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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My First Convention
Okay so I went to AnimeFest this weekend, my very first convention. I missed Friday because I was sick and bedridden, Saturday we were running late so I missed the story writing panel that I REALLY wanted to go to ToT AND I lost my cell phone in the first hour of the convention ToT As for the shops, all I wanted was a Kurama TShirt and a Hatori plushie, but no one had any-when I asked about anything YYH to one dealer the answer was “No, they haven’t had anything new come out.” >.> like they only have the latest things thinking only the latest animes will sell XP bah! I did find a deck of YYH cards and got a YYH and Kodocha Wallscroll {the YYH one is the cover pic that has Yoko and Hiei w/ the DT semi-final guys, not really a pic of my choice, but at least it has Kurama on it}. I have found a new love for wallscrolls, before I have only seen them online and they look just like posters and I’m all like, “why are they more expensive?” but ah-ha! It’s because they are not only bigger, but they are on fabric, and I’m finding cloth pictures on my wall have a very homey feeling to them ^^ Oh, I got to go to the FUNimation panel…but what I learned there is gonna stay there, so don’t be disappointed if I don’t say what I heard there ;p And also Greg Ayers doing a commentary for Beck-and we gotta see the clips as the voice actors saw them w/ the numbers running on the screen-that part was cool. Also I cosplayed as Misaku Kurada from Kodocha (Sana’s Mom) and my friend was Sana. We had babbits and mallets and I wore a kimono and made a crazy hat. That hat really stuck out-lots of people kept wanting to take pictures even though they had no idea what Kodocha was! So that’s what its like to be a celebrity…I also got about 2-4 random hugs o.O from people who don’t know me nor the character I was playing.

Today we were running late but still got there early enough to do stuff and for the rest of the gang to get bored. We went to a Q&A w/ Q&D panel (also I’m going to be on their documentary! In the dealers room their peeps filmed me and I had to sign away my soul for permission that they could use me-like said it was my hat!) then waited in line for VA autographs. Chris Ayers joined the buch of signers while we got to the point of getting sigs and said Greg was going to be down soon, so we went through line again so we could see Greg Ayers. That was the highlight most worth while part of the con, it was worth the wait. Sana, I, and her sis did the Kodocha opening credits dance for him and he was SOOOOO happy! And we got to talk with him {that info I think I could share upon request} and I’m going to message him to tell him who the Blade Children are (he was Kouske from Spiral, and in Kodocha he was Tsuioshi, and Aya (they became a couple)’s VA Monica Rial was there, but she had some work and had to leave the convention early so unfortunately we didn’t get to meet her too. Still that part was soooooooooo cool!

Sorry for my unsympathized comment in my last blog-saying things like that is a paradox because the people its directed to skim over and don’t see it and those who actually read are the ones it’s not to >.< so chances are if you’re reading this line, I wasn’t referring to you. I’ve been doing lots of stuff so actually writing has not been happening for me and I guess I was feeling lazy lik it wouldn’t be worth to write out about my laptop breaking. You could probably tell anyway by the extreme delay I have of visiting sites. Really I’ll try to get caught up w/ that tonight, sorry and thank you for your patience.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

   You Guys asked for it:
Well more votes went to DBZ, so the YYH one will be next week. But first I realized in my previous quick post, I failed to mention the horror that my computer broke right before vacation ToT I have a new one now and it’s nice, but yeah you guys probably don’t care about me having problems like that since it was fixed before I came back. I could also go on about the power going out but you really want to see my DBZ surprise I can tell. Too bad, because the funny thing is my ps2 game was counting for a long time and I’m all like thinking about the power going out before I had a chance to save and then BAM! a storm hits out of nowhere; and a lighting bolt hit close 20 min later and cut the power when the counting was almost done (yes it was counting my winnings for quite the long time >.>) ToT so all that effort was waisted -_- Yesterday I also made a great discovery! I found an asian grocery store and later I’ll have to show you pics I found on Wikipedia of some of the cool stuff I found! Well, before I give you the DBZ surprise, I finished compiling YYH clips for a teaser on my Beyond! series ^^ Give you some hints on things that are going to happen in the upcoming sagas ^.~

DID YOU KNOW: Concerning the latest Firefox Edition-It has the correct spelling for “Schwarzenegger” AND even “Kamehameha” …but “anime” is NOT in it’s dictionary!?

