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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bananananananananananananananana Bomb Update
Hey all! I've finally been given some time to relax and make a post about random stuff. Lately all it's been is Kendo, Wedding, Fuyu, Sky, but now it's all time for me! I've canceled the 3 or so classes I had to do today using rain as the excuse. Relaxing is weird for me because I can't sit still to relax, I gotta move. I don't know why I've been arranging this wedding so much, I've got till May of 09! I wish it'd get here sooner though... In other news, Fuyu and DD broke up, it was Fuyu's longest relationship and now it's gone, I'm kinda relieved, I didn't like her. Yesterday, Sky just now noticed my eyes were two different colors. I mean I kinda forgot, but he's been side by side with me for awhile now and he hasn't noticed one's purple, oh well. Sky just got back from picking up Fuyu so I'm off, later all!

E-mail me! I'm using Sky's live account, but keep it clean for Fuyu's sake.
My e-mail is over on the side or just e-mail me at Gurren@live.com

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Banana Bomb: Sister, Godmother, and Wife!
Hey all! How's all been? Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, it's been hectic here. First off, I had to help Sky get his car (yes, it was shipped over) and his license. His license was expired so first I had to drive him to the DMV and get that crap set up, then I drove him to the port to get his truck. I put my Vespa in his car and we drove home. At home my students were waiting by the gate, I had completely forgotten the lesson for the day. I usually meet all of my students at the bottom of the trail and we walk up to my dojo, I did my lesson for the day. Then the next day, I made more arrangements for our wedding while Sky slept away the day. The following day was Fuyu's first day of 7th grade and the first time he went to a Public school. Me and Sky spent the day inside, we've been having tons of rain and flooding, some 45 year old lady drowned it was so bad. I picked up Fuyu from school using Sky's truck (I've never driven a truck, or a car for that matter.) I brought him home and helped him with homework for 3 1/2 hours or so and today I've just been laying around the dojo, literally, we don't have furniture yet, there was no way for me to get it here until Sky's truck got here. Later I'm gonna have Sky get the furniture I ordered and hopefully this time it's in one piece... Yeah, so I've been really busy, I hope to update more often starting soon. Until next time, later all!
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Banana Bomb: Wedding Arrangements
Hey all! I am so happy!!! I just wish we could get married sooner, but he's gotta see how many of his family members are coming and then he's gotta buy their plane tickets. I told him I would go to America and just pay for the people that would be there for me, my Grandparents, Fuyu, my students, and hopefully a very good friend of mine. He's got his Parents, his Grandparents, his 3 sisters, his 4 brothers, his Aunts, Uncles, cousins etc. But he still insists we have it in the Dojo's main hall. So I'm gonna use some of the money my parents left me to pay for his family, but he still insists he pay for it. I still have at least 60-something thousand left! He starts getting annoyed/pissed, I say "I love you" he blushes and gives up so I'm paying, HA! That's the power of the boobs! That was yesterday, now today me and him are just gonna stay under the covers together and let the rain pass, yay~. Later all!
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Banana Bomb: a Complete Family
Hey all! Fuyu and I took a trip to my Grandparents house on the Vespa yesterday to tell them the news. Sky couldn't come with us, he had to go pick up some of his stuff, plus there was no more room on the Vespa and it's the only vehicle we have until Sky gets a car. I feel safe now that Sky's gonna live with me, he's strong and around 6 foot tall. So anyway, when me and Fuyu got to our Grandparents house they were inside yelling all kinds of stuff. I ran inside and they were yelling at the TV, Majide was on, it's their favorite game show... So once that was over I told them I was gonna get married in May to Sky, they remember Sky from when they came to get me in America. Grandma was really happy for me and told me to get him down there so they could have tea. Grandpa, on the other hand, started crying out of happiness and he said "You're just like your mother, I'm so proud for you." My mother didn't marry a Japanese man she married an Indian man. Then we stayed and talked awhile. When we headed home I got a call from Sky, he got his stuff home, but wanted to know why there was a raccoon in the house. I got home and then it hit me, I have a family of my own now and I started to cry tears of joy. I'm so happy it just breaks loose as tears or laughing. That's bout it for now, later all!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Marriage! This Time It's FINAL!!!
Hey all! I was proposed to again, but before I cover that, I have other news. First off, mine and Aniki's Birthday was great. My students and Fuyu threw us a party. Then it was interrupted by an annoying yell from the front gate. I went to see who was yelling for me and it was Kuro. He said sorry and he gave me a present, then he started to ask me out when Aniki walked up, then Kuro got scared and ran off. Kuro's present was his most prized steel sword, I found this kinda sweet... Anyway, after the party Aniki asked me if I wanted to walk the mountain trail (this was our 5th walk on the trail.) Then when we reached the end of trail the sun setting and Aniki gets on one knee and says "Kimi we've been through a lot together. When I first started to take care of you I just thought of you as the nicest kid I've ever met but now I look at you and see a great person." I was blushing and kinda confused, then he says "Kimi will you marry me?" I first heard the "Awww" from my students who were in the bushes down the trail. I thought about the other times I was asked and how I was betrayed, then I thought about who asked me and what all he's done for me, then I said "Yes" then I hear "Hell Yeah!!!" from Fuyu who was behind a tree. So me and Aniki - scratch that, now that I'm gonna marry him I can't call him Aniki (Bro) so now I'll use his real name! So me and Skylar/Sky are getting married!!!!! He's having his stuff shipped here now, but he's still gonna be a Lawyer, only now he's a Lawyer for Japan. I am more happy now than ever before! I know Sky won't betray my trust, I've made a lot of dumbass mistakes in my life but this won't be one! We're getting married next May. I wondered why he was so throw off when my students mentioned us being a perfect couple. Fuyu's really happy too, seeing as when me and Sky get married, Sky will be his dad. That's about it for now, I've gotta set stuff up, later all!
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Banana Bomb Birthday
Hey all! Today's mine and Aniki's B-day. I turn 19, and Aniki turns 24. No presents, but that's okay because Aniki's here with me until Aug. 20th! My students and Fuyu threw us a B-day party which I'll tell more about later, but now Aniki wants to take a walk with me up in the mountains, later all!
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Banana Bomb and Cloud Envy
Hey all! The bandages are off! I woke up this morning and could see in both eyes, so I called the Doc and he said it was okay to take the bandages off, so I did. My pupil is still purple which is cool, but the damaged eye is a bit darker than the other. Anyway, Aniki is staying at my dojo which is freakin awesome! He finally meet Fuyu. He got here late last Friday and had to sleep off his jet lag the rest of the day. But on Saturday I showed him around town and had him try thousands of different food. He tried soba noodles, pocky, sake (yum), curry etc. Then I introduced him to all of my students and he watched me teach, kinda embarrassing. Some of the girls in my class (and Fuyu) think I and Aniki make a good couple, but that'd be too weird, he's like an older Brother or a Father. But then I started thinking about it, there's only a 5 year difference (that's all the younger or older I like em) and we do have that sort of date bond sometimes. After all that, I taught Aniki the basics of Kendo and then I challenged him, seemed like overkill, so then I had Fuyu (2nd best after teacher) go against him, still overkill. So then I had Aniki go against DD and Aniki didn't wanna hurt a girl (with me he had no choice) then DD nailed him in the crotch and we called it a day...
That's about it for now so later all!

