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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Marriage!? Again!!??
Hey all! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I got a surprise visit from my Uncle Yamamoto and he told me that he arranged a Marriage for me. But I didn't think he could do that seeing as he isn't my parent or guardian, then he says that he actually was my guardian for a bit but he had my Grandparents take care of me because he's, ya know, a wanted man. Okay so first of all Arranged Marriages suck because you don't choose them and this sucks more because my Uncle Yama doesn't know I like girls more. The man who Uncle Yama wants me to marry is named Paulie and is an upcoming star from Italy who is rich, who knows 6 different languages and who runs one of the biggest families in Italy. Uncle Yama also told me that he and Paulie have also been reading my MyOtaku and know everything about me and how they didn't accept me being a Lesbian and how I need to stop all this stuff I'm doing and start bridal training so I can "please" my future husband. So I kicked Uncle Yama out of MY Dojo as MY students and MY new Girlfriend walked up the trail here. Now to tell about my new Girlfriend, her name is Yumiko and she is the best cook ever, she also loves kids, plus "she cares about what's inside, the body's just a plus". Fuyuki was dumped after Miyabi told DD that Fuyu was just in it for her DD, which is good for me because she'd always find some way to rub it in that she's 5 years younger than me and her boobs are 1 size bigger than mine. So Fuyu's feeling down which means now he'll target my breast, so I'm in for an annoying night. That's it for now, later all.
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Kurokawa: Grudge Match 2 Finale
Hey all, how's all doing? So as you know I had to have another Kendo match against my ex, Kuro. So I arrived at the battle ground and all my students were there waiting for me, Kuro's students were there but it looked like Kuro was paying them when I got there. So we started off using the wooden swords, it was the normal I hit you, you try and hit me fight, with me winning. That went on for a little over 30 min. then he got pissed and said time for the real swords. Then he pulled his steel sword out and slashed my wood blade, this was a little scary because Kuro was obsessed with winning. My students and especially Fuyuki are pissed, but I told them to stay out and Kuro's students are leaving. I refused to fight back, I didn't wanna provoke him or seriously hurt him, I could tell the blade was dull but it's a steel blade none the less. So this goes on for 5 minutes or so then the police arrive and cuff him, I don't know who called them, but thank god, I wasn't about to get cut up by Kuro. I'm just glad something Osaka didn't happen, either him stabbing me or me stabbing him, I have these moments were something will remind me of that night and I attack to kill, should it have been Kuro I'd probably be the one in jail. Well at least he's out of my hair for a little bit, his family is loaded so he got out in the morning though. As for me and Akane, we broke up, she said she couldn't take the way I was so active all the time, what ever. Fuyuki broke up with Miyabi in order to date the DD in my class, she's a nice girl but she can easily be taken advantage of, I hope Fuyu isn't gonna use that to his advantage (he has a lot of stuff to do around the Dojo). That's about it for now, later all.
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Kurokawa: Grudge Match 2
Hey all, how's all been? That jerk Kurokawa challenged me again. Here's the full story, Me, Akane, Fuyuki, and Miyabi were all together in my Dojo training. Akane was teaching Miyabi how to make Okonomiyaki and me and Fuyu were sparring (I never lose) and all of a sudden an arrow hits the post close to me with a note on it, Kuro is too into this, he really shouldn't handle things sharper than him if you catch my drift. In the note it said "Hello again K****i K***o, I wish to have a rematch against you at the same place and time as last time, only this time bring your formal garb and a real sword along with a wooden one, see you tomorrow, Kurokawa." Now first of all this letter had too much "time" and he used my real name, which really pisses me off and why a real sword? So anyway I called him up and asked him exactly what he meant, ruining the effect of his challenge which really makes him mad (which is always fun for me), and I have to go to the island in the middle of the lake at the same time only tomorrow and I must bring a wooden and steel sword as well as my students and I have to wear "formal garb". So tomorrow I gotta kick his ass again, I win he leaves, he wins he dates me. So I'll tell all on Monday, later all!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Thinking Back
Hey all! Last night I spent my time alone, it was one of those days when you need time to think to yourself, so I sat alone in my Dojo or practiced Kendo. Most the stuff I thought about was how my life was before I moved to Japan. How I was with my parents for a year in America before they died, how Aniki saved me, how being a sister is easier than being a parent, just random stuff. Then Akane stopped by for a little while and we talked for bit, did other stuff, then she left. Then I started thinking how my life was after I moved to Japan. How I seen almost all of Japan, how scar-less my body was before the Osaka Incident, how being a parent is funner than being a sister. Yeeaah I feel old now... Later all.

