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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. R&R
Hey everyone, I feel somewhat better today. I headed to the mountains with Fuyu later in the day yesterday for some time to reflect in the abandoned dojo, I was thinking about maybe fixing up and moving into this old training hall. The dojo's in decent shape as it is so I don't think it'd take to much work to get running again, plus my students said they'd do anything they could. This dojo would also be a good place for them to train in, it's bigger the one they're in now. That's it, we're gonna fix up my new dojo! Me and Fuyu then headed to the lake as the sun set, I don't have my Vespa, it's still being "inspected" by police in America. The lake we went to is said to be magical, it's supposed to reveal your inner lusts when you look into it right as the sun goes behind the mountains, I didn't see a damn thing. It's also said that when the sun goes down Kappa come out of the lake to have a Bon fire, that's just to keep kids from going to the mountains at night, but if I was a kid and I heard that I'd wanna go see it. I wish it was true though they might have sake. Anyway, Aniki and me have been talking a lot lately, he's gonna try and get a case about what the security at the airport did. Aniki told me that the cavity search wasn't a part of their job, so now the ones that did that can be legally charged with Rape. Then the ones that took my stuff, threw me in jail and put Fuyuki alone outside can be legally charged with Child Endangerment, Theft, and something else, can't remember. So if Aniki does get a case on these people we might win, but in order for there to be a case I, alone, have to be flow in for it, it's all so damn complicated! That's all for now, later all!
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