On that note, I made DragonBallZwinkies!!! Surprise! Look at the DBZwinkies! (I also made some of Hiei cosplaying as Harry Potter! lol I’ll think about sharing those ones later)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

YELLOW: Name 5 golden-haired Super Sayians we see.
GREEN: What crisis caused Picolo to fuse with Kami?
PINK: Name Freiza’s main 2 henchmen.
ORANGE: Why do most of the main characters wear orange outfits?
BROWN: Who does Supreme Kai fuse with?
BLUE: How many different forms of fusion do we see?

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

   I’ve recieved visits from 20,000 servers!
Sorry about the last post, I should have mentioned what the video was ^^;;; my bad. Well, it’s my latest YYH AMV, Be a Dark Tournament Man! And it’s really really funny! I know its just in the previous post, but I’ll post it again since I know some people are lazy and don’t want to scroll further than the comment box link:

This weekend I’m going to my first anime convention, and I’m going to be so busy I’m not going to post while I’m gone, so there will be no story this weekend {That and whenever I want to go post, the internet mysteriously disappears >.>}. I know I know, you were all soooooo on the edge of your seats to see what happens to Yusuke as he has been free-falling from a dragon the past however-many months. Will he go kersplat into a pancake? Will someone save him? Will he actually think of a way to get out of this predicament? Well, you’ll just have to wait another week. I still, however, am planning on posting once more before I go to the convention. Your job is to tell me what post you would rather come and read later! I have a DBZ surprise one, or a YYH fun one. Those are your choices (well, I guess YYH Beyond! could be another option) so what would you like to see?

Now I would like to ask a request of any who are interested. FUNimation just got the lisence for Ouran High School Host Club. I don’t know how to find out about auditions, but I think my natural low voice (not to be confused with my naturally perky or naturally fangirl or naturally subliminal voices) would be good for Haruhi since she is able to pass as a boy. Here is my voice demo With some of my lower voices mixed in w/ higher. But I was thinking, if lots of people request me to FUNimation if they would consider me. They already have my contact info (unless they shredded my resume and deleted all my emails) but you would also need my first and last name so they know who you are referring. Now I’m not comfortable just giving that out online where any old unregistered stalker guy could read it, but if you are interested in helping me out by giving me a good word to FUNi, then let me know and I’ll PM you {ACK speaking of PMs, I got a few pages of those while on vacation, I’ll be replying to them asap, sorry I haven’t yet} my name ant the email address to contact FUNi at. I got the idea from hearing someone from FUNi saying (reference Chuck Huber at AKon 2007 on YouTube-said by a coworker that was not shown in the recording but she was answering for FUNimation) that if you want them to dub Eizou Hakusho (someone was asking if FUNi was going to get the rights for it) then email feedback, if they get a lot of demand from the public they will listen, so I hope maybe this tactic may work too *fingers crossed* Also, here are some of my online roles so you can mean your referral and not just be saying it (for those who would like to help but haven’t heard my voice act so much as of yet) Thank you for your support!
Jazz in "Dark Wind Blowing" excerpt in Flash
La Sorelli in "Phantom of the Opera" Audio Reading (chp 1)
Renee in "Global Warming Burn Baby Burn!" Flash Animation ~Won 1st place in a Global Warming Animation Contest

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Friday, August 24, 2007

   Vacation was so good, I don’t think I’ll ever come back!
At least the Gremlins have been purged!

Page Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAQxzbjxI7E

Anyone know Japapnese and can tell me what on earth this site is saying (and how on earth did they get my movie on there for anyone to dl?)

Spiral Screenshots - I’m half-way done on them!

