't remember if there's anything 'important' about it, but those are the only things i remember.... ::thinks hard:: uhmmm.... nope not coming to me. sowwy... OH WAIT! i remember what i did now! I made Chrono Crusade icons using the footage! XD there are sum samples at the bottom of the post. If you want any just lemme know. (and be sure to give credit to moi if u use em as avis. n_n)

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"I'm tired of always being protected." -Azamaria

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday, August 20, 2006 @ 2:22 am (EST)

Hey guys. Sorry I'm late on posting again. This time it was MyO's fault! ::points at MyOtaku:: :P It was acting weird and all that jazz. But anyway I had a fun day today. First my dad comes over to spend time with us. We go out to walmart, he gets me a camera. Of course this camera is a piece of shit. Its a mini one that was bought for 15 dollars. looks like it could've come from a cereal box. o_o lol but at least it lets me put up some of my hand drawn fanart (tho it doesn't look as good as it should.. ::sob::). Then we come home and listen to this one song that reminds me of me and my dad. when he heard it he hid his face in his hands and when it was over he was SOBBING because it sounded JUST like him. It's called 'Zoe Jane' from Staind. I know, I'm NOT the daughter in this one, but he does have daugters and it still represents him. So yeah I liked seeing a softer side to my dad. n_n I never get to see him like that. Then we watched Sin City. Let me tell you right now, it's the most RETARDED movie EVER. Worser than i dunno... But it's pretty bad. It was SOO LAME. It's about sum do0ds who try to save ppl. and the one guy kills himself, then theres like amazonian chicks, and do09d the whole film's fucked up. the special effects sucked ass, and the whole Orange Do0d thing wasn't working well with me. made me wanna eat a clementine... XD So that was the most waster 2 hours of my life ever. lol Then i just went online redid my site features, etc, etc. I also (FINALLY) joine dthe Risembol Rangers! w00t! XD i've been wanting to for a long time but i just never thought it'd be a thing for me. but its okay. I can tell that ppl are really into it and everything (w00t XD). Then lemme see... had sum bad stuff go on involving my bro (but i don't wanna talk about it), talked to CK and she dot pissed when I told her I grew an inch... ::sob:: Then watched Eureka Seven. And I am now currently watching Chrono Crusades episodes in Japanese. I must say it's a good anime so far. I can only imagine what the manga's like if the anime's this good. XD but then again I've only watched two epis so far. hoping they have the series on here... if not oh well sucks to be me. just gonna have to buy the dvds if they have them. n_n Well that was my day and everything. hope all of you had a good day yesterday! ::hugs:: ttypl!

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"I'll try!" -Chrno

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-EE2 Da Newly Joined Risembool Ranger Guru

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday, August 19, 2006 @1:35 am (EST)

hey guys! sorry I'm late posting. it's cause im on IM chatting with Kaiz Dark Angel05. XD so blame her if u have a problem! ::points at Squirrel:: lol jk

well today wasn't to eventful. That is until the evening! XD well my neighbors were having a slumber party and they were outside (right next to our house!! -_-') and were screaming like little niny girly girls. they were annoying me. then my mom asked if i wanted to go outside and see whats going on.

I said: "No. I hate those girls and I hate my neighbors!"

then she got all mad at me, called me an ungrateful little bitch (ima do0d hellO!) and critized me about how I hate everything. sh said im a lonely person with no friends and I won't have a future when i grow up if i keep being anti social with the world.

i just noded my head and grined. Then she said some rude remark, called me fscking insane, and told me to go be a lonely soul and rott away in my bedroom. XD

LOL i'm sorry I must be crazy like she says cause i have a problem with NOT being about to stop laughting when someone's yelling at me. When shes yelling at me about my grades, i can't help but grin. I'm fcked up I know. I've come to that conclusion while I spent 3 hours in my bedroom pondering about loneliness and true logic. I can now say that I am a messed up kid with fucked up views on life. lol

Most of you probably don't know this, but before you comment saying I'm not crazy and I don't hate everything, lemme let u know sumthing:

I'm a TOTALY different person than what i seem to be. I'm a nasty, hateful, moddy EMO boy with no 'real' friends who spends his whole life online. XD ::snickers:: and u can also add: recently discovered insane, as well. XD

but yeah that was my day. snuck downstairs when she went up to bed. she asked what i was doing out of my room and i said 'Lonely people have to eat to you know.' XD LOL ::dies:: XD

well neways hope u ppl have a good day. and i hope my hateful moment passes (XD)

