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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Memories
FREEEEDOOOOMMMM!!!!! Hey all, I'm finally out of that hellish hospital! I just looked at my wound this morning when they took the bandages off and my wound is almost gone, now it just looks like a gash (and not a deep one) that's another good thing, I don't have to wear bandages anymore. Anywho, I've been thinking about my parents lately, wondering what they'd do in these situations (The Osaka Crisis, Me getting engaged, etc.) I miss them so badly right now, but I can't cry, I've gotta be strong for Fuyuki. Last night after Fuyu went to sleep, I started crying. Crying isn't my thing, I almost never do it. Anyway, Kato heard me and he started comforting me and we talked about our parents, (he lost both of his in the last year) I got a sensitive man and I love that! But things are much better now, me and Kato are perfect and I can't wait to marry him! Fuyuki is growing up really fast, he's started training himself, whenever we stop somewhere he starts working with what ever he finds (trees, rocks, water) I ask him why and he says to be sexy for the ladies so I can get one for my own, to bad for him his sis/mom is a real demon when annoyed, so reward his sexist behavior with a FAN SLAP! *hits bro/son* I really hit him, I can't resist, I may be his Mom, but I'm also his sister. Until tomorrow, WHEN I SWIM, later all!
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