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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. The Reveal
Yo! How have you all been? Yesterday I told bro that I was actually his Godmother. Here's the full story. After I got home to Nagoya I went into my house and went to sleep on the futon like planned, no hello or anything, I'd been going almost non-stop for 48 hours. After I woke up and got some food I helped bro get packed up, then we headed out. It was early morning and the sun was coming up through the mountains, I told Fuyuki I was his Godmother since his former parents and our parents passed on. He cried. We stopped at a hotel for awhile so he could get things straight. Then he cried tears of joy, it was a really emotional thing. Anyway he was really happy about me being his Godmother and I'm happy he's my Godson. But me and Fuyu are now on an adventure until Aug. 23rd then I need to take him back for school. Now I have a new plan, Japan is great but in July, for a little bit I'm gonna visit America with Fuyuki! But I need to know wheres a good place to go, so help me out and tell me what you think sounds like a good vacation spot in America. Later all!
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