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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Moving to America
HEY ALL! Aniki and me talked and Fuyu and I are moving back with him in America so I can study abroad! I miss him so much, he raised me for 4 years after my parents passed and I've stayed in touch with him through phone, e-mail, and TheOtaku (his name here is Cloud Envy). My Aniki is different, ever since he was little (home movies) he ate, sat, and looks like L (Death Note). He doesn't copy L seeing as he was born before L was ever thought up, Aniki is 23. I was told by Aniki not to mention his real name, because he's a private investigator, so I just call him L (how blunt). Yeah, I've cheered up a ton! Fuyu on the other hand, hasn't been mad about Kato, he was so hurt because before my parents took care of him, his birth parents split up the same way and he seen me as his birth mother. So last night was an emotional thing, he ended up falling asleep in my arms. Anyway, I've gotten a haircut finally, it hasn't been cut for at least a year. Now my hair weirdly resembles Haruhara Haruko's hairstyle (FLCL). Me and Fuyu are set to move to America tomorrow, so I'm helping Fuyu pack and trying to set stuff up with L (did that sound weird?) and we've decided that I'll be bringing my Vespa so I can drive to his house when I arrive in California since he's got a case to go to tomorrow. Another thing, that bastard Kuro keeps coming over to the Dojo, wanting me back. So finally (after my barrage of NOs) he got pissed (more so) and challenged me to a Kendo match (no, I'm not rusty at all *nervous laugh*), so tomorrow before I leave I've gotta beat him in a match. That's all for today, later all!
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