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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hey The new Theme's up. Its nothing Fancy... But I like it. expecially the paragraph style. ^.^ Its cool lookin. Nice, but Simple. Very good. Um... i REALLY can't remember what to write about. But My arm hurts. It feels like its bruised, but its probably just sore from Gym. And my pinki sp? on my left hand hurts from doing really loud octaves in piano. And I'm sorry if that doesn't mean anything to you. ^.^ ah.... ouch. So... erm... *thinks* Today was an A day at school! That means I got to play on the computer for 120 minutes!! I would have posted, but we were doing this little project where we have to insert an image in another image and make it at least semi look like its supposed to be there and blends well. I think I did pretty good. But... It irked me at how sharp the corners of the kid I put in the picture were. >.< She kinda stuck out more, and I didn't have enough time to fix it. *sigh* Then we were playing with eggs in seminary. I don't like that class much, but it was fun today. My friends and I are allways late ^.^ So I think the teachers are starting to disslike us. Last year I was put in the back on purpose. I was so proud of myself. Then I had english with the funniest teacher. In the middle of an explanation on how to do an assignment, he started commenting on the Air Force Shirt I was wearing as a jacket. Then he went right back to explaining. He told us a story about when his friend and him were going motorcycling, and his friend almost hit a car, and went into this pit with a whole bunch of bolders and tree limbs and stuff. There wasn't any room in the pit, but he came out and hadn't even been touched. O.o it was cool. He explained it better, and it was SO cool. The story had to do with the lesson, we found out after he told us. ^.^ He's cool like that. He tells really cool stories and then ties them into the lesson. Then went to 4th period. And... watched a boring movie about 'Transferable skills'. >.< I hate careers. well... I have a good teacher and a good friend in the class, so its barable. Its actualllly quite fun. With four L's O.o I really didn't mean to do that. But... I don't want to change it. So.... yeah.
I have my own library card!!! YAY!!! *celebrates* We had a new library open near us, and I got a library card~! I'm making good use of it. I already have my number memorized and have placed holds on 2 books (manga, of course). :P its gunna be fun.

Go Here to see one of our puppies new home!

Well, my mom's in a bad mood, and I don't have my practicing done, so I'm getting off before she gets mad at me. so... Ta!

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