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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Sunday, October 8, 2006 @ 12:00am (EST CST)

Cosplay At WalMart!

Hey guys! yarg well lemme see here...

Yesterday was jamm packed u could say. I only had five minutes on the computer in the morning, and within that five minutes i was able to redo my site theme! :D then at sumtime around 11:00am my mum, al, and me went out to go sumwhere (where to i do not know). so we wind up going to Panera, where i later get pissed at the register lady cause she was over charging me for a fucking bagel. then we went over to lowes and me and al were playing around in the fridge section! :D it was highley amusing. One fridge was so huge i could fit in it and still have room! ::lol:: i wish i had a new fridge... mines from the 80s and is a piece of shit as far as i know. Then my mum dropped me and Al off at Barnes and Noble for an hour or two. I read Kingdom Hearts volume 4, Gravitation 3, and Loveless 2. I was also able to get Peacemaker Kurogane 2 and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories volume 1. Then my mum picked us up and we went to Walmart ::hisses:: and al and me spent the whole time there in the kiddy section re-acting Bleach scenes as Shinigami! :D they had Katana's (fake) there so we were pretty pimpin' if u know what im sayin' ::quirky grin:: ::lmao:: but yeah i was ken-san and al was that bald do0d in 11th division. ::lmao:: he kept making gay jokes it cracked me up ::lmao:: ::rofl:: then later we went to the mall where i saw my 'friends'...

U guys ever hear one of Dane Cook's skits with the "One Friend In The Group Whose Hated"? Every Group has a Karen? ::lol:: sumtimes i think im the Karen in that group D: oh well who needs 'em right?

Friends in the real world suck. I hate them with almost my whole being. Because no matter how loyal you are to them, they'll stab you in the back with no thought. I've had to many situations like that so I make it a habbit not to become to close to people and call them 'friends'.

But on here u guys are great! ::hugs:: your the best friends i probably will ever get cause i feel like im not being targeted and always being picked apart by. n_n

But besides that... I got a new Naruto hoodie with sasuke on back, and my mum accidently bought a Gaara one for me when i wasn't with her... O_O I HATE GAARA. he scares the shit outta me.... so im planning on selling the gaara hoodie on ebay or sumthin. ha ha. then i got sum manga by the creator of DNAngel. it's sumthin sumthin Blue Engine sumthin. cant remember the title.... ::shrugs::

But i noticed when i was looking for manga, i didn't see anything i thought i'd like. D: that means im running out of material to read! NOO!! so if u ppl could be so kind as to suggest a manga tittle or two for me, I'd be very thankful! ::bows::

Quote of the Day:

"Why am I always the only one who has to fight girls?" -Shikamaru

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My Current Weakness: Cookies <3

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-EE2 The Non-Sociable Guru-

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Saturday, October 7, 2006

Saturday, October 7, 2006 @ 9:47am (EST CST)

hey guys! ::yawns:: yarg over slept! D: but lemme see...

Yesterday was okay i guess... My memories are kindda blurred so i cant pick apart reality from dream... so i guess it was okay... NO WAIT! ::flashback:: ha ha i remembered what i did in english class:

Okay well u know how all teachers say 'No question is a stupid question'? Well aparently thats not true. I went up to my teacher yesterday and asked her 'What exactly is the difference between a simile and a metaphor?' And then she said:

"What kind of stupid question is that?"

I'm thinking in my head 'WTF lady i just asked u a pretty logical question.' so i said to her:

"If it's so stupid, shouldn't it be easy to answer? I mean, if you're a real English teacher, you should at least be able to answer my 'stupid' question. Or if you can't, maybe i should report you to the school board for not taking me seriously...?"

She glared at me then she answered my question. :D ha ha sto0pid bitch. thinking i'll just take a simple response like that. heh. idiot im not retarded like a let on.

But neways i redid my site as u could probably all see. It's fma bros again (w00t) but only i got 'Best of Friends' from Disney's Fox and the Hound. ♥ That movie is best disney animated movie of all time next to Bambi and Lion King! :D

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"I was so confused!" -Alphonse Elric

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-EE2 Da Smart Guru

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Friday, October 6, 2006

Friday, October 6, 2006 @ 6:13am (EST CST)

hola guys! yarg im feeling kindda... sick... D: ::sniffles:: ive been coughing all day! YARGG!!!! damn flu bugs been going around and it looks as though i caught it from my little brother... T^T last thing i need... but neways....

