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Monday, October 10, 2005

Hi, How are ya? (kudos if you guess what movie that is from!) So... without further ... belating, lets jump into my weekend.
So on friday, my friends skipped anime club (as usual) Because its so much more fun out in the halls. Because we can be loud. I went and said Hi to my sister's old and fav. teacher. I said that I had a friend in his class and he looked at me and said. "You have friends?" I was like o.O A teacher? But my sister said he was cool like that, so I wasn't as surprised as if it was one of the more serious teachers. So I was like "yeah, I'm getting over the shock as well. I told him to say Hi to you for me".
"ah. ____ _____, Right?"
"yep. He's my obediant friend"
"yep. Obediant. Well, I gotta go! See ya!"
"good bye."
XD It was funny. Then I went out in the hall with.... 5 of my friends (3 more girls and 2 guys) and played ring around the rosie. We tried to get other random people to play with us, but only one did. One guy said that he thought that we were probably the first people to play Ring around the rosie ina high school. So, one of my friends said, "now that we have beent he first to play Ring around the Rosie, we shall move on to Red rover." So, We played Red rover. Then went back to Ring around the Rosie. We saw one of my teachers, and he said to Nick (one of the guys) "Ya know, You're one lucky guy. How many guys do you know that hang out with 4 beautiful Girls?" The other guy was hiding, but came out, and Y-chan said "and one Gentelman." We all had a good laugh over that. Then we started following on guy. He stepped forward, and we stepped foreward. ^.^ It was fun. He tried to mess us up, but we got back in step. We did that for like... 10 minuets. THen he had to go home, and he had given me on of those sew on Chibi Edward thingys to look at, and he said I could keep it. ^.^ Talk about much happyness. So, we all went home. And it was good.

Then saturday, my friends called me and asked me if I wanted to go over and have a party/hangout. So, against my better judgement, I did. For the first 5 minutes, I really didn't want to be there. but then it got fun. We listened to Monty Pithon (Sp) tapes. We were laughing So much. One time, I was crying I was laughing so hard. THen we got soda. and my friends came over. and we watched Van Hellsing and made Crack jokes during it. Then we watched National Treasure. ^.^ It was funny, There was a small love seat thingy, and me and two of my friends were sitting on it, and then my other friend sat on top of us. We were laughing at the show, and we were tickling each other and acting.... not very strait. It was SO funny. Everything we said sounded wrong. I would give you an example, but I might corupt you. ^.^ It was SOOO Funny. Then My dad came and I had to go home, but my friends wouldn't stop hugging me on the couch. I couldn't get up because the were tackling me. So, I finally got up to hug my last friend, and while we were hugging, My other friends pulled us on top of them. It took us 2 minutes to get untangled. And it was... and interesting position. o.O we were all laughing. So the first thing my dad and My Friends dad said when I came up was, "So you made it." XD it was funny.
Sunday, we only had to go to one meeting of our chruch. Then we went over to our second cousins house. We used to be really close, but he hadn't seen each other for about 4 years, so we didn't talk much. The guy that was about my age didn't show up until the end. So, Iwas about ready to go, So I waved to him, and he commented on my shrit (was wearing a FMA shirt) and asked if i watched the Japanese or Translated version. I was like O.o my 2nd Cousin?!?! SO we were talking about it for 5 minutes, then realised my parents were out in the car. I was happy on the way home. When my parents found out, my dad rolled his eyes, but my mom was glad. She said I should introduce him to my friends. She said something like, "i'm sure he would be gald to meet some cute girls." I laughed, but agreed. ^.^
And thus conludes my wonderful tale. Mark is still downloading the AC, but its only 19.3% done, and I have 10 minutes of class left. so he found out how to pause it so he can log off, but continue it when he logs back on.
So... The theme is almost done. ^.^ See ya!

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