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Monday, September 4, 2006

Monday, September 4, 2006 @ 12:13am (EST)

Hey guys. well lemme see here... Today was pretty lame. I really have no need to repeat yesterday's post since that basically was all my day's highlights, lol.

So today I just stayed home and relaxed and just did nothingness on the computer. Made more icons 2. btw, must warn u ppl that are taking my icons without permission, U R ASSES AND WILL BE PUNISHED SEVERLY WHEN I'M RULER OF THIS WORLD... ::coughs:: but yeah...

also speaking of Icons, I'm also taking requests for icons. I can make u guys a moving icon with ur name on it (i know its a big trend or sumthing on myO...) so if u want one, just pm me with the details and I'll make it for you ASAP.

well thats all i guess... Happy Labor Day or whatever he holiday is... o_o

Quote of the Day:

"Good night, sleep tight..."-Evanescence

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-EE2 Da Annoyed Guru

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Sunday, September 3, 2006

Sunday, September 3, 2006 @ 3:52pm (EST)

Hey guys. well the reason for my posting so late is because myO was down for a LONG while for me. but i'm just glad it back up. dunno if you guys had the prob or not, but CK did to, so I'm guessing... i dunno. XD ::rambles::

well lemme see... yesterday was okay. My dad and i sepnt the day together watching movies. We watching Life of David Gale and we also watched Anger Managment. XD

And today I did nothing but make icons, talk to CK on IM, and go to the hospital. I had to go to the hostpital because my grandma fell. My dad said she had a heart attack, but the doctor do0d just said she fell. so she should be out of there in a while I guess.

I just finished watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I haven't seen that movie in a while. I forgot the whole plot of it. lol

Well I guess that's my post. dont wanna bore you ppl anymore. so ttypl!

Quote of the Day:

"Heaven is lost"- L'Arc~En~Ciel

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Made by pipsqueak 4 me. don't steal bitches.

Icons I Made:

-EE2 Da Chicken Of The Sea Guru

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Saturday, September 2, 2006

Saturday, September 2, 2006 @ 2:14 am (EST)

Hey guys. ::yawns:: well I had a tiring day today. I was late for first period in Drawing I. Reason being is because I'm on the other side of the street, second floor and my class is on the 500's level (3rd floor bottom) in the building across the street. i thought i was gonna get in trouble, but luckily the teacher was pooring coffee and i snuck in b4 he noticed.

Then nuthin much happened periods after that. In Algebra we took a survival exam thingy. it was amusing to listen to what my friend Malachi had to say on the subjects of survival. lol ::laughs:: i would tell u more, but i'm tired... ::yawns::

Then lunch i went down and saw how much the food was. They jacked up the prices since last year... -_-; I'm poor. I can't by greasy pizza for $3.50 a slice! sto0pid lunch ppl. so i went over to the vending machines, and the preps broke it, cause they were jaming a dollar bill in the slide the wrong way, and just broke the whole thing. so i went without any of that. but luckily my friend Lindsay-chan and Kevin agve me a cookie and teddy grams (lol) to hold me over

In Spanish I we had to pick spanish names. I wanted the name Jesus or Pedro, but sadly she gave me Eduardo cause she can remember my real name with it... ::sob::

In science we were testing with acids (fun). my lab partner, akemi, almost dropped our experiment on my shoes. o_o that coulda been bad...

Then I got home a 2:30, went on myO, tried to change my icon, and the comp fscked it up. It wouldn't let me put a new icon up, and it erased the one I already had on. So now I'm iconless.. ::sob:: I tried to report it, but I don't know how much help thats gonna do for me... ::sigh::

Then talked to CK on the phone for a few hours. She told me this cool place that i can make .GIFs. I spent my whole night making .GIFs for my friends (buttons) only to be to lazy to finish the job. So i just distributed them to the person. ::shrugs:: hope u ppl like them. n_n

Also, today the mayor of Pittsburgh died to cancer. He passed away 9:05 pm last night...

well i should get to bed cause I'm tired, i have a family day thingy planned tomorrow, my legs are falling asleep, and so am I... ttypl!

