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Thursday, September 29, 2005

   . . . I never know what to put for the subject....
We're watching a collection of short shows called The Hire. Its really cool. Its about a guy who's hired to do... numerous things. They all have to do with cars though. And going fast. Its cool. and random. And i'm going to listen to Gundam Wing music. There we go. Just communication Type II. And of course I'm wearing headphones. Its a class after all >.<. But its good that the teacher lets us do things like this. I wonder what we're supposed to be doing at the moment..... *sheepish grin* I really need to pay attention. So yeah... Today's Thursday. A Friday in disguise for me. Because Parent-teacher conferences were this week, and we get Friday off. *celebrates*. So, my family is going up to a condo thing we baught into. We get to stay at Really nice hotels for a perdy darn cheap price. And we can go all around the world. currently they are making one in Hawaii. ^.^ I want to go to Hawaii. So, If I don't update for the weekend, you know where I am. Oh, giddyness. I love this song. ^.^ Its so fun!!! *dances in head*
So... Mark (I talk about him a lot.... Its because I sit by him.) has REALLY soft hair. Its fun. ^.^ I like it. Its REALLY soft. Like... REALLY soft. @.@ I like it much. He's currently finding out how to solve a rubix cube faster than he already does. >.< Stupid smart people.
Hm... I really don't know what to write. Probably because I have a headache thats coming. Its one of those "Hello!!! I'm here!!! Don't forget about me!! I'm going to be getting bigger soon! Just wait." headaches.
Dude... the Hire just killed a guy. thats weird. @.@. creepy much. Well... I had bester get going. My dad's home, so I should have Linux up and running sometime soon. But I probably won't get to do anything because I'm going to be outa town. Darn. >.<

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