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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. R&R
Hey everyone, I feel somewhat better today. I headed to the mountains with Fuyu later in the day yesterday for some time to reflect in the abandoned dojo, I was thinking about maybe fixing up and moving into this old training hall. The dojo's in decent shape as it is so I don't think it'd take to much work to get running again, plus my students said they'd do anything they could. This dojo would also be a good place for them to train in, it's bigger the one they're in now. That's it, we're gonna fix up my new dojo! Me and Fuyu then headed to the lake as the sun set, I don't have my Vespa, it's still being "inspected" by police in America. The lake we went to is said to be magical, it's supposed to reveal your inner lusts when you look into it right as the sun goes behind the mountains, I didn't see a damn thing. It's also said that when the sun goes down Kappa come out of the lake to have a Bon fire, that's just to keep kids from going to the mountains at night, but if I was a kid and I heard that I'd wanna go see it. I wish it was true though they might have sake. Anyway, Aniki and me have been talking a lot lately, he's gonna try and get a case about what the security at the airport did. Aniki told me that the cavity search wasn't a part of their job, so now the ones that did that can be legally charged with Rape. Then the ones that took my stuff, threw me in jail and put Fuyuki alone outside can be legally charged with Child Endangerment, Theft, and something else, can't remember. So if Aniki does get a case on these people we might win, but in order for there to be a case I, alone, have to be flow in for it, it's all so damn complicated! That's all for now, later all!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. American Security
Hey all, sorry I haven't posted in awhile, there was some problems in America. I'm still in Japan, I called and told Aniki I couldn't make a little earlier today and I'm gonna tell you what I told him. Me and Fuyu were on our way to America, once we got to the airport in America they took me and Fuyuki into a room in the back and told us they suspected us of being terrorist, which I don't get where they got that, I don't even have my guns. They handcuffed us and took us to different rooms so we could be strip and cavity-searched. Fuyuki's scared out of his mind, because his English is bad and they kept yelling at him, he was in another room entirely and I could hear it all. This pisses me off so damn bad but I stayed quiet and answered all of the man's questions. Another thing that pissed me off was the search, they stripped us down and checked every nook and cranny of our bodies, then questioned us while we were still naked. They then told me that they were gonna keep me in a jail cell overnight because I was still suspicious even though I was naked and handcuffed. They released Fuyu on to the streets alone. I was released earlier the next morning on Monday and was told I was denied access to America until further notice. I walked outside and Fuyu was right next to the building, huddled up and crying. We headed back to Japan without of stuff, which would be shipped to me when it passed inspection. I had no idea this would happen when I went to visit Aniki, I'm not mad at America just every guard, cop, and government person in the California Airport security station thing. So until further notice my life sucks even more than before, every damn time my life starts to get good someone somewhere, has to take a crap all over it, Kurokawa, Kato, Osaka, American security! All I wanted was to see the man who raised me and to study abroad! Now I'm back in Japan wit absolutely no idea what to do, I quit the school I was in in order to go to America. I hate what they did to me but what they did to Fuyuki...it just pisses me off so damn bad...this whole thing just has me so upset...I feel so violated, this one little trip ruined my life. Don't worry about me though, I can always talk to Aniki through web cams and what not. I'm gonna go to sleep, I'm so tired from my long hellish trip. Later.
