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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday, September 28, 2006 @ 6:22am (EST)

::hugs:: yarg! i've had a goodish vacation you could say... ::yawns:: (sorry tired). Well lemme see we started out going to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party where i saw this really awesome Sora cosplayer... :D i swear i was the biggest fanboy there when i saw the cosplayer. the chick looked SO awesome as Sora. then saturday we went from Epcot to down town disney to magic kingdom. then we just did nuthingness. and then sunday i went to polynesian and ate my ultimate favorite meal in the world ♥ :D then we went to magic kingdom and i talked to CK for a bit, then my bro and sis ditched me and i had an anxiety attack for no reason... ::sigh:: but yeah... and monday nite i got to go see POTC2 at the AMC theatres for my 4th time (w00tness) i swear it was fucking awesome on that huge screen! :D then i took art classes at MGM. I got to see Stitch ♥ and i got latest limited EDT of the Stitch Pins 2! :D ::turns s00per nurd:: but yeah the whole time i had my moms cell and she had one month free internet usage on her phone. so i checked up on my myO every day to see how it was going. i couldnt do nuthin on it until yesterday morning cause it was acting retarded. But if u ppl excuse me im ready to pass out of over exertion and no sleep. and i cant believe i have to go to fscking sko0l either... D: ::dies::

Quote of the Day:

"Hot dog!" -Mickey Mouse

Sorry bout the quote... it's drilled into my fucking head... O_o

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-EE2 Da Sumthin Sumthin Guru

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

*hugs* T^T Im on my moms cell trying 2 post... thankfully im returning 2nite! w00t

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006 @ 6:53 am (EST)

Hey guys... ::yawn:: SO TIRED! but i slept in apparently. :D

lemme see... Yesterday I had a hard time getting my VHS recorder together and my mom was getting all bitch on me. Then my dogs got into our cookie jar that was sitting on the table, and currently my pet beagle (whose name is bagel) is sick from eating all the chocolate chips... D: i hope she gets beter soon...

Well as u all probably know im gonna be at disney for a while til sumtime next week D: that means no posting/commenting... o_o NOO!!!!!!

But yeah... I'm gonna try to get to everyone's site this morning b4 i gotta pack and what not. yarg.... so tired... ::dies::

Quote of the Day:

"I don't want fame" -Gain Yoo

Sin of the Day

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Happy Anniversary!

-EE2 Da Nurdy Guru :D

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday, September 21, 2006 @ 6:13am (EST)

hey guys... ::yawns:: i'm soo tired... thank God its my last day of sko0l :D i'm going to Disney World tomorrow! w00t!

well lemme see besides that yesterday my day was pretty lame... i got yelled at by SK8A telling me to stay off his site... :P the hell i will. i'll go there when i feel like it since its opened to public.

and on the other note me and pip had a fight last night over something so stupid, i dont even remember how it started.. o_o

but yeah todays my last day of sko0l and last full day here in PA. Tomorrow im leaving at noon or sumthing... ::shrugs:: so i dont know if i'll be able to comment/post tomorrow... D:

well hope all of you have a good day guys! ::hugs::

Quote of the Day:

"Daddy, where's Shamballa?"

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday, September 20, 2006 @ 6:14am (EST)

Hey guys. well im not in to good of a mood. You know Sk8erAlchemist? Yeah? well guess what? He's a fucking cheater. He cheated on his girlfriend Edmari. HA. Edmari doesnt deserve that shit from him... But still it's not really my business. but it still gets me mad he could cheat on such a kind girl.

In other news i did nothing yesterday... OH WAIT! yeah i did! :D I saw Dr.Phil today at walmart! w00t!!!!!!!! ::squee:: it was awesome. dr.phil was there for his wife's book signing. i was there wuth my friend mat and marry so it wasnt just me. dr.phil is like our HERO! ::armstrong sparkles:: :D

Well i guess that was my day. One more word: Sk8erAlchemist YOU ARE AN ASS.... thank you. ::walks away::

Quote of the Day:

"But what I don't understand is if you and that evil bitch were so perfect together, why did you feel the need to marry my mother?!
"-Edward Elric

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-EE2 The Cheater Hating Guru

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 @ 6:31am (EST)

Hey guys. well i dont think this post is gonna be long cause im running late for sko0l. but lemme see...

yesterday i went to sko0l and did nothing. And came home, watched more bleach, redid my site Ichigo Hollow (w00t). then my mom me and my bro went out to look for a costume for al. and they dropped me off at barnes and noble so i read fruba 14 and Kingdom Hearts 4. And I was also able to get Chrono Crusade volume 3 & 4 plus this one yaoi calles 'Not So Bad'. I liked the art style so i got it. :D

But when my mum came to pick me up...


She came up to me and kinda 'sung' "ed, whaddya think about me getting you a new black daddy?" ... o_o wtf? wats wrong with my current dad!? HUH!?

Then she told me that sum do0d hit on her in walmart, and shes actually thinking about dating him... Al was there too when they met. he said the guy was TALL and decked out in Stealers stuff... o_o


so i think that was the highlight of my day. nuthin much. oh yeah and i got to redo pip's site with the mp3! XD i know pips pw. but i swore on my life and my love for anime itself that i would not tell a soul! :D well uhhh thats it. ::hugs:: SORRY ABOUT THE LATE COMMENTS TO! I'll try to get to you guys tonight, kk?? n_n

Quote of the Day:

"They're not my friends." -Satella

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-EE2 Da Brainless Guru

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006 @ 6:22am (EST)

BOO MONDAYS. yargh... ::sigh:: well neways... Yesterday was an okay day i suppose. My dad ran off sumwhere without warning... (again) I watched the FMA Movie with my bro again today. and i was watching Trinity Blood and Bleach as well. ::big smile:: Oh! And I also saw the latest episode of Ouran 2! :D

Speaking of which, last night me and my mom were having a fight over cosplaying. she thinks cosplaying is too exphensive, and i told her Disney is to exphensive. and we got into a big fight, and the end result was better than i thought it would be...