Quote of the Day:

"Does that make me crazy?" -Gnarls Barkley

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-EE2 Da Homework Hating Guru

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Friday, September 1, 2006

Friday, September 1, 2006 @ 6:31 am (EST)

Hey guys! Well I'm in a chipper mood today, and I also have a post about my first day being a freshman on a huge sko0l ground such as mine.

well lemme see... I woke up at 5:45am yesterday, got dressed, went on the comp and commented few ppl, talked to CK on IM, then I caught the bus at 6:45am (damn that bus driver for coming so early). Then I was dropped off in front of the highsko0l. do0d, i was sooooo fscking lost when i stepped foot off that bus. i was like 'der? which way do I go?' Then I see my friend Mary-kun and Chi-chan hanging out in front of the doors, so I go over and talk to them. Then we go find our class. I'm in room 212, all the way at the end of the hall. First row by the door (w00t). But what sucks about my homebase teacher is that he spits when he speaks. o_o i'm in for a 'fun' year in algebra... ::sigh:: Then I had Drawing I. I was the ONLY freshman there. Everyone else was all seniors and juniors. I was like 'i'm in the right class right?' Next class was Tech class. Damn. They're gonna teach us how to type the 'proper' way... o_o I can't type 'correctly' if my life depends on it. I'm a sloppy typer. A fast one, but sloppy form. Then I had Algebra, English, lunch, Spanish I, Physical Science, American History. do0d no one's in my lunch period. ::sigh:: i didnt eat lunch either sat outside and read Mars volume 1. And my Physical Science class was AWESOME. Mary-kun, Akemi-chan, and Matt are in it. Matt was being retarded though... he kept poking me... -_-' But out teacher in our class is a pyro. she's fucking awesome. she was setting things on fire with one of those powders thats flamible when u combine it with special tissue. i got to try doing a huge fire thing to. it was AWESOME. everyone was scared cause I was the first one to raise my hand, and my friends were like, shit! duck! XD lol It was interesting. But I also came to the realization that my classes are located in 5, count them FIVE different buildings. So i gotta cross streets and what not to get to my classes with 3 minutes time period. o_o how the hell am i gonna figure that out? dunno... But yeah I had a good day. Hope it continues to be good. if not im screwed. wish me luck!

oh, btw, our lockers are to small to fit me in them! XD they're only like 2 inches wide! XD LOL ::evil laughter::

Quote of the Day:

"Feel like I'll never be the same" - Corrine Bailey Rae

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-EE2 Da Hallpass Asking Guru

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday, August 31, 2006 @ 6:21 am (EST)

hey guys. well today's the dreaded day... sko0l. damn. well i'm not too worried bout it. i went up to the school grounds yesterday, and dammit they're HUGE. i'll probably get lost. ::shrugs:: oh well. I'm a no0b, a freshman, a NOBODY there. XD oh the joys of being invisible. yes, i'm oh so excited!


okay, I admit I'm nervous. I don't wanna make a bad impression on anyone or else I'm fucked for the rest of my sko0l life. I also don't wanna scare the teachers, cause then they'll screw up my grades. And I'm worried that they have no good lunch food. So I packed my... HANDY DANDY CHEERIO BAR! XD So Im hoping today goes ok... if not oh well.

So thats my post. Short and simple. well wish me luck. and also pray that i don't get shoved into a locker... ::sob:: that always happens to me.. T^T

Quote of the Day:

"I'm a real person you know [...]" - Rei Kashino

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-EE2 Da Confused Guru

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 @ 6:34 am (EST)

Hey guys. Well as you can see i'm posting late (oh no!) or as oyou can call it early. it was a killler getting up at 6:00 am... o_o. and we all know what that means right? well it means... EE2 has to go to sko0l tomorrow. Damn. But besides sko0l i got sum interesting stuff to post about. But first i wanna talk about me and CK's fone conversation XD

well we were talking, talking, dissing on Sk8erAlchemist, etc. Then I went online and looked up baby names for Lium. Turns out its not up there. So i looked at the name Edward (my name) and it meant Wealthy Gaurdian. w00t. lol then I looked up Bambi.

Those of you who've read posts from a couple weeks ago know about me and CK's 'unborn child' (not really just joke). So I keep picking sto0pid names for the kid, like Pochohantus, Briar Rose, Sally, Bambi, etc. (lol) So I've recently become attached to the name Bambi and keep calling the kid 'Bambi' XD LOL and CK gets SO MAD at me when I do it, but i can't help it. lol i like that name. sounds like an amusing name. then we were talking about the future like when 'Bambi' would be a teenager and we'd be like married or sumthing. And this guy, whose fake may i remind you, calls up our house and asks for Bambi. and since i'm going to be a protective dad, i asked 3 questions:

[x] Are you a rapist?

[x] Do you know the murderer of John Bonay Ramnsey? (don't know how to spell)

[x] What buisness do you have with my prescious Bambi-boo!?

And we were laughing. lol and i was pretending I was Maes Hughes, but only with piccys of Bambi. XD it was amusing. Then we talked about sum other stuff, but not appropriate for your ears/eyes (sowwy!)