Here’s a mass of quoting fun Trivia!
YELLOW: What is the quote I shared a {month by now} week ago, and by whom?
As Eyes Rutherford said while quoting (sorry if it’s a bit off, I lent out my Spiral DVDs again) Kyotaka, “The ability to get back up after defeat is far more admirable than the ability to never loose.”
GREEN: You’re just jealous because I sound like a rock star!
Beast Boy, Teen Titans
PINK: With my careless ray contraption device!
Professor Coldheart, Care Bears
ORANGE: My rear’s on fire!
Goku, DragonballZ
BROWN: Bring me the epidermal tissue disrupter!
Doctor Mouse, Rescuers Down Under LordSesshomaru
BLUE: You go Do what you want to; and I’ll go do what I have to.
Eyes, Spiral

Found out for certain about Oliver Wood from a few Trivias ago, the 3rd year was his last as stated that he was a 6th year in book 2 page 105! so Silent Love and Mike Attack get a brown point and Silent Love gets a Trivia Prize!

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

   Virtual Easter Eggs are Fun! ^o^
Refi: Well, I’m in the middle of hosting a DDR party, but thought I’d take a break real quick to post the stunning conclusion of the Kurama/Raven adventure just in case anyone has been following along. I’m going on vacation so bye.

~*~If you want/need to review/catchup on the story, you can visit the Cartoon Cops Mission Archive and under the “Works in Progress” Click on “CC Dating Service” for the full up-to-date story! Even if you haven’t read the previous parts, every section starts with a recap so you don’t have to be lost coming in mid-way!~*~

*Compilation of clips from all the previous parts of the story flash on the screen during opening narration* It’s been a long fight to the epic confusion, er conclusion of an innocent hand at matchmaking turned total disaster. Kurama and Raven were doing well on a mission that was fake but turned real even though they did not know the mission they were one was originally only made up to get them to go on a date without them realizing they were on a date. In their quest for an answer they found the Tower of Terror in which they were separated. Kurama may have been captured, but Hiei is dermined to free Kurama and exact his revenge on the Mastermind (for forcing him to listen to happy singing marionettes) come what may. The trials have been many, when at last Raven and Hiei arrive at the desired door.

Title “Master of the Marionettes: Part 2” Flashes on the screen

*Ominous music plays in the background. A shadow stands up.*

Sally Sue’s Voice: The time has come.

*The shadow glides over monitor and leaves.*

*Raven looks longingly and hopefully at the door. Hiei puts his hand on the doorknob. He glances at Raven for a moment before turning the knob and throwing the door open. The room is silent but in front of them stands a slanted table facing a dark screen with Kurama bound to the table. Raven and Hiei approach the table. Kurama turns his head and sees them.*

Kurama: Glad you could make it.

*Raven starts unlatching the straps which are holding Kurama down. Hiei stands back, hands in his pockets, scanning the room.*

Raven: Are you okay?

Kurama: Well enough, thank you.

Raven: What happened?

Kurama: Well, you’ve seen how the tower can do strange things. *freed from table* You go where it wants you to go and apparently it wanted me to end up here.

Raven: Wait, how did you kno-*follows Kurama’s pointing finger to the giant monitor that is turned off* You don’t mean you saw all of that… *(inner) face flushes (so only audience sees true reaction)* O~O

Kurama: So Hiei, you must elaborate how you got caught.

Hiei: Hn. *averts eyes* Those stupid puppets kept coming back each time I destroyed them! And every time I was only more caught in their appalling web of chains and shakles >.< WHERE IS HE? I’LL KILL HIM

*A pair of eyes twinkle from the shadows.*

Sinsiter Voice: *small sinister laugh* My, my. That was a fun game wasn’t it? You have been wanting to meet me, and now you have earned your reward *emerges from the shadows* Tada!!! Puck is here!

Everyone: Puck?!?! O.o???

Sally Sue: *pops out of nowhere* Yes Puck. A fairy sprite from the series Gargoyles; known for stirring things up and witting people into traps…all for the sake of his enjoyment.

Yangus: *tiptoe side shock step* Cor Blimey!

Sally Sue: >.> Nice effect Puck, but Video Game characters do not have a place here *pulls out a control panel and pushes a button that makes Yangus fizzles out*

Puck: Oh come now, I thought you would have really enjoyed that one.

Sally Sue: I suggest you nullify the territory power here, the game is up. We’ll discuss charges back at headquarters.

Puck: Charges? You shouldn’t put any charges against me. After all I have done for you. I haven’t even had a chance yet to reveal my master scheme to everybody.

Raven: I am curious to hear.

Hiei: Talk quickly before I kill you.

