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Thursday, May 29, 2008

I've left home! Hello all, sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Anyway I got a yellow Vespa and I slapped a P! logo on the front. I also took my necessary stuff (radio, cell phone, instant ramen, water, laptop, guitar, etc.) I decided not to go to college, instead I'm gonna roam Japan for a few years, then go abroad in America. My Summer starts now! Right now I'm in Kyoto. That's why I haven't updated in awhile, I've been on a never-ending drive. Brother wanted to come too but he's still in elementary school so...no. I'll probably travel around different places for awhile, at least until I find a place I feel good about settling down at (you know, all Haruhara Haruko style, (from FLCL) wait.. a break in a break? oh well.) Anyway I'm heading out tommarow (right now I'm in a smelly hotel) so I probably won't update for awhile. Thanks to all who read, later all.
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