Yesterday was okay I guess. I had to babysit Ladon's baby for the first three periods of the day. (*Note: Not Actual Baby! Read previous Posts For Info) So i was stuck with taking care of TWO GOD DAMNED BABIES! D: But here's the story...

Okay so im walking across the street to my 500 level classes, walking with two babies in a carrier (held in one hand) and my books and supplies in the other. so im walking, nice and calmly. and out pops a car coming straight at me! but i ran onto the sidewalk! and i dodged the car! :D But...! I ran into a senior and he pushed me over! And while i fell down, the babies fell out of my hand and flew onto teh sreet! O_O the second they hit the street they started crying like shit! I was about to get them when another car starts coming. so i wave it down and, thankfully, stop it b4 it hits the sto0pid dolls! :D im awesome like that. lol. i almost failed the whole Child Development Class by getting my baby and Ladon's run over by a Ford Truck! D:

yarg. but neways, again Mat was a dick and didnt give me a drink of water again... ::sob:: and i guess the other thing i did was redo ryoko98632's site, and watched 10 epis of bleach! :D I ♥ BLEACH! ::hugs::

Hey guys, by the way, i saw someones comment on pips site, and they thought she was a do0d and i was a chick. Just a reminder, I'm a GUY and she's a GIRL.

::hugs:: have a good one!

Quote of the Day:

"It's about ability, man. Ability." -Renji

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-EE2 Da Filler Disliking Guru-

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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Thursday, October 5, 2006 @ 6:12am (EST CST)

Hey guys. Yarg! well today im not as sleepy as usua probably cause i had an ok day yesterday i suppose...? well lemme see...

Yesterday i forgot to pack my lunch (a granola bar) so i was starving the whole day. and again, i didnt have a drink the whole time either... ::mouth waters:: it gets so damn hot in that sko0l yet sooo cold. i get so thirsty easily. D: and in science when i was on the verge of de-hidration, i see my good ol' buddy mat with a bottle of water. so i shout across the room:

"Mat give me a sip!"

He was mad. and lip talked back to me 'No!' but of course since he's to shy to raise his voice, no one heard him but me. So then i shout 'C'mon buddy! I promise not to put my lips on it!' and everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me. and of course they had no clue what we were talking about. Perverted minds indeedy! Then i said 'Please Mat-san! I AM THIRSTY! Just toss it over here! I WONT Put my lips on it! I promise! Just a quick sip! pleeeeaaaasssseee!?" And everyone laughed cause they thought they were seeing a real live yaoi scene... sto0pid yaoi fangirls! ::sigh::

But neways yesterday I had my first class of SSR with Chi-chan! XD w00t! so i started reading my new book My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews. And while we were in SSR, and everything was silent, Jeffery (my baby doll thing) cried out of NOWHERE making the teacher fall out of his chair. Malachai said it sounded like a fucking dinosaur! ::lmao::

Then in Science we had to get lab partners, and i was with my good friend, Mary-kun. so we're doing our experiment like good little boys and girls should. Then i look in the back of the class room and see a GIANT MOTHERFSCKING BOZO THE CLOWN BALLOON staring right at us... O_O. I SCREAMED. I'm deathly terrified of clowns. Then mary got up to get her books from the back of the room, and while she was walking back there, i invisioned Bozo growing wings like a teridactile and attacked her! O_O NOOOO!!!! Mary-Kun! then when i really thought of it, i busted out laughing in dead silence. The thought was so amusing to me, that i literally did that hand to teh chest thing that retards do. (yesh i do that when i laugh extremely hard). lmao

And as most of u know, pip and i were having a fight yesterday as well... D: it was over sumthing sto0pid, and we both blew our tops i guess (more like I blew my top) and rest is history. But incase any of u were wondering, yes we're still going out, and no we're not gonna be another Nick and Jessica. That was Edmari and Sk8. If me and pip breakup, its gonna be like Brad Pit and Jennifer Aniston! :D ::lmao:: but that'll never happen! ♥

Quote of the Day:

"From now on, all of your opinions are REJECTED! Got that, Dumbass!?" -Ichigo Kurasaki

