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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Marriage!?
Hello everyone! Last night was the Oita Festival, me, Fuyu, and Kato went together, and something huge happened. Here's the story, last night/this morning at 12:00am we went and found a spot to sit for the fireworks, Fuyuki fell asleep so Kato was carrying him. We found the perfect spot overlooking the lake where no one else was and we set up our stuff. Half way into the fireworks (Fuyu was still asleep) Kato turns to me and stands on one knee and he said (in his best English) "Will you Marry me K****i K***o?" and I responded "..." (I was surprised/in shock). Then he says (in Japanese) "I love you and I always have, from the time we were 5 to when we talked when you were in America to now and forever," Then I said "Yes!" So now me and Kato are engaged to be married in August of `09! I'm so excited! When I couldn't talk I was thinking almost exactly what he was saying in the moments after that. I told Fuyu a little bit ago and he was really happy for us. So now me, Kato, and Fuyuki are on the road together and when our adventure is over, we'll live together in America. I'm so happy, later all!

BTW That part up there that says K****i K***o, that's my real Japanese name, I just go by Kimmi because its my American name and I love America, that's also why Kato tried to speak English and also why he's getting us a house in America.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Oita Festival
Hey all! How's everybody been? Tonight's the Oita Summer Festival! I got my kimono ready to go for tonight and Fuyu's got his throwing arm ready for the games. Plus Kato (my very good FRIEND and nothing more) is joining us, he flew over to Oita since he knew we were headed this way. Today I've been on high alert, that guy who attacked me and Fuyuki back in Osaka, he's gotten away from police and is now on the loose. I'm gonna have both of my guns under my kimono tonight just in case, plus I got Kato with me and he's a strong guy plus he's almost 7 foot tall so that should be enough to scare off any criminal, right? Well whatever, until Monday, later all!
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Shell shock
Hey all! My cruise ended last night, how I'll miss the sake... Lately I've felt more motherly ever since my Godson was put in my care, but hell, if I was a Mother I'd be a sexy one! Fuyuki is more mature than I had given him credit for, he always says things that make me think and I have 6 years on him. Anyhow me and Fuyu are back in a crappy hotel room (talk about shell shock, quality sake to no sake) and tomorrow Oita is having a festival! So we'll probably set off to Miyazaki on Monday. Oh yeah more good news, I'm not coughing up blood anymore! Until tomorrow, later all!
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Banana Bomb Update
Hello all! I'm less drunk today! I usually never drink that much, I just couldn't resist that special cruise sake. I'm trying not to drink anyway since Fuyu's with me. But it turns out we'll be Oita later this evening! Meaning this cruise is shorter than expected...damn. Anyway, when I was MIA Fuyu went to the women's work out facility and watched 20 year old women doing yoga, thanks to the musicians for ratting him out. This cruise is the best, there's only one thing I wanna do that I can't, SWIM! This wound is hell, it's stopped hurting and bleeding but it'll still be at least 3 weeks until it's fully healed from what the docs say. Not much besides that right now, so until tomorrow, later all!
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Cruise Sake
Hello, I'm already on the cruise, it turns out it started to leave early yesterday evening, so me and Fuyu had to hurry to get on. I've got a bit of a hangover at the moment(spell check's going into overtime here), I had sake last night, I out-drank that guy good though. The cruise has been fantastic so far and I got three more days here. I'm gonna go sleep this off, later all!

