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Sunday, November 26, 2006

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Sunday, November 26 2006 @ 10:00am (EST CST)

Mood: Tired

Hey guys!

Well yesterday was a drag I suppose. First off my site got kindda fuckd up from an HTML error, and now I can't fix it. This time I will give all of you a warning. DO NOT STEAL anything from my site. Why? Because there's an HTML error, that could probably ruin your site as well. So don't touch anything in my HTML unless you want your site to be ruined as well. Got it?

Secondly, I had to help move furniture around the whole house. Ever try moving a treadmill (sp?) up and down 2 floors b4? Its painful.

Thirdly, my dad got into a car accident, but thankfully it wasn't anything serious. He just had a broken arm/rist. So we were at the hospital all night cause of that.

And lastly, I finished reading Pichi Pichi Pitch volume 3, and Ranma 1/2 volume 33. Ranma 1/2 33 was a good one. lol And Pichi Pichi Pitch is pissing me off cause they're all a bunch of fish swimming around and screaming out names and i dont know what the fuck is going on in that damned book. WTF!?

And last night I also watched Trinity Blood and I heard Aaron Dismuke's voice as the weird emo vampire. ::points:: ::laughs:: HAHA! I hate Aaron Dismuke. He makes every character he plays, including Alphonse Elric, sound like a f***ing p***y!

But yeah that was my day I suppose. Made a new e-card 2. Hope everyone likes it. :D Have a good day!

Quote of the Day:

"No friggin' way!" -Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach epi. 90)