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Hey all! My name is Kimi and I was born in Japan, I used to live in America until I lost my parents, then I moved back to Japan. I've traveled over most of Japan with my Godson/Little Bro, Fuyuki, on a Vespa. I used to visit Sky (who is a great guy who raised me for awhile after my parents passed) in America or he used to visit me here in Japan but now he moved here to marry me. I now own my own Dojo up in Nagoya's mountains, where my Kendo students train and where me and my family live!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Long Time, No Post!
This is gonna be a long one!

Hey all! I haven't posted in awhile, sorry about that! Anyway I thought it was about time for an update, so...

We're all doing great! Skylar got a job at an anime studio and he loves it! He gives me all the info on upcoming projects which is pretty cool.
Sky is the one of the artists that does the special effects drawings, like the explosions, beam sabers, jiggling, etc.

Fuyuki is studying abroad in Dallas, Texas in America. He sends us e-mails and calls us every so often but I still miss him some times.

In other (AWESOME) news, Sky told me we are going on an American vacation this summer! We're gonna go to Texas and get Fuyuki and maybe a good friend of mine who lives in that area (you know who you are friend, we'll be there in July!) then we're headed to some hot spots!

Now on to my new batch of students, I was finally able to teach them shortly before Fuyu left and I have to say they are a talented bunch, but not as good as their teacher! I did something new with this batch and it is perfect! I did this thing that at the end of every month I take them all on, one by one, and who ever can beat me gets a steak dinner. So far no one's beaten me, but there is one that has given me a run for my money. His name is Shinji, or Shinn as I call him.

I have been really busy with the Dojo as well. I added a guest's quarters to the far end for students, travelers, or Kurokawa if they need a place to stay.

Which reminds me Kurokawa the drama queen has returned from his mountain training. Kuro has been searching for a Sensei to train him further in swordplay so he figured he'd come back and ask me to train him. But I can't do it, Kuro bugs me, it's like he's an annoying character right from an anime. He reminds me of Tatewaki Kuno from Ranma.

Well that's all the news I have for now,
until next time, Later All!

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