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Friday, July 4, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. SWIMMING!
Hey all! I got to swim today finally! Story Time! Earlier today we made it to Miyazaki. We got a hotel right next to a beach so the logical thing to do is swim! At the beach Fuyu was in heaven, tons of teen girls in bikinis. I made Fuyu change, he did have a speedo on and when hormone drivin teen boys see busty bikini girls, you know... so he went with trunks. Kato also had a speedo along with a Hawaii pattern shirt on so he resembled Franky from One Piece. Me however had a bikini on just like the rest of the girls at the beach, making me the most normal one in our group. Anywho Kato and I spent our time swimming and doing couple thing in the water while Fuyuki spent most of his time trying to impress the girls who are about 5 years older than him. So today is one of my funner days since I set off on my adventure. Time to head back out to the beach, so until Monday, later all!
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