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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Hospitalization
Hey all! I was headed to Kurashiki but I ended up stopping in Kobe. Here's the story, we were driving and I got the most awful pain in my side and I started bleeding a ton, so then I had to drive another hour or so holding my wound shut with the help of Fuyu. So when I finally made it to a hospital my shirt and pants were covered in blood. They took a closer look and did some tests and noticed not only did I have a gaping hole in my side I had 2 broken ribs and some internal injury that the hospital in Osaka missed. They decided to keep me here for 2 to 3 days until they feel it's okay for me to go. Fuyuki brought me some of my stuff (and my laptop, a God-send) from the vespa and here we are, stuck at a hospital! I still don't know how I didn't notice the internal damage, guess I did but I thought it was the cut or something. I can't think straight since that night, I'm considering returning home and ending my adventure through Japan, but I don't wanna, I wanna make memories with my Godson! GRAAAH!!! I dunno what I'll do yet, I just need to relax for now, later all...
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Osaka
Hello all! Right now I'm on my way to Kurashiki, but Fuyu and I were in Osaka until this morning. I hate Osakan streets, they have the stupidest layout. Anyway when we in Osaka I got a mild injury. Let's start here, Fuyu and me were in our hotel room, he was asleep, I was trying to sleep but there were police sirens blaring right outside so, you know. Then someone breaks in to our room and he had a sword. He seen me and started yelling curse words. Then the police start yelling for him to come out. He got pissed and said if he was going down he was taking someone with him, then he grabbed Fuyuki and that pissed me off big time. But I was so scared I couldn't move, I thought Fuyuki and me were through, I can't describe the feeling, I'm shaking just from typing this. The guy held his sword up to Fuyuki and I just snapped, I don't know what happened I just grabbed one of the decorative swords off the wall and I swung it at his leg. But the sword wasn't sharp enough to make a scratch. I started crying, I went like mad or something, I jumped at the guy and he stabbed me in the side. I'd never felt such pain in my life. I was so shaken, then the police break in and got the guy. I passed out and was taken to the hospital. That was such a horrible feeling, like absolute dread, the feeling like I was not gonna leave that room alive. But now I'm on the road again, stitched up and very cautious, I can't laugh or yell or my wound opens, I'm coughing up blood a little too but they said I was good to go, so I went. I keep apologizing to Fuyuki, I couldn't save him or even protect him... But one thing is clear...


That was the most horrifying thing in my life! I AM F**CKING DONE WITH OSAKA AND IT'S ROADS!!! ow!
Don't worry about me I'm okay, I got Fuyu with me and I'm off to Kurashiki! Later all!

I may take this post down soon, it's just something I don't wanna remember, so... yeeeah.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Pure Freedom
HI ALL! Right now I am the happiest person in the world!!! Almost... I was speeding down the road to Osaka and a cop pulled me over... He seemed mad at first but then he told me that I needed a helmet (I gave mine to Fuyu) so the cop puts one on me and tells me I can go as fast as I want down the road, it's deserted in the morning and at night so he told me I could go as fast as I want. First I figured it was a trick, but then he said if any other cop pulls me over all I had to do was tell them his name. Soooo I blasted off at 80 MPH and all he did was wave. I finally got to test out my speed modification! Anyway that saved me a lot of time plus I got a free helmet. That is the good, here is the bad, Fuyuki gets too friendly at night. Me and him have to share a bed at night and he sleep squeezes apparently (he better be asleep). So now I let him sleep in the bed and I just compromise with what ever the run-down hotels have, not fun. But I should be in Osaka today if Fuyu would wake up. Until Monday, later all!
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. The Reveal
Yo! How have you all been? Yesterday I told bro that I was actually his Godmother. Here's the full story. After I got home to Nagoya I went into my house and went to sleep on the futon like planned, no hello or anything, I'd been going almost non-stop for 48 hours. After I woke up and got some food I helped bro get packed up, then we headed out. It was early morning and the sun was coming up through the mountains, I told Fuyuki I was his Godmother since his former parents and our parents passed on. He cried. We stopped at a hotel for awhile so he could get things straight. Then he cried tears of joy, it was a really emotional thing. Anyway he was really happy about me being his Godmother and I'm happy he's my Godson. But me and Fuyu are now on an adventure until Aug. 23rd then I need to take him back for school. Now I have a new plan, Japan is great but in July, for a little bit I'm gonna visit America with Fuyuki! But I need to know wheres a good place to go, so help me out and tell me what you think sounds like a good vacation spot in America. Later all!
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Adventure
Hey all! I was just in Nagoya to pick up my Godson, Fuyuki (AKA my little bro), but I'm headed back to Osaka then I can continue my adventure, as for Fuyu (nickname for Fuyuki) his started when we left Nagoya. Right now we're at a hotel on the road to Osaka. Fuyu doesn't wanna put his arms around me when he's sitting on the back of the Vespa (yep, it's puberty) so instead he sits in between my legs on the floor (it's definitely puberty) of the vespa, good thing theres a belt down there too. I made some (legal?) modifications to my Vespa (like a floor belt) but the best one is the speed, the fastest it could go was 65. That's a good speed but I cranked the max speed to 140. Now I have a 12 year old with me, how much more Fooly Cooly can I get? Later all!