Quote of the Day:

"A crazy man never asks himself if he's crazy" -unknown

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Since you all wanted to see my icons, here they are. And if you want one, just ask and I'll five it to you. n_n

All of these icons were made by me btw, incase ne1s thinking of plagerising, u got another thing comming

-EE2 Da Internet Loving Guru

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday, August 18, 2006 @ 1:22 am

Hey guys! ::yawn:: I'm late at posting, I know. ::sigh:: I was just off making sum banners and stealing more icons for no reason. i also made sum cool icons roday. of course all fma. but i made sum awesome hohojeebus ones from the manga XD ::whistles:: well lemme see... Today was pretty much so boring as usual. I was online for most part redoing my site of in hohojeebus with Staind 'Sweet Zoe Jane'. I think it kindda fits. Only ed needs to be a chik for it to completely work. but oh well. still a nice theme in my opinion.

Probably the most interesting thing today was watching BB7 videos on YouTube.com. It was from the Live 24/7 feed that ppl had tapped. They got sum weird shit up there man. My sis was being all perverted and clicked on the one with Howie in the shower. ::sigh:: hopeless... lol

But yeah. I guess this is just one of those posts where I have nothing exciting to say. ::sigh:: well hope u all have a fun on a bun day my friends! n_n

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"Hell no, dumbass!" -Jean Havoc

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Icon Made By Moi! XD

-EE2 Da Perverted Guru

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday, August 17, 2006 @ 1:17 am

hey guys. ::yawns:: ive had a big day... Wasn't planning on it though. XD

First thing is that I went to bed at 4:30 am last night (w00t! almost made it to sunrise! XD). Then at 9:30 am my mom barges in my room and says "wake up, Ed, we're going"... I'm like 'wha...?' cause of course i had little sleep and didn't even know where I was let alone where i was going. So i tried to crawl out of my top bunk, slipped off the later, landed flat on my ass, and broke a pencil that stabbed my ass (ouchies T^T). I got dressed and kept asking my mom where we were going. after several times asking her she responded with:

"Your father wants to go out to IdleWild Parkl today instead of Friday. I told him Friday, but NOOO!! He has to pick Wednesday out of all days. Get dressed we're going to IdleWild."

I was like REALLY!? W00t! ::jumps off walls::

(For those of you who aren't familiar with Pennsylvannia attractions (in my location), there is a park called IdleWild Park and Soak Zone. It's a fun place to hang out with ur family and it's my family's tradition to go there every summer n_n)

So i get all my stuff together (swim stuff and cell) and go downstairs to watch tv. On tv was sum doctors. They were on EVERY fucking channel. Turns out our mayor, (The Mayor Of Pittsburgh) has cancer. Bummer. I don't really know the guy, so I can't say much on the topic. But yeah, he has cancer... Hope he gets better soon. But I doubt it'll happen. ::sigh::

But neways we go up to IdleWild and first thing we do is go to Soak Zone. the water was FREEZING. my teeth were shivering it was sooo cold. ::brr:: Then we went on sum rides. I rode the bumper cars w/ my dad. I kicked his ass so hard all three times it wasn't even funny. XD he sucks at bumper cars. EE2 RULES IN THE BUMPER CAR STADIUM! ::poses like gladiator in ring of bumper cars:: lol then we went to the kiddy section of the park, rode the train, went on Dizzy Lizzy, then Spaghetti House. W00T SPAGHETTI HOUSE! XD ISH AWESOME. then we played sum games. They have this one game with water guns and u gotta shoot the target and make ur thing go faster to win. (I ruke at this game) So i play, first two times I won prizes. next three times, i won but they rigged the damn game. DAMN PPL! DO NOT TAKE AWAY EE2'S RIGHTFUL JUNK TOY PRIZE! ::goes HULK on their asses:: ergg.. makes me mad as hell when ppl rig stuff. ::calms down:: but yeah... Then we watched this lame ass theatre show. Its one of those musicals done by the highschool kids. it sucked. but my parents were making fun of me.. ::sob::

Turns out when i was little I wanted to be (DONT LAUGH AT ME) and actor... So I watched these lame shows when I was little cause I wanted to be just like the ppl on stage. It was lame. I was laughing when i heard that. lol

then we went back on the train and my mom and dad were talking about embarassing moments about me on the train... ::blush:: ::nervous smile:: they were mean to me... T^T they said the secret SO LOUD everyone in our car could hear. and they started laughing... ::sob:: They can't blame me for weting my pants when I was 3 years old! THATS BLACK MAIL!!! ::sobs:: ::runs off::