What's this, a short post?!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Randomness
Hey all! I'm feeling great! I got the best sleep in my life last night, it was dead quiet outside of my Dojo except for the rain. My day wasn't very eventful yesterday, it was mostly me and Akane hanging out, at least now she knows what being a lesbian's like. Fuyuki on the other hand keeps asking what I want for my Birthday, I don't really want anything, I'll probably just visit Aniki. Both mine and Aniki's Birthdays are on the same day (August 17th) so I'm sure that'd be a great gift both ways. I was asked a question yesterday, it was "If you had to explain what you looked like to a man who was blind, what would you say?" Simple enough, until you finish explaining and the old guy asks a thousand more questions. I'll just tell it all. I was waiting for the train yesterday and there was an old (you guessed it) blind guy sitting next to me, he asks me that question. I say "I'd tell them my height, that I'm half Japanese, half Indian to explain my accent, that I have a tattoo on my right arm and on the right of my stomach, that I have a scar across my face and through my stomach and that I'm wearing a midriff and jeans." Then the old guy says "What if the blind person has seen colors before?" I said "Then I'd tell them I have tan skin, blond hair, and green eyes." The old guy then says "What if the man doesn't know what a certain article of clothing is?" I respond "Then I'd compare it to something else." The the old fart says "What's your boob size, I bumped them earlier and couldn't tell?" I got pissed and walked away, leaving him talking to himself. I swear the men in Japan are the biggest pervs in the world. That's about it, later all.

Now it's your turn,
how would you answer those questions?

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. My Longest Day/Post Ever
Hello all! I'm in Japan, I decided it's best to stay here. I had an awesome time in America though, me and Aniki went everywhere in California, eateries, theaters, stores, I have a ton of stuff from America now. Now as for the trial, I was flown in to America around 2:00pm (American time) with some guy who met me in Japan and handcuffed me, I had jet lag when I got to the court. When I got there I got to meet Aniki for the first time in awhile, but I couldn't hug or anything because I wasn't allowed to be uncuffed, not even at Aniki's request. So the trial started around 3:00pm and the prosecutor was the best in California, go figure. I was told to go to the stand and tell my side of the story I told them basically the same thing I said here. The prosecutor pressed my questions and yelled at me and other crap, until he got out of hand and had to be called off by the judge. They stopped and talked among themselves, there were so many whiny fat guys I just toned out. The case went till 5:00pm then they stopped for a recess. Aniki talked to me how they're saying that this was "uncalled for" and how the men at the station were "mistaken" or "out of code". The case started up again around 5:30pm or so, and they had the head guard from the airport tell his side of the story, they started to believe him and Aniki jumps in with an objection. He told the guy to tell his story again, so he does and Aniki notices something he said wasn't right with his story. He said he had hired a new employee that morning, then later in his story he said his new employee was serious about his job because he lost his dad in 9/11 and blew stuff out of proportion when someone who had an tattoo, accent or tan skin walked through, which it turns out I have all three (why a tattoo?). So then they had that guy come to the stand and it was the guy who did the strip and cavity search to me. They argue some more then have a recess at 6:50pm. Aniki tells me that the case is in our favor, but the prosecutor wants to bring one more thing up. We start up at 7:10pm, the prosecutor says his client (the serious guy) was in the wrong state of mind and had no clue what he was doing to the suspect (me), I told Aniki that the man was red in the face and had a hard one (censored enough?) while he was searching me, Aniki says objection and brings this up. They argue some more and then the jury makes their decision. They found me innocent, and the serious guy is charged with almost all the stuff Aniki predicted and sentenced to 4 years in jail. Then me and Aniki leave the court around 8:00pm or so, me and him hang out for the whole weekend, then I decide to head back to Japan but visit Aniki monthly. Why did I go back to Japan, well the party me and my students had on Friday showed me I have a lot of people in Japan who care about me and need me to further their studies, I teach Kendo and sometimes tutor them and then there's my Godson, he's everything to me and I couldn't stand not seeing him everyday. I got back late last night and made a stop at the store where that girl I like works at. I talk to her for a little while, then I ask her if she'd like to get a drink, we go out, she shows interest, then she says she wanted to see what it was like to be a lesbian and now we're dating. Her name is Akane and she is the best, we like the same stuff and we're almost identical to each other. Now as for Fuyuki, him and Miyabi are still dating, but he still insists on trying to grab Akane's breasts. That's about all for now, I got a Kendo lesson, later all!

