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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Adventure
Hey all! I was just in Nagoya to pick up my Godson, Fuyuki (AKA my little bro), but I'm headed back to Osaka then I can continue my adventure, as for Fuyu (nickname for Fuyuki) his started when we left Nagoya. Right now we're at a hotel on the road to Osaka. Fuyu doesn't wanna put his arms around me when he's sitting on the back of the Vespa (yep, it's puberty) so instead he sits in between my legs on the floor (it's definitely puberty) of the vespa, good thing theres a belt down there too. I made some (legal?) modifications to my Vespa (like a floor belt) but the best one is the speed, the fastest it could go was 65. That's a good speed but I cranked the max speed to 140. Now I have a 12 year old with me, how much more Fooly Cooly can I get? Later all!

I did tell him I was his Godmother and that made him extremely happy!

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