I did tell him I was his Godmother and that made him extremely happy!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. More Rain
Hey everyone! It's still raining, it's never stopped since yesterday. I'm almost home and I'm drenched so I stopped in a hotel for now, I'm hoping it let's up soon, bro's already called me twice today. I've never told my bro's name have I? I've been traveling over night non-stop so I'll probably go to sleep here for a couple hours. My bro's story: My little bro's not really my little bro, he was adopted by some of my parents friends, they made my parents his godparents. But when they died my parents were already gone so it turns out my parents made me his godmother, so actually I'm his guardian. I haven't told him any of this yet, but I plan on it this weekend. I've been trying to find the right moment to tell him for a long time now and this is it! I just need to sleep for a little bit, later all!

Oh yeah, my little Brother's (Son's?) name is Fuyuki.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Rain
Hey all! I'll probably post almost everyday I can from now on. Anyways, I'm headed back home to pick up my bro. I planned on setting out sooner but I had A bit more to drink then originally planned (I am not a drunk though...) I started to rain yesterday and it hasn't stopped yet, the roads are crap plus I'm on a vespa, but I gotta make up time! Bro already called me today and I told him I was coming to pick him up and he was ecstatic, he better not have anything pervy planned though. It'll probably be another 2 or so days to get back to Nagoya, then I'll probably collapse on the futon at home for awhile, I'm not stopping for anything (except now, I got hungry.) I'm headed out, there's some guy here that keeps asking me to go home with him to "get dry". Later all.
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Brother Blues
Hey all, I made it to Osaka! My little bro calls me almost every day asking how I am, where I'm at, what I'm up to. It makes me miss him. So I'm headed back to Nagoya tomorrow to pick him up and as of his last day of school it's just gonna be me and him on an adventure through Japan, then if I'm still traveling around at the end of summer I'll drop him off so he can go back to school, then I'll keep traveling. But for tonight I'm gonna drink and be merry, then I'll set off tomorrow morning. Cheers and later all!
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Friday, May 30, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. American Tourists
Hello again all, usually I never post twice in a week. I'm on my way to Osaka. I've seen millions of things on my way through Japan, like the mountains of Japan in the morning. It's all so nostalgic, Japan is a really beautiful place. But as for American tourists, that's another story. There are nice Americans that see you're traveling alone and invite you to dinner with them and some Americans that are jerks, like the ones that seen me eating in front of a rice house and wanted a picture with me, then they started insulting me like "look how obedient she is" because I went ahead and took a picture with them then took a picture of them. But I made them piss themselves when I spoke English, they couldn't stop apologizing. Later all.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

I've left home! Hello all, sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Anyway I got a yellow Vespa and I slapped a P! logo on the front. I also took my necessary stuff (radio, cell phone, instant ramen, water, laptop, guitar, etc.) I decided not to go to college, instead I'm gonna roam Japan for a few years, then go abroad in America. My Summer starts now! Right now I'm in Kyoto. That's why I haven't updated in awhile, I've been on a never-ending drive. Brother wanted to come too but he's still in elementary school so...no. I'll probably travel around different places for awhile, at least until I find a place I feel good about settling down at (you know, all Haruhara Haruko style, (from FLCL) wait.. a break in a break? oh well.) Anyway I'm heading out tommarow (right now I'm in a smelly hotel) so I probably won't update for awhile. Thanks to all who read, later all.
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