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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hello. Um... lets just jump into the story telling, shall we?
Okey, Saturday I went with Hana-chan and a friend who I shall call Annie went to a japanese festival uptown from where we live. ^.^ It was WAY cool. and free. which was good. Well, before we were there, we went up by ways of electrical cable train. ^.^ It was fun. But I got bored. And Hana was prepaired, for she brought her MP3 player for me. ^.^ Yeah so... We got there and looked around for a while, then heard the japanese drum thingys... and there was a show. With 2 really hot guys playing the drums. Droolness. So, we hung out there for about a half an hour, then went to a mall because Hana and I were hungry (annie doesn't get hungry often). Got this really weird tasting everyberry smoothy. It wasn't all that good after the first taste. But... we explored for a while and Annie and I got REALLY hyper. We were making everything adjectives. It was way fun. Then... erm... we.... Went to a japanese import store. YAY!!! I bought some silky lavender pajamas. Which I left in Hana-chan's car. So you still have them Hana. Give them back.
So.... then.... we went to a festival where her brother was an important person. So we got in for free and got to do things for free. ^.^ YAY! So... Annie and i got really hyper again and layed down spontaniously on the ground. And I SWEAR the grass was some kinda drug. We were SO hyper. @.@ wow. She has a bubble, and she let us TOUCH her. It was weird. Then we had to go home. And I had 24 oz. of sugar (snowcone) and a carmel apple. And Annie gave me a hug. Which is like, unheard of. @.@ Oh. and on the way home on the train. Annie and I were discussing how all of our conversations are short and sweet and to the point. then there are always comfortable silences.
Back to where we were, I got home, finished the 24 oz. of sugar, ate the carmel off the apple (it was a yellow apple, and i only like green apples), and went to sleep. With all the sugar in me. I don't know how...
So, I woke up the next day and went to church and played the organ. Went home with a MONSTROUS headache and stomach ache, and i was really tired. It was probibly because I did too much the previous day. -_- I hate having poor health. Stupid Mono. I'm still recuperating from that. Curses.... So, I slept. more. yay.
Monday, I taught piano. I fell asleep in a break between students. Usually there would be a student for me to teach, but she switched schools and gets out later. So, I went back and taugh a REALLY INCREDIBLY CUTE girl. ^.^ She's SO Kawaii.... Then taught my friends sister. and she was saying that my friend might have had a boyfriend, but she wasn't allowed to (And this is the friend that Had a boyfriend). So I was like... Really? I had to act like I didn't know anything. ^.^ Then went out and talked to their mom about it, and again acted like I didn't know anything. ^.^ IT was kinda fun...
Now onto sadder news. You know the 6 puppies my dog had? We have 2 left. the rest are sold. TT.TT Its so sad....
well... I got to go. Sorry if that was all over the place. I have to rush to make it so I dont run outa time.

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