Thank you very much if you read all this.
Quick Q, what do you think of O.C.s?

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Victory!!!
Hey all! I'm now allowed here in America! Me and Aniki won the case! I'll go into detail probably on Monday, but right now me and Aniki are gonna catch up and hang out together, check back, later all!

My shortest post ever!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Banana Bomb Special Report!
I usually never double post but today I must! Aniki just called me and told me the case is open and that I will have to be in America tomorrow! I am going to court and Aniki is going to defend me in the California Airport case. If we win I'll be allowed access to America and then I can stay with Aniki and work on my studies. If we lose, Aniki will more than likely lose his job and be jailed for awhile, as for me I'll probably be permanently banned from America. So cross your fingers for me and Aniki, I may not update for awhile, but I'll try my best. If I do move to America, I was thinking about leaving Fuyuki in Japan with his friends and leaving him my dojo until I come back. Later all!
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Banana Bomb Vs. Moving in
Hey all, how's all been? I've actually been feeling great even though America cast me off. Fuyu and Miyabi are going strong, I just wish Fuyu would stop using my money on his dates. My dojo's getting a makeover today, right now I'm here waiting for the cable guy, the electric guy, the water guy, and the plumbing guy. Then tonight me and my students are gonna clean it up and have a party. Fuyuki and Miyabi are the only other ones here currently, but little do they know, I'm gonna drag them down to the shopping district so we can get my big screen TVs and move them in here, with Miyabi being here Fuyu's gonna wanna show off so he won't refuse. It's been a HUGE urge to me to pants Fuyu in front of Miyabi, I dunno why. Trial update: "nothing yet but getting close" says Aniki. That's about it, until Monday, later all!
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Moving out
Hey all! The Dojo is mine! I bought it last night! Now to fix it up! Around 5:00pm tomorrow all 17 of my Kendo students (11 girls, 6 boys) are supposed to meet me and Fuyu at the bottom of the mountain so we can all head up to my Dojo together. We're gonna fix it up then all stay together in it overnight, kinda like a homecoming party I suppose. I can tell my students really care about me and that feels really good, they're like my own little family. Now as for Fuyuki, he has a girlfriend and she's one of my students. Her name is Miyabi and she's the quiet type, not easily angered, but when she is pissed it's actually really scary and surprisingly she's only a B cup (Fuyu didn't go for the DD in my class!?) Anyway, that's good for him, but as for me, I've been thinking of dating but I'm still not sure, I have no luck with men. There's this one girl that works in the shopping district that I really like, but I'm afraid what my students might think about they're teacher being bi, what a pain. Now as for the America thing, I got some of my stuff back yesterday, not including my Vespa. Aniki has another case he's working on lately so I couldn't get a hold of him last night to find out about mine. That's about it for the day, later all!
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