Well that was my day. It was amusing as u can tell. n_n hope all of u had a fun on a bun day yesterday 2, and I hope u have an even FUNNER day today! XD

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"You're my angel..." -Kent (Princess Ai)

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-EE2 Da Bitch Stealing Guru

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 @ 1:05 am

Hey guys. ::yawns:: well my day wasn't too exciting. just hung out at home (finally), redid my myspace, talked to CK for a bit, ate pizza, watched BB7, get weirded out by my brother, stole ppls icons (XD). typical stuff. But neways if any of u were paying attention to yesterday's post, i wrote that i was making a fan fic. yes yes, i know, big shocker, eh? I always write stuff then I wind up becoming to lazy to finish it. always happens. ::sigh:: well anyway I wrote chapter one of it and half of chapter 2. I don't know if it's any good or what, but it was just something to keep me amused last night. so if you wanna know what it's about then read THIS:

before edward and alphonse discovered the truth of the gate and alchemy, they were seperated. Alphonse was taken from his brother, Edward Elric. And in order to get his brother back, Edward decided to make a deal with Roy Mustang. He would push him up higher in the ranks to save his little brother. For years he's been working under the colonel now brigadier general's orders. Is all of Edward's hard work in vain? And a surprise appears out of the blue, as the beautiful Bleeding Alchemsit appears in Central.


The Bleeding Alchemist

It was a dark day. Clouds were gray and hanging over our heads like little guilt reminders. The sky cried crystal clear tears that dropped onto the streets of the city. I didn't mind the rain though. The strangest thing to me, I thought, was that it hadn't rained in years since the last accident happened. I wondered what made it rain today?

Central was my location. Under the orders of Brigadier General Roy Mustang. I had been working under orders for the military for fourteen years now. I would've loved to say 'nothing has changed', but that would be a lie. Everything has changed. Ever since that fateful day my life turned into a living hell. Taking orders from the one person I promised myself I wouldn't obey. And every day my heart grows weaker as my youth fades.

Nine years ago, my life changed. My dear brother Alphonse was taken away from me to be tested in military labs. He was taken from me because someone knew about his secret and slipped it to the higher ranking officers. I couldn't get him back after that. I haven't seen him since. I've only heard his voice once since then. That was two years ago over a phone call. It was the last time I heard from him. He said they treated him well, but I couldn't believe that. Alphonse took everything in so innocently.

Knowing my heart was in great pain from the loss of Alphonse, Colonel Roy Mustang offered me a deal. He promised that when he became high enough in the ranks, he would free my brother from military custody. But in order for the deal to be made, I had to give something in exchange. Not equivelant exchange. I don't believe in that bullshit anymore. He wanted nothing more than me to work under him and push him to the top. I agreed to the deal that was made nine years ago.

Ever since then, I've worked under him, being nothing more than a little roach for him to walk all over. I haven't been permited to leave Central in five years. I've been firmly located here. Here in this hell hole. But as long as it brings me back Alphonse, I'll do anything it takes.

I felt something on my shoulder. I opened my eyes. Looked around the room observantly. I was expecting some type of officer to be standing over my bed trying to wake me up. I was wrong. I rubbed my eyes and sat up straight. I moved me legs onto the floor. I looked down.

There I saw Black Hayate licking my cold automail toes. I laughed a little. I picked him up in my arms and held him close. His tail wagged furiously as he licked my face. I laughed more.

Lieutenant Hawkeye walked in the room.

"Edward, I haven't seen you laugh in years." Riza sighed.

I laughed on.

"Edward, Roy wants to see you in his office." she said and walked away with Black Hayate close to her heals.

I sighed, then yawned. (I've become very lazy over the years) I slowly stood up as I reached for my pants. I slid them on and tightened the buckle. I then dressed myself in my shirt and coat and headed out towards the hall.

I walked down the end of the hallway and came to a stop at his office's door. I knocked twice then entered. I opened the door and the first thing I saw was Roy sitting in his chair grinning like the devil himself. I gave him an odd look and raised my brow.

"So, Fullmetal, what do you plan on doing today? More paper work? I know you love the paper work I give you. You just can't seem to get enough of it, can you?" he snickered.

"Ha ha ha. Very funny, Sir. But what was the reason you called me in this morning?" I asked.

"I wanted you to introduce me to a new alchemist from South HQ. She's supposed to be a prodigy. Only twelve years old. She just entered the military ranks, and apparently they want her under my supervision. Does that sound like anyone you know?"