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Broken Boken
Hey all! I just noticed that on my portfolio it still says I'm 14... Anyway I am now temporarily blinded in one eye, I'll tell about it now. It was yesterday and I was bored as normal, Fuyu and DD were watching TV as normal and that weird raccoon is back, I named it Taro. After a while I just got more and more bored so I challenged Fuyu to a Kendo match, and seeing as DD was there he didn't refuse. It was like any normal match until my boken (wooden sword) snapped in two hitting me in my right eye causing Fuyu's next hit to stab me in the same eye. So then I went to the doctors and they said I had temporary blindness which could last anywhere from 3 days to a week. There was also some discoloration in my pupil, aka my left eye color is green and my right eye (the victim eye) is now purple. They said that my right eye is now purple because I was hit hard enough for it to change color (which is usually a sign of permanent blindness) but not be permanently blinded by it blah blah blah, aka my eyes are now permanently two different colors...I guess. It's kinda cool that my eyes are two different colors though, I seen them before I was bandaged up. Fuyu, like his normal self, won't stop apologizing even though it wasn't his fault. I just hope I can see by my B-day. That's about it for now, so later all!

BTW Aniki is coming tonight and will be here from tomorrow till Aug. 20th, so I may not update for awhile.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. RANDOMNESS
Hey all! I'm really happy lately. Yesterday I mostly just laid around the Dojo, Fuyu and DD were watching TV and the weird raccoon visited. I've never mentioned the weird raccoon before have I? Well he's this weird looking red raccoon that comes around sometimes, he likes to be petted like a cat or something. Anyway, great news, I got a call from Aniki and he said that for our B-day he was gonna visit me here in my Dojo, in Japan! I was planning on going there, but he said he wanted me to stay in Japan for our B-day since my students probably wanted to celebrate too. Far as I know my students don't have anything planned, I think Fuyu might have something planned but he usually doesn't do much. But I'm already having a great B-day thanks to ladyjacalyn, she hasn't met me in person but she still drew me a gift, that's so cool. There isn't really much else going on besides that so I guess it's "later all" time...Later all!
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Job Searching
Hey all! I'm back after a hectic week! I've been looking for a job. I love my students and everything but I need another job besides Kendo Teacher. I was thinking about that singing job that that one guy offered me but in order to do that I'd have to return to Osaka, so that's a no. So then I thought about making a manga but that's already been perfected in family by my Grandfather. So after racking my brain awhile I decided, I'm gonna travel around Japan again, this time up North. So after school starts for Fuyu (around August 25th) I'm gonna set out and leave him and my students in charge of my Dojo while I hunt for a job. Speaking of Fuyuki, his pervertedness level has gone down thanks to a secret family custom. He's stopped going to every girl with a big bust, he's stopped grabbing, he's even stopped talking about breasts. He's still dating the DD in my class but he's not constantly trying to get in her pants, it's great. That's about it for now, later all!

One last thing, I wanna thank ladyjacalyn again for my early b-day present. You can see it here!

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