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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006 @ 6:14am (EST CST)

Hullo everyone. Well it seems as though most of you have never heard of Ed's other siblings from the 'surprise' in your comments yesterday... But yes. EE2 has four sisters and three brothers and several other half siblings that not even I myself know... But anyway, sorry about yesterday. I forgot to put my name in the introduction... *laughs* But proper introduction, right? My name is Jen. Just Jen. No 'Jenny' or 'JLo'. Just Jen. And if you want you can find me here on myO: WinrysDaughter

Now that that's taken care of let's update on my brother's life, shall we?

Yesterday he spent in the hospital. He watched Memoirs of a Geisha for part of the time he was awake... The rest he kind of slept away... Hospital life seems boring...

But the people at the hospital said that Ed and Al can come home today in time for Thanksgiving. *smiles* That's good. And my dad was in a fight with my mom over letting Al stay. And she's kind of against it, but so far she's giving in. The possibility of him staying is pretty high.

So I supose everything's turning out good for us so far. And thanks everyone for all the carring coments on yesterday's post!