Puck: Tut tut. Some of you have no sense of humor. You see it all started with a dating agency.

Kurama: Dating Agency?

Sally Sue: *sweatdrop* Just stick to the subject.

Puck: But that is the subject. To cover up a date to get two characters to agree to with it, an elaborate scheme was thought up. “Dating Service” was disguised as “Department of Spies” and a case of a missing character was the mission. Sounding familiar?

*Raven and Kurama turn to Sally Sue.*

Sally Sue: ^^; Eh, well…things were working out, you two were enjoying it… >.> until the little short-stop came in

Puck: Poor little Puck here could not stand seeing Sally Sue make a liar of herself. So I took the liberty of involving Ditz. Managing to wrap Hiei into the equation was, say, the expense fee to twist things up for enjoyment.

Hiei: This was anything but fun.

Puck: *face close to Hiei* But think of what you gained *rolls eyes towards Raven*

Raven: *does not see Puck’s hint* That’s right Ditz is here, but where has he gone?

Ditz: I’m right here. *emerges from the shadows* I agreed to this because I was tired of playing the minor character. Only appearing in one episode, and being picked on by my co-aliens. I wanted a bigger role! I wanted to be a star! It was so cool to be those other characters with their strengths and special powers!!! *diabolical laughter* *pause* …uh Puck, I’m hungry, I want my Urk-Burgles?

Puck: Well there you have it. Some of you have too much time on your hands if you’ve been coming up with pairing schemes or carrying them out. Come now Alexander, *pulls a baby out of Ditz* we’ll just be on our way now that we have completed another magical lesson. *float back into the shadows and fade out* Oberon would be proud of you…

*moment’s silence*

Hiei: Ugh. So he’s just going to get away with toying with us like that?

Kurama: Calm down Hiei, I knew we weren’t going to be any mortal danger…

Hiei: You weren’t sent to places that stripped you of your power!

Kurama: I would have gladly switched… *looks forlornly at Raven*

Raven: *to Sally Sue* Why did you set this whole thing up?

Sally Sue: ^^;;; Well, after seeing how Malchior messed with your emotions, I really wanted you to meet a gentleman that truly would respect you instead of use you…

Ditz: *gaining consciousness* uhhhhhhhhhh…………What about my Urk-Burgles?

Sally Sue: *in a motherly tone* They are all on Feeblebrox back in your original cartoon. Now run along like a good little alien.

*Ditz scurries away. *

Raven: *slight blush and adverted eyes* Thank you, but why did you cover it up?

Sally Sue: I honestly couldn’t picture either of you agreeing to go on a blind date. *pause* And besides, fighting evil is a shared favorite hobby for you. *shifts into thinking pose, tapping side of face* I suppose I really should thank Puck, things did get exciting after his involvement. Grrr…I’d hate to admit it, though >.> the jerk. Although, Raven, it did leave you with two fine suitors.

*Everyone else in the room blushes at such a bold statement.*

Raven: Excuse me. I really need to meditate on all of this… *leaves the room*

Hiei: Well if this is all done and I can go, I have better things to do… *leaves the room*

*Sally Sue and Kurama stand in the room in silence for a moment. Sally Sue ponders what to do with this golden opportunity of being left alone w/ Kurama while Kurama looks down in disappointment until recalling the issuing of the mission.*

Kurama: What about the pradingoms? I presume that offer was fake, along with the case?

Sally Sue: ^^; Don’t worry, I’ll have a shipment sent out to each of you for your troubles; they’ll be disguised in pocky boxes so the other toons won’t steal them.

Kurama: Sounds good as long as the fangirls don’t raid my mailbox again…

Sally Sue: …Soooooo…do you want to play a round of hide and seek? Or mother may-I?

Kurama: O.O;;; Are you one of those crazy stalker fangirls???

Sally Sue: *laughing* Oh-ho-ho no, I was…Oh wait, but you’re not suppose to know that, hm… {Side note: Sally Sue created the character Leilani for her mission to YYH, but that is another story in the archives as Mission to YuYu Hakusho} (thinking: He’s not suppose to know I was Leilani, but technically we are in his cartoon right now so I could change into that form but…no, NO! Must refrain! Must Refrain!)

