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Friday, June 6, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Pure Freedom
HI ALL! Right now I am the happiest person in the world!!! Almost... I was speeding down the road to Osaka and a cop pulled me over... He seemed mad at first but then he told me that I needed a helmet (I gave mine to Fuyu) so the cop puts one on me and tells me I can go as fast as I want down the road, it's deserted in the morning and at night so he told me I could go as fast as I want. First I figured it was a trick, but then he said if any other cop pulls me over all I had to do was tell them his name. Soooo I blasted off at 80 MPH and all he did was wave. I finally got to test out my speed modification! Anyway that saved me a lot of time plus I got a free helmet. That is the good, here is the bad, Fuyuki gets too friendly at night. Me and him have to share a bed at night and he sleep squeezes apparently (he better be asleep). So now I let him sleep in the bed and I just compromise with what ever the run-down hotels have, not fun. But I should be in Osaka today if Fuyu would wake up. Until Monday, later all!
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