But earlier I got up at 7:00. God was that like MURDER. I hated it, but I knew I had to, so I got up and read Basara volume 5. Speaking of Basara, I ShurixSarasa! XD Then I redid my site to Pink Floyd The Wall with FMA sko0l shit. (damn couldn't keep the potty language out... sowwy... T^T)

Then I watched BB7. it was an okay epi. I think the most amusing part was watching Will and that one guy have Christmas in August. XD LOL i also like dthe part Danielle went psycho bitch... talk about scary... o_o

That was my day. Well hope you guys (and myself) have a good day! And I hope my last day of summer is good... lol

Quote of the Day:

"We are being lead by a lion!" -Villager (Basara vol. 5)

Sin of the Day:

Mood of the MomenT:

just joking

-EE2 The Tired Guru

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 @ 12:02 am (EST)

Hey guys, well today was okay. I spent most of it by myself since my whole family (except me) wanted to go up to my grandma's house to see her new kitty. Bleh, hate her cat. it annoys me. don't ever want to see that little gray furball again. it's demonic, I swear. So my mom got mad at me for not wanting to go see the cat, so she told me to stay home and I wasn't allowed to call over any friends or nuthing... ::sigh:: so I spent the majority of my time Watching Ouran High School Host Club. I've watched up to episode 20, then episode 21, they have no subs. o_o i don't know if i'm ready for no subs, but heck i'll give it a try once i'm done watching this one Bleach epi. Ah Ha! that's correct ppl, I decided to check out Bleach. Its a good anime from what i can tell. tad confusing, but then again, aren't they all? so yeah...

Then I went upstairs and organized my manga and cleaned out some of my old friend's manga.

Then I was talking to CK. it was a short but interesting conversation as usual. Okay well there's this guy, see? His name, as you ppl would know him as, is Sk8erAlchemist. He's the one who stole most of my HTML a while ago, and yes ppl, I AM the one who deleted his site. So, this guy decides to make a bet with my gf without my knowing, saying he can gain my forgiveness. ::laughs insanely:: XD HA HA HA! do you know how hard it is for me to fully forgive someone?! THATS LIKE IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME! lol then CK started saying that S8A said that we were friends again. lol wow... CK knows me all to well I must say. She knew I would probably never be friends with him again. or at least not until he gains my trust back.

but besides that topic, I was online (still on the phne with CK) and I started talking in the southern accent for NO reason. lol it was FUNNY. so i started saying stuff like 'Save a hourse, ride a cowboy' and 'you're hot, i'm hot...' lol but you get the picture. I was making fun of cowboys as u can see. lol CK got SO MAD at me cause I wouldn't stop using the accent. but its SO fun to use XD then we hung up after 45 minutes of talking, and i started watching Bleach, and here I am now with a bowl of cerial at 11:43 pm at night. pretty lame, eh?

Quote of the Day:

"Trying to kill his own son in his sleep, you freak!?" -Ichigo

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-EE2 Da Hating People Who Steals His Stuff Guru

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday, August 27, 2006 @ 12:00 am

hey guys. well I'm updating early today.. or err... tonight whatever you wanna call it. My mom's yelling at me to go to bed at 11, but i've obviously went past the time. it's like 11:44 pm right here in PA now, so i'm just typing this post and heading up to my room to read sum manga and pretend i'm sleeping.

well today was pretty lame. I made a new quiz, What Chrono Crusade Character Are You? it's cool i guess. i think it's a little better than the Ouran High School Host Club one, but that's just me. Then i watched this movie called 'The Life of David Gale' It was REALLY good. powerful movie on the Texas Death Penalty. it also had sum sex in it, but one of the sex scenes were lame cause they were both middle aged ppl... eeww... lol i didn't watch that part, so no worries. but it was a good movie. i can't say anything else without giving away the ending, so I suggest watching it! ::thumbs up:: This Movie Has Officially Been Approved By EE2! XD

Then I watched BB7. OMIGAWD taht was HILARIOUS with Will and the camera. that looked like something I'd SO do. XD LOL WOW... i have to find a vid on yourtube to show you guys tomorrow, but it was so funny. it was like he was making love to it.. XD LOL

And speeking of camera, I also found a USB plug for my non-crappy camera. it works! but only my compy doesn't seem to wanna accept it.. ::sob:: it says something about the port being High Speed o sumthing.. but i didn't get it. oh well... ::sigh:: i'll eventually figure it out or else break the damn thing like before.

