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Monday, June 2, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Rain
Hey all! I'll probably post almost everyday I can from now on. Anyways, I'm headed back home to pick up my bro. I planned on setting out sooner but I had A bit more to drink then originally planned (I am not a drunk though...) I started to rain yesterday and it hasn't stopped yet, the roads are crap plus I'm on a vespa, but I gotta make up time! Bro already called me today and I told him I was coming to pick him up and he was ecstatic, he better not have anything pervy planned though. It'll probably be another 2 or so days to get back to Nagoya, then I'll probably collapse on the futon at home for awhile, I'm not stopping for anything (except now, I got hungry.) I'm headed out, there's some guy here that keeps asking me to go home with him to "get dry". Later all.
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