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Sunday, November 19, 2006

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Sunday, November 19, 2006 @ 10:32am (EST CST)

Mood:Tired/Fidgety (sp?)

Hey guys

Well yesterday was very tiring. I had to go to work at around 11:30am and I left work at 10:00 ... yarg almost 12 hours. Dammit. But anyway, besides my shitty day, my brother is still in the hospital. And my mother's not speaking to him... Maybe I was wrong in the last post? Maybe my mother is a true homophobic... If that's true I lost half the respect I had for her.

Homophobics are retarded. And if you (the one reading this post) is a homophobic, Get Over It. Gay people aren't going to jump on you and rape you. They're normal people, too. They aproach people in a normal manner. They're not crazy animals who just rape the first person of the same sex. I can't stand people who think badly of homosexuals. And I hate the people who write comments about my brother in a rude manner. Like 'Eww, he's gay.' I have something right back at you, 'Eww, you're staright.' And people who are homophobics and write flamers against them, STOP IT. I will stab any of you who EVER do that. STOP MAKING GAY PEOPLE FEEL BAD! They're probably the most happy of any of us! So if your life's a fucking mess, don't make their's a mess either! DUH!


Sorry I had to get that out of my system...

But yeah. After work I went to Barnes & Noble and got Saiyuki 7-9 and Pichi Pichi Pitch 2. Surprisingly I've become quiet fond of that damned mermaid manga. XD lol I'm watching the anime and everything. It's so lame but so good. haha.

I also talked to CK last night. We were taking pics and stuff again. she made a really funny .GIF of me on my dog cage. haha.

Quote of the Day:

"My weakness is that I can't do much..." -Papa Roach