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For Pipsqueak <3


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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Wednesday, October 4, 2006 @ 6:18am (EST)

Hey guys. yarg. im all depressed and what not cause i got my grades in for science and english yesterday... and im FAILING already... D: and my mum keeps nagging me asking if im doing good and of course i have to keep saying 'yeah im getting all As mom.'. But im lying to her and it hurts to lie to my mum. but i know if i dont lie i'd most likely be taken away from compy like last year all over again... D: ::sob:: what should I DO!? i need help in my classes and i gotta work like James Bond on my grades so she doesnt notice that i was failing and what not... or at least in science anyway... she knows i already suck ass in english... ::sob:: i hate my sko0l life at this moment...

But neways i watched more bleach, redid my theme, started reading Peacemaker Kurogane, and um... OH I KNOW!

Okay well u know Child Development Course? ha ha im taking it. But neways yesterday we got those sto0pid baby dolls with the cameras and everything. like they know when to cry, when to piss their diaper, and when i hit the damned thing. Already day one and im ready to throw the fucking thing out the window! it cries in ALL of my classes and i cant focus on anything. and all my friends are taking sumthing else and they want no part of the 'babysitter' role... D: so im stuck with a damned baby doll for the rest of the sko0l year... yippee... I think I know what I'll name the thing to...


Named after my good ol' obnoxious friend Sk8erAlchemist :D

And Yesterday's Question: "What Pet Did CK Get?"

Answer: A Rock

but yeah... ttygl! wish me luck in english... ::walks off to bus stop with so0per frown::

Quote of the Day:

"Doodle was my brother and he was going to cling to me forever, no matter what I did..." -Scarlet Ibis

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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 @ 6:27am (EST)

Hey guys! ::yawns:: yarg im sooo tired. well neways let me get to the point...

Yesterday was pretty boring. i got a 100 on my grid drawing, and i took the history test (finally) and i read this book called 'The Scarlet Ibis'. The book was good. it reminded me of sum1 i know. but neways...

I watched 5 more epis of bleach last night and i was ale to talk to mat on the phone for a half an hour, then i called CK :D CK got herself a new pet.

Guess what her new pet is

But neways we got a new kid. ::lmao:: her names Oprah! XD Oprah amd Bambi ::lmao:: ha ha ha.

well ttygl!

Quote of the Day:

"My heart... seems to be ringing in my ears." -Eunhee

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Monday, October 2, 2006

Monday, October 02, 2006 @ 6:19am (EST)

Hey guys. ::yawns:: i was up all night finishing up projects and what not. i think im ready to die... D:

But neways, Thanks everyone for the compliments on my new layout! :D im probably gonna change it when i get back from sko0l (if i can) to a bleach theme, but i'm planning on having the Jack Skellington one up for the actual week of Halloween if possible n_n

Well lets see... Yesterday I slept in til 10:00am cause i was awake til 5:00am eating Wheat Thins and drawing my Drawing 1 project D: Then I watched sum Dane Cook shit. And then out of no where my dad poped in the house and was acting all weird. he took me and my bro out to Barnes & Noble and bought us each one manga of our choice. :D I got Peacemaker Kurogane volume 1 and Al got Tenjho Tenge volume 1 (for me :P) w00tness! Then we went over to Home Depot and spent hours looking for my dads tools... TALK ABOUT A FSCKING BORDOM FEST! o_o i was so annoyed from the sight of nonstop tools i started acting like a little brat and was whinning. :P my dad hit me on the head and then we left the store. I won myself i good ol' bump on the head, but at least it got me out of the damned store. Then he went over to Sears... for more tools. HOW MANY TOOLS DOES THIS GUY NEED?! but he said if me and Al behaved this time he'd take us to Borders and get us another book. :D so we behaved like good little boys should for another hour in the tool department. And at the end of it all I got Fushigi Yugi 9 and Al got Not So Bad 2. w00t! Then we came home and i finished up my projects. And i finished my Scarpbook for History at 11:00pm :D AWESOME!

but that was my day i guess... ::hugs:: I'll get to u all tonight if im luckily un-grounded! :D

Quote of the Day:

"No reading billboards out loud!" -Peter Griffin

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-EE2 Da FMA Guru

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Sunday, October 01, 2006 @ 1:45am (EST)

hey guys. ::yawns:: lemme see... Yesterday I...

