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Thursday, October 9, 2008

( ▽ ` )ノ We're Back!
Hey all! Long time, no post. We're back from our vacation in Okinawa! One of the first things we did was go to a romantic dinner he set up for us, we ate on a hill in between two sakura trees, where no one else was. Then a couple of the nights we went to a karaoke bar and listened to people try and sing, the one I remember best was the group of three sumos who sang "4CHAN 4EVAR". Then Sky told me that I should give it a try, I told him he should sing but he doesn't know a lot of Japanese. So I went up and sang "Happily Ever After". I got applause which was kinda embarrassing, I'm shy (*^^*) believe it or not. Then when we were leaving a couple people told me I sound just like the original. On our last night in Okinawa me and Skylar stayed at the hotel and had a drinking contest, I was the winner! Then we returned home just a couple of hours ago. While we were gone Fuyu had a growth spurt, now he's taller than me ( ̄へ ̄)darn... and that's about all for now, Later All!

The last emoticon was Shock.
This one→ ∑(O_O;)

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

My First Post as a Married Lady!
Hey all! I FEEL GREAT!!! I don't have any pictures or anything developed yet but I should soon. Anyway, let me tell all about our wedding! the wedding was at 3:00pm but I had to get ready around 2:00pm. Then at 3:00 I heard the music and I started to tear up. My Grandfather walked me down the isle. Sky was waiting at the end for me with Fuyu who was my Bride's maid and Sky's best man. Sky's uncle, who is a pastor, married us. When we said I do and kissed I started to tear up more (so did Sky.) Then at the wedding party we cut the cake and I got to know Sky's family. His family isn't racist (only his bitchy sister.) His Mom was really nice, me and her talked for hours. It turns out she likes anime as much as Sky. During the party Sky disappeared for a bit. I found Sky talking on his cell phone on the deck, he was cursing at his Dad. It's a really complicated relationship he has with his Dad. His Dad left him when he was young and then just a couple days before the wedding Sky talked with his Dad via web cam and his Dad apologized for not being a very good Father and he wanted to be a part of Sky's life and they both got teary. But on our wedding his Dad decided he didn't feel like going because it wasn't one of his priorities, so Sky was furious. The party went on for awhile and I only had 2 run-ins with Sky's sister. The first time she called me trash and I kinda slapped her, she got all quiet and walked off, I got applause from Fuyu and Sky. then on the second run-in she said she was sorry for being so mean to me and she gave me a check for a couple thousand. The presents for our wedding were supposed to be sent to some of Sky's family so they could bring it here on the 5th (don't know why) but some people gave us their present in person. Most of it was just money, but we got some pots and pans, some silverware, and some baby clothes (someone wants us to get busy -_-.) then after the wedding Sky surprised me with a honeymoon to Okinawa! So me and him are currently enjoying a nice vacation at Okinawa for a week and Fuyu is gonna stay at our Grandparents' house. My students are gonna watch out Dojo while we're gone. As for Kuro, we got a samurai style letter from him after the party, he left us so he could go train in the mountains, he said he'd return for another friendly duel against me in a few months. Anyway we got to Okinawa late last night and he's still sleeping so I decided I should post now then wake him up. I have a huge day planned for me and him, our first day as a married couple! We were so tired last night about all we did is try and give those baby clothes something to go on (nothing yet.) that's about all for now, Sky just woke up, Later All!

The Emoticon yesterday stood for delight.
What's today's mean?

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WEDDING DAY!!!!!!!!!! Time during post: 9:16am
Hey all! I've got a little time to post before the wedding (which is at 3:00pm.) I'm so nervous! We gotta go pick up Sky's family at 12:00pm, my Grandparents are already here. My Grandmother gave me her old dress to wear and I was just trying it on, it's a little tight in the chest area so she's fixing it right now. My Grandfather has been talking to Sky for bout an hour now how he better not hurt me, I told him it's okay but he still insists on talking to Sky. Fuyu offered to be my bride's maid (since Sky's sister won't allow my students or best friend to come) despite the awkwardness and I said okay, so now my Godson/Bro is my Bride's maid. I gotta go now, I'll tell about everything tomorrow, Later All!

New thing: What does this Japanese Emoticon stand for?

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Yet Another Wedding Update...
Hey all! Everything's set for the wedding, I'm really nervous. Good news, Fuyu can be at the wedding. Bad news, no best friend or students still. The Dojo was a perfect place for the wedding, we have some stuff set up early. Yesterday was a busy day for me, I had to get the cake arranged, set up the chairs in the Dojo, drive Fuyu to and from school, arrange music, arrange tables, help Fuyu clean up the yard, (we have a huge yard all around the Dojo) and about a hundred other things. Sky has rented a bus to carry his family from the airport on the 1st, Fuyu bought a new camera (need footage for all of you) and tomorrow Sky and I are attending a pre-wedding party at one of my students' house, it was a surprise until Fuyu slipped up.) My leg is better now, the doctor said I could walk again but would have to be very careful. That's what I did yesterday, today I have to finish setting up the Dojo and pick up a few other things. Time for me to get moving, Later All~!
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Banana Bomb Wedding Update! The Good, The Bad, and Sky's Sister.
Hey all! For those who don't already know, me and Sky's wedding date has changed. Now we're getting married October 1st! I'm so happy/nervous/excited! There's only one thing that really pisses me off, Sky's family decided that only my Grandparents can attend, no butlers, no students, no best friend, no brother/godson. That is the one part that is absolutely crap! My best friend was my bride's maid and she was gonna fly in from America to be here, I'd planned a ton of stuff for us to do and now I can't, thanks to (who I'm guessing the ringleader is) Sky's Sister. Sky tried to raise a fuss about it but his Mom cried, whatever... and another thing why the hell can't Fuyu be here!? Not even Kuro and he was my camera man. I love Sky but hate his racist family. That's about all for now, expect a huge post on Oct. 2nd! Later all!
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

