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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. The Hospital (STILL)
Hey all, I'm still hospitalized. I was gonna post last night but the meds they got me on just knocked me out. Anyways, I'm free to go tomorrow, for sure this time! Fuyuki and Kato have been right by me the whole time, Fuyu's been in this situation before, so he's calm, but Kato lost his mother just like this (stabbing) so he's a little shaken over it. I love my Kato (sorry, I had to). Kato's so sweet, remember those creepy figures I talked about him having, well he knows how I didn't like them so he sold them all in order to get me the engagement ring. I told him when I was able I'd do something for him, whenever that is. So tomorrow we head out to Miyazaki and the doctors said by the time I get there I should be fully healed, so I can finally swim! Later all!
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