I kept quiet.

"I also hear she's a real babe to, if you know what I mean." he grinned.

"Sir, can you please stop being a pervert and just tell me what you want me to do? You shouldn't be preying on twelve year old little girls when you have a wife and two kids at home." I sighed.

"Yeah, yeah. Right to the point with you," he sighed,"But anyways, I want you to escort her to my office. She's with Riza right now in the coffee room. Just bring her in and we'll see where it goes from there."

"What's her name?" I asked.

"She won't give her real name. They call her the Bleeding Alchemist."

"Bleeding? Why that name? And especially for a little girl?"

"They say that when she came to the military in South HQ, she was drenched in blood."

I remained silent.

"So be a dear and get the young girl for me, will you?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir." I mumbled.

Walking down the hallway again, I tried to imagine the night that girl was found. Did she drag herself to South HQ after something awful happened to her family? Did she kill anyone? Did she do any harm to herself? My head was filled with questions.

I approached the coffee room and entered. There I saw Riza sipping on a glass of coffee while reading the morning paper. Black Hayate was sitting on her lap. Across the way I spotted the alchemist girl twidling her fingers around into knots. I could tell she was nervous. But what surprised me was that she looked like an eighteen year old rather than a twelve year old. I scratched my head.

"Excuse me, Miss? But the Brigadier General would like to see you now." I said politely.

She looked up at me and gazed into my eyes. She blushed a bit. She went to stand and tripped her foot over her other foot. She caught herself before she fell and regained her poise. She blushed again and smiled. I couldn't help but to smile to.

She followed me out into the hallway and down to his office. I swung open the door and showed her to her seat. After she took her seat, I attempted to exit the room and head back to my own room for another nap. Roy stopped me.

"Fullmetal, I want you to help me figure out what I should do with her, 'kay?" he smiled.

"Sure thing..." I sighed.

I took a seat on his desk since there were no more seats available.

"So, Ms. Bleeding Alchemist, what is your real name?" he asked.

"I can't tell you. You won't like me if I tell you." she sighed.

"I hardly doubt that. I'm a very friendly person." he smiled.

"Promise you'll still like me, though?" she asked.

"Yes. I promise."

"It's Elicia." she whispered.

"What's your last name, Elicia?" Roy asked looking even more curious than before.

"Hughes. Elicia Hughes."

Our jaws dropped. We hadn't seen Elicia in years. About a month or so after Maes Hughes passed away, Elicia and her mother moved out south towards the country. We hadn't heard from them since. So of course it was a shocker to see her just show up out of the clear blue.

"Who was your father, Elicia?" Roy asked.

"Maes Hughes - your best friend." she asnwered.

"What brings you out here in Central? I thought you and Gracia were out in the south living peacfully."

"No. It hasn't been peacful. My mother passed away recently."

"Gracia? She passed away? From what? She was so young, I was sure she was healthy." I sighed.

"Yes, she was healthy. She died in an accident. She wasn't meant to pass on." Elicia sobbed.

"I'm sorry for your loss." Roy sighed.

"But let's get off the depressing stuff," I added," What can you do alchemy wise?"

"I can transmutate things pretty well. I don't need to use circles to perform alchemy either." she smiled a little.

"No circles, eh? Just like Edward?" Roy smiled.

"Yes, I suppose. I am more like him than expected."

"Yeah I guess you are. A state alchemist at sucha young age. We both have the same birthday... You're like my little twin sister if I didn't know any better." I laughed a little.

"So in that case, I'll put you under Edward's supervision. He can show you around the city and the HQ as well." Roy smiled.

He showed Elicia to her room and gave her a new uniform. While she was changing, he spoke with me.

"Edward, how does she become a good alchemist in such a short amount of time?" he asked.

"I don't know. But her not needing circles is bothering me. My teacher and I came to the conclusion that in order to perform alchemy without transmutation circles, you would've had to of seen 'the truth'. And the only way you can see it is if you've passed through the gate or have performed a forbidden act." I said.

"'The truth'? You don't think she performed human transmutation do you?" he asked.

Before I could answer, Elicia opened her door and skipped out of her room in her new uniform. She looked cute. Her dish water blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail. Her skirt went up to right above her knees. And her green eyes were glowing. She smiled then blushed.

"How do I look, guys?" she smiled.

Both of us blushed as we eyed her form head to foot.

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"Let him destroy me, please?" -Lala (D.Gray-Man vol.2)

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-EE2 Da Nose Picking Guru

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