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Friday, October 14, 2005

^.^ My good friend Mark (y'all know him) Gave me a copy of Advent Children. I love him!!!! *happy*
Mark: *laugh*
Me: *grin* YAY!!! yeah... SO... its all good. Just made my day. ^.^ But I have to be careful with my backpack now. No throwing it across the hallway while ditching "The study of Japanese Animation" club. ^.^ TOo bad. And I still need to find some CD's I lost earlier this week... Maybe I'll check the lost and found... hm.... *thinks*.
Oh! I saw a cool show on the science cannel. It was.... erm.... Something about the future. But anyways, They had this car that changes into a boat, and It might be lisenced soon! and their making a four wheel drive one. O.o I want one.... Then there was this thing that they have in japan. its for bald and balding people. They shave your head so its really smooth, and then they put this wig on, and it has this thing thats 3x thinner than paper, and its sticky, and it makes it so the hair looks real. It was cool! I was like O.o dude... cool. Kinda wish I was a guy now... nah. I like being a female. ^.^ So much more fun.
One of my friends (who I call my twin sister, because we're a lot a like(our birthdays are even 3 days away from each other!)) is thinking about cutting her hair. But she's scared to because she's been growing it out for so long. Its down to the middle of her back (like mine O.o). I've been thinking of cutting my hair as well, but I don't think I will. I dont wanna... I like long hair. I've always wanted long, black hair. And i have Long, brown hair. But I don't want to dye it black, because I have this thing with unnatural hair... >.< Oh giddyness. I'm rambling. Oh dear...
So... erm... GAMES!!! I want That Star Ocean game. It looks way good. And Fate Lingod it soooo cute. ^.^ Radiata Stories looks... interesting, but I think its more a rental game. unless someone's played it and says otherwise...? Tales of Legendia Might be good, because after all, its a Tales game. Its suposidly really popular in Japan... So I might want to check that one out. But the two games I'm REALLY waiting for are Kingdom Hearts II and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I can't wait! But I need to finish a WHOLE BUNCH of games first. >.< I start a game, and then watch my sister finish it, and I don't get a chance to play it much, so I never finish them. I have a list somewhere of all the games I need to finish.... Hm... Time to start working on them!
Um.. Gamer rant over, so.. I had bester go. Ta!

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