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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. More Rain
Hey everyone! It's still raining, it's never stopped since yesterday. I'm almost home and I'm drenched so I stopped in a hotel for now, I'm hoping it let's up soon, bro's already called me twice today. I've never told my bro's name have I? I've been traveling over night non-stop so I'll probably go to sleep here for a couple hours. My bro's story: My little bro's not really my little bro, he was adopted by some of my parents friends, they made my parents his godparents. But when they died my parents were already gone so it turns out my parents made me his godmother, so actually I'm his guardian. I haven't told him any of this yet, but I plan on it this weekend. I've been trying to find the right moment to tell him for a long time now and this is it! I just need to sleep for a little bit, later all!

Oh yeah, my little Brother's (Son's?) name is Fuyuki.

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