Watched the last Ouran epis. :D it was a good ending i liked.

went to my cousins party and had a lame time

Got grounded... D:

and had to work on a four day project in four hours

When i went to my cousins party everyone was dead... collin and i went in his room and watched/listened to dane cook/dave chappelle/brian raegen. (lol) he let me borrow the Godfather to. never seen it b4. :D but the pizza was disgusting, i got sick when i ate a piece of cake, and my grandma was a bitch. and we also watched the notre dame fb game on tv to.

I got grounded from comp and cell cause i wasnt 'focused' on my sko0l work for the weekend. ::sarcastic sigh:: God who do these ppl think I am? a fscking book worm? but yeah as u can see the punishment wasnt true to its word, for as u see im on here right now :P

But i did have to work on the project though... i have to do a giant grid poster for Drawing 1. i also have to work on the shades to... yarg. but here's the pic i'm using as my image:


yeah... i also just finished watching bleach... ::cough::sucks::cough:: i cant stand the english dubs... but i know as sum dub fans would say 'dont watch it' so i wont nemore.

but yeah im freezing cold and uberly depressed for a reason which i do not know... i should go to sleep soon...::yawns::

well hope u ppl have good day! ::hugs:: ttyl!

Quote of the Day:

"Don't touch it!" -Haruko

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Mood of the Moment:

...EE2 Da Uberly Depressed Guru...

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday, September 30, 2006 @ 1:25am (EST)

hey guys. ::yawns:: yarg its friday! or... saturday i should say :D but thank God its weekend.

Lemme see sko0l wasn't too bad today i guess. In Drawing 1 i had to create a huge portrait of anything i wanted to draw. so i drew alice and the cheshirecat :D in english my teacher went bitch on me again... but it didn't last for to long thank God. She thought i was being a retarded absent kid not picking up his work, thus not knowing we had an assignment. :D i knew i had homework in english, but i didn't do it cause it was last on my priorities D: in spanish we played sum sto0pid fly swating game with the spanish numbers to help us learn them. it wasnt that hard truthfully. the teacher decided to test us on numbers 1-39 in spanish instead of 0-100 :D and in history my teacher acted like a child molester or sumthing cause he was giving me sum queer looking looks... o_o and i was supposed to take a test in the class today, and i was fully prepared, but he said i should wait til monday or tuesday... D:? why...? ::shrugs::

And while i was away in florida i forgot all about the freeing weather up here in PA... :D but since im back, my whole bodys gone numb and i can see my breath while sitting in the living room...! D: BAD WEATHER! TURN GOOD!! ::sob:: and what makes things worse is all the teachers keep their windows opened. And since my last name starts with a certain letter (not telling), and the class is set up alphabetically, i'm sitting next to every fucking open window in all of my classes! D: it SUCKS

but yeah... today is also my cousin Collin's bday party or whatever. he's turning 17 i guess... poopytanks... everyone gets older but ME!!! but at least im looking forward to sum pizza :D

::hugs:: have a fun on a bun anime filled day my friends! n_n

Quote of the Day:

"Who the hell are you?" -Greed

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday, September 29, 2006 @ 6:14am (EST)

hola guys. ::yawns:: yarg yesterday sucked butt for me. lemme see....

In Drawing 1 my teacher forgot i was away and didnt collect my work like he said he would... in Typing my teacher expected me to type a full SA on sumthing sto0pid... Algebra was boring cause i had to postpone my test (for this morning o_o), English was worst cause Mrs. Ulman was so0per bitch and chewed me and my partner, Akemi, out for not having my notes done, Lunch was okay i guess..., spanish sucked cause i gotta learn the spanish numbers from 0-100 by tomorrow... o_o, Science i have no fucking clue what the hell im doing in there, and American History i think my teacher wants to molest me.... O_O

Quite a day, eh? well i got several projects i gotta do... so ima go do them... ::walks away::

Hope u guys have a good day and all. i might not be able to get to ur sites til tonight after all hell calms down. n_n;

Quote of the Day:

"JERK!!! I hate you brother! You're not even human!!! (Cries and runs away with the cat)" -Alphonse Elric

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-EE2 Da FMA Guru

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