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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Holy cow *snicker* Class joke, I have SO much energy. Like... I've been hyper for 3 days strait. O.o I don't now whats wrong with me.
I had the FUNNEST time in school today. And it was a B day, with all my boring classes in it. 5th period we had a fire drill, so we got to miss 10 minutes of that class (which actually isn't all that much, considering the classes are an hour and a half long each), and nothing else really happened. 6th period we kept on matching stuff we were learing about for India with different movies, and saying we should watch them. We got Aladdin, Ice Age, Romeo and Juliet, and a LOT more. Then we were talking about how Cows are sacred to them and they have temples for them, and on guy said "Holy Cow..." XD the whole class laughed for about 5 minutes. It was horrible, but very good at the same time. It was even funnier, because he has an AMAZING poker face. XD i love that class. Then we had gym. And played Football, which wasn't all that fun. But then we went into the Circut training room and listened to Techno remixes of some songs while working out. Which was cool. But then... was Math. I was laughing so hard in that class, My stomach didn't stop hurtin for 20 minutes after. We were talking and laughing about random stuff when this girl said to a guy "Ya know, you remind me of a Child Molester." XD It was SOOOOO funny. WE were all laughing and the teacher was like "... I don't think He's going to grow up to be a child molseter...." Which made it even funnier. But before that, we all went quiet, then started laughing at the sudden quiet. Some girl thought we were laughing at her conversation, and said, "Its only because you went quiet when I said Locomotive." Which made us laugh even more. XD I love school. Its so fun. XD

WEll, I'm going to go up and make apple cider. Its good, even if its in one of those packet thingys. Its sweet, and good. *drools* numy. Ta!

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