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Thursday, October 6, 2005

   I really doh't like subjects.... Never know what to put.
Well... um... Crap... lost my train of thought. Gr... 5 minutes later. OH RIGHT! I found a pic that I'm going to use for a halloween theme. Its not really halloween-like, but its kinda strange O.o I like it. I narrowed it down to the two best ones using my siblings, then I did enie meni minie mo, and ended up with one of them ^.^ I like it its kinda strange.... O.o I think I just repeated myself. but.. I do that a lot so... alls well.
*laugh* Mark was trying to download an Advent Children File, and it needed to take 6 hours. It was funny. He was like "There's no way. 6 hours?" Then he sighed and closed it. And Mark has soft hair. But then there's a guy I know with softer hair. But... yeah. His hair is soft. ^.^ I had a few of my friends touch his hair, and they agreed that it was soft. It was funny. I'm sorry I didnt get to post last A day (two days ago) But.... we were on assembly schedual, so all classes are 70 minutes instead of 90. And we were doing an assignment. I was almost done... *sigh* oh well.
My throat is all gunked up, but I'm not really sick anymore!!! *celebrates* No more sickness for a while!!!
Where we are, we have been in a 'drought' for... 15 years? I dunno. A long time. But this year, we've gotten so much rain, we are our of the 'drought'. The reason for the '', is that we live in a desert. So... it doesn't make much sense. but.. whatever. I'm just gladt that it has been raining.
My sister Wants me to help her fix up her halloween costume. but I really don't know the first thing about sewing. I say that I want to learn how to sew and make cool costumes, and suddenly all my sisters are wanting me to make things for them o.O I don't even know how to sew!!! My mom does, so I just tell them to ask her. ^.^ And then there's the art... I'm trying to get better at drawing manga, and now my sister off in college wants me to draw one of her characters. And she wants me to make an ID for her Deviantart account. Its strange.
OMFG I just saw a fight Scene from AC. O.M.G. I need that movie.
Well, I'm of now. Ta!

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