-Your Title Here-
Hey all! It's been really sunny out lately, but I'm different I think rain's better than sun. But I'm glad the weather was nice yesterday so Fuyu and Sky could go to the matsuri (Festival.) I couldn't go since my leg's screwed up, but I think it was better this way, Fuyu and Sky bonding as Son and Father at a matsuri, what could be better? They were gone for about 5 hours but Kuro stayed with me just in case I needed anything- !!! -That reminds me, I never told why Kuro's staying with us! This happened while Sky's sister was with us around Saturday. Kuro's family went bankrupt and Kuro came to us for help. He said he'd work as my private butler not only to make it up to me for all the annoyances and betrayals but for low pay, I agreed and now Kuro is my Prinny! I figured it would be a pain but Kuro is being super sweet, he (on his own will) wanted to skip the matsuri just to stay with me. So now my little family is made up of the two men in my life, Sky and Fuyu, and our butler, Kuro...too many men...need the company of a girl...Later all!
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Banana Bomb: Recovery
Hey all! I'm back after a hell of a crappy week! Sky's sister came to visit us for the week and she's a bitch (and you know she is when I curse about it!) She's a racist person, constantly calling me and Fuyu the "Japs" and her nickname for me was "half-breed" since I'm half Indian, half Japanese. All she did this week is try and make Sky change his mind about marrying me. She was gonna stay a month, but after she punched my broken leg, Sky cussed her out and made her leave. *sigh* On a lighter note, Fuyu's English is almost as good as mine now except he doesn't know how to type or write complete sentences in English. But since his English is improved he and Sky talked together for almost 3 hours yesterday, just like a Father and Son. As for me it's an extra week of healing since Sky's sister hit my leg, WILL IT EVER HEAL!!? *double sigh* That's about it so Later all! <-- it's a catchphrase now.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Banana Bomb: The Lost Post
Hey all! I just looked at my archives and the post where I explain my broken leg is gone, so I'm gonna retype the post for that day, the 29th. Here it is!

Post for Friday, August 29, 2008
Hey all! I finally got some free time! I had to cancel all my classes because I broke my leg...again. It happened yesterday (the 28th), I was on my way home and I ran into a girl I used to date, we chatted and I told her that I was getting married to a guy. She congratulated me with a pat on the back with made me slip and fall down the jagged hill side...yeeaah. Anyway, I was looking at DaFeather's post (this was her post from that day) and it made me think, what song do I sound like? It's an interesting question, so I asked my students, Fuyu, and Sky and they all made a unanimous decision and I sound like Aya Hirayama's Sayonara Rolling Star! I don't know how I sound like this but that's cool (why a song from Beautiful Katamari?) Anywho, Fuyu was talking to me a little bit about school. He loves English Class because he has me and Sky who can teach him as well. Sky taught me all I know about English, so I guess it's only right he teach Fuyu too. Fuyu said once he learns more English he's gonna get an account here, so look forward to that. that's about all for the day so later all!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Banana Bomb: Wedding Arrangements 2
Hey all! How's all doing? I'm good (with the exception of my broken leg.) I've had a ton of free time since I've had to cancel all my scheduled classes. Fuyu has another girlfriend, this ones name is Aki. Sky's been running errands for me, which is always nice. My old Kendo nemesis, Kurokawa, is now one of my best friends, but his blunt rudeness makes it really hard for me to not hit him. Kuro and Sky have been hanging out ever since Sky taught Kuro American Football. Yesterday, Sky told me Kuro was gonna be his best man at the wedding. I haven't picked my maid of honer yet, but I was thinking of choosing an old college friend of mine, I just gotta find a way to get a hold of her. While everyone else is busy all I'm doing is sitting around the dojo, being bed ridden is a pain... That's about all for now, later all!
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Banana Bomb 団
OMG a new post! Hey all! It's back to work for me! Yay? no... Anyway, how's all been? Since I canceled classes yesterday, I have twice as many today. My first one's at 10:00am and it'll be a class of 20 to 25 and Fuyu's at school so he can't take half. Sky has to do yard work today then pick up Fuyu for me because I have classes after the 10:00am class at 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, and one at 6:00pm, so I'm booked for the day. My students made me a banner like the one's out of Samurai movies, you know, the one's that are rectangles and the Samurai would keep it in their belts. Anywho my (yes, anywho) my students made me one that says K****i K***o 団 (which I think is Brigade in American, crap, I don't know this one...) Well I gotta go, my class is yelling for me at the gate and I completely forgot again (I'm a teacher...like Ms. Yukari...only I use a bamboo stick) Later all!
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