New short post record!
BTW It's come to my attention that some of you can't comment, I messaged Adam about it so just keep PMing to me if you want for now.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. ROADBLOCKS!!!
Hey all! We had to stop at a hospital again! My wound started to bleed pretty bad again so I went to get it looked at. The doctors did an unstitching/stitching in order to check inside the cut. They said it should be okay now, it just came loose, they said I probably put some kind of strain on the cut (probably my singing that one night). I'm still coughing up blood too, but they told me the same thing the others did, "That should stop when it's fully healed", that doesn't make it less annoying! Anyways me and Fuyu are doing good, we've mostly recovered from the Osaka Crisis, he still has to sleep next to me, what a pain, but I love him. We finally made it to a beach! But I couldn't swim because of my injury! So instead Fuyu went swimming and I got a nice tan. Tomorrow me and Fuyuki are gonna take a cruise over to Oita, I can't wait! Later all!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Banana Bomb VS. A Possible Career?
Hello everybody!!! I was offered a full-time job!
Not in Manga, not in Anime, I was offered a job in singing! It started last night me and Fuyu were at a Karaoke bar (how dumb, I know) and I got up to sing a song called "Ready!" (this was a song in a One Piece OVA) and I nailed it. Then before I left some guy stopped me and told me I sounded like the actual singer then he told me (and showed me proof) he indeed was not fake. He asked me to come down to the studio and record what I just sang in front of his boss. So I went with him and recorded just that one song and sung in front of his boss and his boss liked me. I was given the CD with the song I recorded (I had a friend upload it on imeem, surprisingly there wasn't an original of that song on imeem) So that song you're hearing now is me. I didn't wanna use my real name on the song so my friend just put down One piece for that, I'm kinda shy. Anyway his boss, Brooke, said I could make one record and see how things go, but in order to do that I'd have to go to the official studio in OSAKA! So I might think about doing a album when I go back through Osaka to go home but for now it's just the one song that's playing now. Later all!

After note, it seems that my friend didn't upload that song yet so that would be the original one you're hearing, but they sound alike so just imagine that's my version. I'm gonna try and get mine up here sooner or later.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Figure Army
Hey all! I'm finally in Kurashiki, now I can relax until I set off towards Miyazaki (which is a little over 400 miles from where I am now). Anywho I've been okay lately, my side's still bugging the hell outta me, plus I've been coughing up blood still. I went to the hospital here to see if that was a bad thing, they told me it would be okay, it's normal after an internal injury, then they said "Come in here and we'll do some tests" I ran for it. There is no way I'm gonna be bed ridden for a little blood! Me and Fuyu have been staying at Kato's for now. Kato's a really sweet guy, he's given us beds and food, even though he's poor as it is. He collects those female figurines, (that's probably why he's broke) he has us in a room full of them, it's really creepy, they're all turned so they're looking at the center of the room, like they're gonna kill us in our sleep. Those figures just better not make Fuyu a collector. That's bout all for now, later all!
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Friday, June 13, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. My New Guns
Hello all! Today I set out to continue my journey! Now I'm at a ramen shack and bro keeps trying to get me to leave, he's still a little shaken as I am but still, it's annoying. You may have noticed my new theme, it's Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, so hot. Anyway, I got my gun today, my friend from Kurashiki, named Kato, met me along the road and gave me not one but two guns (one silver, one black) and a legal license to carry them. I'm gonna follow Kato to Kurashiki after we leave here, he has a custom Vespa as well. I have a passion for guns, I don't know why , I just always have. That's all for now, later all!

OMG a short post!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. A Fresh Start
Hello all! I was laying here this morning thinking, I can't let this rattle me so bad. Yes, it was a horrible thing but, I made it. Anyway the doctors say I'll be good to go tomorrow, the internal injury wasn't serious, they said it's already healed. As for my ribs they are mended but I need to be careful and then there's that whole hole in my side, they said that should stay sealed up now. So as of tomorrow it's a fresh start! I talked to Fuyuki about this, it shook him up too, but then I talked to him about how I was okay and told him I wasn't gonna let it hurt me and he seemed okay. Now if this ever happens again, I'm prepared, I talked to a friend of mine who lives in Kurashiki and he's gonna set me up with a friend of his to get me a gun. Until I get that gun, I'm still gonna be cautious, then when I get the gun I'll feel a lot safer (while still being a little cautious but not so much I become skitso). Thanks for the support everyone (all one of you, but she's a great friend). Until tomorrow, later all!
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