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Friday, July 11, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Kurokawa: Grudge Match
Hey all, so as you may know, my old BF challenged me to a Kendo match. Here's what happened, Kuro's a drama queen so he had to set a place and tell everyone in my Dojo as well as his where it'd be so he could showoff. Well the queen and his servants decided to set it at the island in the center of the lake, early in the morning so the morning fog would add "effect" when everyone's rowing their boats to the island. When I got there with Fuyu, absolutely none of his students were there to cheer him on, but all of mine were there. The match started with me and him in a stare-down with my crew behind me, and he says "If I win you must date me" I say "If I win you have to wear a dress to the rest of your Kendo matches for the rest of the year". He started with a straight down swing, which I moved around and countered with a simple side swing (we had no guard or padding on BTW). He turns and stabs, it misses and I smack him in the head with the side of my bamboo sword. He cheats and punches me in the stomach, I kick him in the crotch, so at this point we're standing (well, I am) trying to regain our stance, he cheats again and throws me down. We don't have our swords any more, since it seems we're just using martial arts. While I'm on the ground he goes for the breast punch, which makes my students and Fuyu pissed, but I told them to stay out. So when he goes in for the punch I slam my head into his head, he stops and I get my sword. I could spend all day telling you what happened but I'm already annoyed so I'm just gonna skip over the 2 hour long fight. I WON!!! Kuro admits defeat and leaves me some roses. He was right about one thing though, the fog really does make it look epic as he sailed away. So after I finish my Goodbye party on the island with my students we all pack up (foods, drinks, wireless TV) and head home. Fuyuki can't stop saying how cool I was, saying stuff like "You looked like Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin) fighting that big guy" or my favorite "It was like watching Girl Ranma fight Kuno (Ranma 1/2) only better". So at least Kurokawa got me some awesome sis/mom points, plus he's gonna be in a dress for the other 9 battles he'll probably loss this year. So all in all my days starting off eventful and I haven't even departed for America yet. Speaking of America, I should get going, tell all about it on Monday! Later all!
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Moving to America
HEY ALL! Aniki and me talked and Fuyu and I are moving back with him in America so I can study abroad! I miss him so much, he raised me for 4 years after my parents passed and I've stayed in touch with him through phone, e-mail, and TheOtaku (his name here is Cloud Envy). My Aniki is different, ever since he was little (home movies) he ate, sat, and looks like L (Death Note). He doesn't copy L seeing as he was born before L was ever thought up, Aniki is 23. I was told by Aniki not to mention his real name, because he's a private investigator, so I just call him L (how blunt). Yeah, I've cheered up a ton! Fuyu on the other hand, hasn't been mad about Kato, he was so hurt because before my parents took care of him, his birth parents split up the same way and he seen me as his birth mother. So last night was an emotional thing, he ended up falling asleep in my arms. Anyway, I've gotten a haircut finally, it hasn't been cut for at least a year. Now my hair weirdly resembles Haruhara Haruko's hairstyle (FLCL). Me and Fuyu are set to move to America tomorrow, so I'm helping Fuyu pack and trying to set stuff up with L (did that sound weird?) and we've decided that I'll be bringing my Vespa so I can drive to his house when I arrive in California since he's got a case to go to tomorrow. Another thing, that bastard Kuro keeps coming over to the Dojo, wanting me back. So finally (after my barrage of NOs) he got pissed (more so) and challenged me to a Kendo match (no, I'm not rusty at all *nervous laugh*), so tomorrow before I leave I've gotta beat him in a match. That's all for today, later all!
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Nagoya
Hello everyone, I'm back in Nagoya, me and Fuyu took a plane here last night. I ended my trip, earlier than expected so my Grandparents don't have a room for me, they let a traveling stranger take my room temporarily. The stranger's name is Miyabi and she was doing what I was doing, traveling all over Japan, then she had to stop because she was robbed. So for the time being I'm living in a hotel with Fuyuki whose still pissed about Kato, we've been dead quiet for the longest time now. He needs to pull his head out of his ass, it was Kato's fault, I just called it off because it's happened before and that makes me feel like crap. As soon as I got home, Kuro (the first one to cheat) was waiting for me. He was saying he felt bad for what he did so he wanted to "allow" me to date him again, I told him to go- uhh, "love" himself. I'm hoping I can move to America soon, I was gonna move in with my Aniki (meaning-Big Bro) back in America if it was possible. Until next time, later all.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Heartbreak
Hey, I'm really depressed. Kato cheated on me with two women... I canceled the wedding, I gave him back the ring, and me and Fuyu left for Kagoshima. I can't believe that bastard! We weren't even engaged that long! I give up on men, they can't just keep it in their pants! This also means I won't be moving to America anytime soon. Anyway besides that, Fuyu and me had a fight and I ended up hitting him and he punched my wound, so it's been complete silence for some time now. He was mad at me for canceling the wedding, he really wanted Kato to be his father, then he starts cussing me out and telling me how I'm not sister or mother material, as well as other crap. We're gonna head out to Nagasaki sometime tonight. I'm kinda thinking about ending my adventure soon and heading back to Nagoya. I might not update for awhile, so until then, later...