::drum roll::


::poses like Tamaki:: ho ho ho! And guess who I'm cosplaying as...?! Nope, NOT Tamaki... Nope, NOT Edward Elric... Nope, NOT Yuki.... BUT I'M GONNA BE ICHIGO! HA HA HA! :D i got all the stuff to goes with it to. i know its not all that original, but i HAD to. the price was right and i was wrapped up in bleach from all day and wanted it! n_n;

So all in all you could say my day was a win for me. Hope your's went well. And also, ppl who commented yesterday, I'll try to get to your sites as SOON as possible, k? So dont think i dont like u or nuthin, im just so0per busy... o_o

Oh yeah guess what... CK loves her hair more than her own bf!! ::sob:: PIP HOW COULD YOU!? ::falls on knees:: ::acts EMO & Dramatic:: ::gets slapped on head with paper fan:: T^T

Quote of the Day:

"On your knees!" -Edward Elric

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday, September 17, 2006 @ 12:47am

hey guys. w00t finished watching bleach and trinity blood. i must say trinity blood reminds me SO much of Chrono Crusade... dunno why... But the Bleach English dub wasn't good in my opinion. i think i'll just stick with the subs for as long as i can... Rukia and Ichigo sound SO weird in english... o_o

but neways yesterday was pretty exhausting. my dad came over at 10:00am and we went out to walmart, the kingdom of the poor... o_o he got me a stupid magazine that he had no clue what it was about... im to embarassed to say it.. o//o but neways i loaded up on pocky there as well. and i also got the FMA Novel Volume 3. w00t! i have something to read on the plane trip to Orlando!! XD

Speaking of which... I'm going to Oralando Florida (Walt Disney World) this weekend. AGAIN! ::evil laughter:: ha ha ha! oh the joys of being an annual passholder! :D im excited cause i dont gotta go to sko0l friday, and im going to the costume party first night. ho ho ho ha!

But in other news... Today me and my dad were watching the FMA Movie NON STOP... o_o i thought my dvd was gonna crash and burn cause we kept rewinding and pausing. we were trying to pick apart the whole series to make him understand it better. he used to watch the anime, but never watched season 2, but he's currently reading the manga. so hes confused between the differences of the manga/novel/anime. o_o talk about giving a lecture to sum1. he finally got the basics down after several trips to YouTube.com and manga scans. :D

well that was my day.hope u all had a good one! ::hugs:: Oh yeah, and turns out im all better! :D i was having a bad migrane yesterday that was causing my head to hurt. but i do still have a cold tho... T.T

Quote of the Day:

"Shut up and eat."-Riza Hawkeye

Sin of the Day:

Mood of the Moment:

-EE2 Da FMA Guru (who likes to make fun of ppl randomly...)

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday, September 16, 2006 @ 8:56am (EST)

hey guys. ::cough:: ::sniffle:: ugh im sick... i have an ear inffection... T.T... its no fun. but neways um...

yesterday was boring. it was raining all day and i almost got hit by a car two times crossing the streets to my classes...

and lunch time was okay cause i was sitting with those anime ppl i talked about yesterday. they were cool in their own weird anime way. (lol) the one was a senior and the other was a junior. ha ha! i have friends in high places now! ::evil laughter:: ::cough:: ::falls over:: ::dead::

but yeah the anime ppl invited me to a cosplay convention.the one chick was gonna be izumi (fma) and the otyher chick was gonna be that one do0d from gravitation (the gay one with pink hair... cant remember his name... o_o). but the chick who was going as the gravitation do0d wanted me to be yuki from the series. so she was basicaly asking me to be her yaoi couple... o_o i just said ima be sumthing unique. so i gotta think of a costume. i think im gonna be Tamaki-senpai (ouran) or Khi (DearS) ha ha ha.

and after that i went home and did nothingness. but i went on myspace and CK had a cool little comment thingy, so i called it and i got my own comment call box! ha ha ha! so ppl... CALL MY COMMENT BOX! ::evil laughter:: ::cough:: DX

naw u no have to visit it. just saying its cool.... ::cough::

well ima gonna go get sum tylenol or sumthin. ttypl! ::hugs::

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-EE2 Da Sick Guru

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Fridayy, September 15, 2006 @ 6:18am (EST)

hey guys! well um lemme see... lot happened yesterday. lets start off wih yesterday morning... umm well my friend matt was acting like a bitch and yahta yahta yahta.

and then i got a new friend to sit with at lunch. w00t! they like anime. w00t. makes me feel non-weird. XD

then theres another story but i dont wanna talk about it with u little kiddies... XD ::evil laughter::
well right now im on the phone with CK, and we're talking about how im gonna grow up to be a gay version of dane cook... T^T ha ha

and again, I'm sorry if I haven't been able to get to you recenlty! I apologize for the hold up! ::bows:: GOMEN! T^T

well im currently lazy. so im not gonna write anymore... ::yawns:: TGIF my friends... TGIF ::dies::

Quote of the Day:

"Who's the bean!?"-Edward Elric

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Mood of the Moment:

-EE2 Da lazy Guru

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