I was also talking to CK to. it was amusing. Not as amusing as our other conversations, but it was okay i suppose. she was to distracted by MTV to listen to me, and I was to distracted by my camera to really listen to her. XD lemme think of something we said... ::flashback:: can't really remember what we said... oh well.

now here I am writing this post. my comps acting fucking retarded cause i fscked up the connection somehow, and i cant find the one wallpaper I need for my site... ::sob:: my damn photobucket has to many albums, that i can't remember which one I put the bg in!!! ::sobs::

well hope u all have a better day than me! ::skips of laughing insanely:: XD

Quote of the Day:

"You fool!" -Dante

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-EE2 Da Fscking Crazy Guru

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006 @ 1:04 am (EST)

Hey guys! XD I'm happy right now cause I'm on the phone with CK and my friend Edmari. w00t. we've been on the phone for around 4 hours straight. We've been talking about some interesting shit. Well first off today I went out school shopping again. it was LAME. there was no good resturaunts today... T^T we just went out to stores and tried stuff on. i don't like trying stuff on. Then I went to a bookstore and bought FMA volume 9. yes, i know it's not supposed to be out in stores until September, but obviously my bookstore was to lazy to keep them stored up in the backroom, and set them out on display. lol so i got that, then I got Basara volume 4 & 5, sum ninja romance manga, and Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie ani-manga for a buck each. w00t. talk about manga deal. lol Then came home, checked my site, and checked my ranking. w00t! I'm officialy ranking in at #50 spot, on top 50! w00t! my goals are almost reached. lol then i called CK and Edmari, talked about retarded stuff, cross dressed over the phone, drew a chronoxrosette piccy, made fun of my fat cat snoring, chased my fat cat, etc etc. Oh and I also made a quiz on quizilla! w00t. it kindda sucks, but you can take it if you want! here's the URL address:


Quote of the Day:

"A yankee thug and a psychic freak"- Kyo Sohma

Sin of the Day:

Mood of the Day:

-EE2 Da Pimping Guru

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday, August 26, 2006 @ 1:49 am

Hey guys! n_n I'm in a cheerful yet doubtful mood right now. What's the word? Optimistic maybe? nah... I dunno. But whatever the feeling is I like it. XD lol But neways today was FUN ON A BUN! I went back to school shopping in down town Pittsburgh. I've NEVER gone to downtown Pittsburgh before, even though I only live like 15 minutes away. But I always go to malls and stuff. But we went back to school shopping for new pants sice I already have LOADS of t-shirts. So we go down to the Waterfront (outdorr mall type-place) and we go into all these stores i've NEVER been into. I went into Ambercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and American Eagle Outfitters. surprisingly, I liked their pants. I've NEVER worn a pair of pants that fits me right. they're always too long on me, which makes me trip over the bottoms and get them ripped up and all that stuff. So i bought some pairs and now I'm set. I saw a pair at Ambercrombie and Fitch that i REALLY REALLY REALLY liked, but they were like $69.99, and my mom said:

"Maybe if you're lucky Santa will get you a pair of those for Christmas rather than that Edward Elric or whatever it's called."

...-_-' wow shes lame. But I had a good time there. then We went over to this one place where they have this 'Cheesecake Factory' Resturant. OH MY GOD WAS THE FOOD SOOO FSCKING GOOD! ::drools:: XD I had Four Cheese Pasta!!!! YUMMYYYYYYYY!!!! XD Then we went to Urban Outfitters and bought some stuff there. I got this really cool shirt that says 'A Person's A Person No Matter How Small' XD LOL It has Dr.Sues characters on it. I thought it was awesome. Then we just basically shopped around all day, and I wound up getting all these cool designer clothes for cheap. o_o since when has that ever happened to me before? I don't remember getting nice clothes for Back To School Shopping!? Then we went into H&M designers. I got tons of shirts there. Then when we got home my mom made me clean out my closet and throw away stuff I couldn't wear anymore. She almost wanted to throw out my old faded red FMA hoodie. I was like WTF!? NOOOO! That was my VERY FIRST FMA hoodie I ever purchased. Even though I have another one that's the same one and doesn't look as faded, you can't just throw it away! right? But when I finished cleaning my closet and putting away all my new clothes, I realized that...

I purchased a LOT of yellow clothes shirts

And you wanna know what sucks most about that is? I can't say the word 'Yellow' if my life depended on it. I have a sto0pid lisp that makes me say 'Lallow' instead of 'Yellow'... it's a bad habit i've had ever since I was a toddler... lol

But that was the majority of my day. I just finished making a new quiz for TheO, but Lord know my luck, it'll probably never show up XD lol But it was supposed to be 'What Ouran Host Club Member Are You?' I tried my best on it. If it shows up it shows up, if it doesn't it doesnt, right? n_n

Well hope you all have a good day!

Quote of the Day:

"I'm so glad...!" -Chrno

Sin of the Day:

Mood of the Moment:

-EE2 Da Freaking Out Guru

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