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Friday, July 11, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Kurokawa: Grudge Match
Hey all, so as you may know, my old BF challenged me to a Kendo match. Here's what happened, Kuro's a drama queen so he had to set a place and tell everyone in my Dojo as well as his where it'd be so he could showoff. Well the queen and his servants decided to set it at the island in the center of the lake, early in the morning so the morning fog would add "effect" when everyone's rowing their boats to the island. When I got there with Fuyu, absolutely none of his students were there to cheer him on, but all of mine were there. The match started with me and him in a stare-down with my crew behind me, and he says "If I win you must date me" I say "If I win you have to wear a dress to the rest of your Kendo matches for the rest of the year". He started with a straight down swing, which I moved around and countered with a simple side swing (we had no guard or padding on BTW). He turns and stabs, it misses and I smack him in the head with the side of my bamboo sword. He cheats and punches me in the stomach, I kick him in the crotch, so at this point we're standing (well, I am) trying to regain our stance, he cheats again and throws me down. We don't have our swords any more, since it seems we're just using martial arts. While I'm on the ground he goes for the breast punch, which makes my students and Fuyu pissed, but I told them to stay out. So when he goes in for the punch I slam my head into his head, he stops and I get my sword. I could spend all day telling you what happened but I'm already annoyed so I'm just gonna skip over the 2 hour long fight. I WON!!! Kuro admits defeat and leaves me some roses. He was right about one thing though, the fog really does make it look epic as he sailed away. So after I finish my Goodbye party on the island with my students we all pack up (foods, drinks, wireless TV) and head home. Fuyuki can't stop saying how cool I was, saying stuff like "You looked like Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin) fighting that big guy" or my favorite "It was like watching Girl Ranma fight Kuno (Ranma 1/2) only better". So at least Kurokawa got me some awesome sis/mom points, plus he's gonna be in a dress for the other 9 battles he'll probably loss this year. So all in all my days starting off eventful and I haven't even departed for America yet. Speaking of America, I should get going, tell all about it on Monday! Later all!
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