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. SWIMMING!
Hey all! I got to swim today finally! Story Time! Earlier today we made it to Miyazaki. We got a hotel right next to a beach so the logical thing to do is swim! At the beach Fuyu was in heaven, tons of teen girls in bikinis. I made Fuyu change, he did have a speedo on and when hormone drivin teen boys see busty bikini girls, you know... so he went with trunks. Kato also had a speedo along with a Hawaii pattern shirt on so he resembled Franky from One Piece. Me however had a bikini on just like the rest of the girls at the beach, making me the most normal one in our group. Anywho Kato and I spent our time swimming and doing couple thing in the water while Fuyuki spent most of his time trying to impress the girls who are about 5 years older than him. So today is one of my funner days since I set off on my adventure. Time to head back out to the beach, so until Monday, later all!
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Memories
FREEEEDOOOOMMMM!!!!! Hey all, I'm finally out of that hellish hospital! I just looked at my wound this morning when they took the bandages off and my wound is almost gone, now it just looks like a gash (and not a deep one) that's another good thing, I don't have to wear bandages anymore. Anywho, I've been thinking about my parents lately, wondering what they'd do in these situations (The Osaka Crisis, Me getting engaged, etc.) I miss them so badly right now, but I can't cry, I've gotta be strong for Fuyuki. Last night after Fuyu went to sleep, I started crying. Crying isn't my thing, I almost never do it. Anyway, Kato heard me and he started comforting me and we talked about our parents, (he lost both of his in the last year) I got a sensitive man and I love that! But things are much better now, me and Kato are perfect and I can't wait to marry him! Fuyuki is growing up really fast, he's started training himself, whenever we stop somewhere he starts working with what ever he finds (trees, rocks, water) I ask him why and he says to be sexy for the ladies so I can get one for my own, to bad for him his sis/mom is a real demon when annoyed, so reward his sexist behavior with a FAN SLAP! *hits bro/son* I really hit him, I can't resist, I may be his Mom, but I'm also his sister. Until tomorrow, WHEN I SWIM, later all!
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. The Hospital (STILL)
Hey all, I'm still hospitalized. I was gonna post last night but the meds they got me on just knocked me out. Anyways, I'm free to go tomorrow, for sure this time! Fuyuki and Kato have been right by me the whole time, Fuyu's been in this situation before, so he's calm, but Kato lost his mother just like this (stabbing) so he's a little shaken over it. I love my Kato (sorry, I had to). Kato's so sweet, remember those creepy figures I talked about him having, well he knows how I didn't like them so he sold them all in order to get me the engagement ring. I told him when I was able I'd do something for him, whenever that is. So tomorrow we head out to Miyazaki and the doctors said by the time I get there I should be fully healed, so I can finally swim! Later all!
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Monday, June 30, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. The Hospital...Again
Hey all! Good news, bad news tiiiiime! Bad news first, my side has opened up again... It was starting to heal so it's not a wide as before but it's still pretty bad so we went to a hospital and hear the same thing. So I'm coughing up blood again and now I've gotta stay in a hospital for a couple days again. Good news! Our little family should be moving to America in August! Kato has a friend in America that just got us a house in Hewsten, Texus (is that right? Dumb ass spell check) Man, I'm so happy I can't stop smiling, I've always loved Kato, I've just never emitted it to myself, but when he said that I knew. Fuyuki's back to boobs (mine mostly) he always, supposedly, rolls over in his sleep and accidentally, supposedly, squeezes (I think it actually makes Kato jealous). But not now, now I've got a (hospital) bed of my own! that's all for now, later all!
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