Kurama: >.>;;;

Woman’s Voice: *screaming* KURAMA!!!

Kurama: O_O Oh no!

Sally Sue: o.O? What now?

Kagome: *storms into the room* KURAMA WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

Kurama: Well, you see…I was…and then …


Sally Sue: *evil glimmer in eye as head turns to face Kagome* And just what do you think you are doing? Do you realize what Kurama has just been through? He has lent his irreplaceable skills to help the Cartoon Cops solve a very important mission and has even survived being a PoW!

Kagome: *kneels down to look at Kurama in the face* Is that true?

Sally Sue: *on communication device* Hey HQ, we’ve got a severe case of cartoon abuse here. I may need backup if she gets hostile, I’ll bring her down for charges…and then we can throw her in the slammer!

Bob’s Voice: I don’t think your position is liable. I’ve been watching the whole thing; she’s the same way to Inuyasha.

Sally Sue: But, but…this is Kurama she’s being mean too! She must have slipped one of those demon soul binding necklaces on him!

Bob’s Voice: She’s just being true to her cha…

Kurama: *getting up* That voice…

Sally Sue: *scrambles to hide communication device behind back* …eh ^^; Pay no attention to the man in the communication device ^^;;; heh heh heh *ahem* Well, if the Force isn’t on my side, then I’ll just have to resort to plan B! *pulls out a control remote* Kagome! For hurting Kurama, you must now feel the wrath of the fangirls!!! *pushes a button*

*Streams of fangirls pour in through the door and flood around Kagome, sweeping her away (who knows where to-the room only has one door yet the room is not feeling any more crouded as more girls come. Kurama stands up and brushes self off.*

Kurama: That really wasn’t necessary. I must be off. I’ll await my payment of pradingoms. *disappears into the shadowy corner and leaves under a masked presence*

Sally Sue: *sigh* So much for a serious happy match-making ending >.> *watches the river of fangirls still streaming through the room*

~*~THE END~*~

Well there you have it folks. {minus a bonus scene that I will either post later or just add it directly to freewebs copy-depending how bad you want it} Next weekend post after my vacation I will be bring back YYH Beyond! I’ve had then next episode done and edited for a long time now…but I really wanted to finish posting this story first. But I guess that was bad because we left off at a cliff hanger *looks back* o.O Oh my, yes we did, we last left Yusuke falling to his doom…he’s been falling for 6 MONTHS now! That dragon must have been way high up! Well, you can still catch up with the YYHB! episodes on the CC Mission page as well.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

   I'm gonna have fun!
Here’s another round of Trivia!
YELLOW: How many Rouroni Kenshin episodes are there? (Not including movies/OVAs)
95 {Congrats: Zakuro Rose}
GREEN: Name Kenshin and Kaoru’s son.
Kenji {Congrats: Zakuro Rose}
PINK: What mountain does Kenshin’s group go to that shares the name with another famous anime character.
Mount Hiei
ORANGE: What was Captain Sagara’s first name?
Souzou {Congrats: Zakuro Rose, Hishyama Shark}
BROWN: What was Sano’s “Fighter for Hire” name?
Zanza {Congrats: KirbysDouble, Zakuro Rose, Hishyama Shark}
BLUE: Explain why Sano does not want to ride trains.
Sano thinks magic is more real than technology and the train was just a trap {Congrats: KirbysDouble, Zakuro Rose, Hishyama Shark}

THIS WEEKS TRIVIA! Since I’ll be gone on vacation, you’ll have longer to solve it!
YELLOW: What is the quote I shared a week ago, and by whom?
Now name who said these other quotes and where they are from!
GREEN: You’re just jealous because I sound like a rock star!
PINK: With my careless ray contraption device! {Hint: This one is sung}
ORANGE: My rear’s on fire!
BROWN: Bring me the epidermal tissue disrupter!
BLUE: You go do what you want to; and I’ll go do what I have to.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

   If you have not read my previous post, it would mean the world to me if you did
I think I’ll attribute the inactivity on MyO towards the new HP book that just came out ToT I missed everybody! So I’ll make this brief so you can still read the story from last time. Next time I’ll have the answers to the previous trivia with a new set of questions. This weekend will be the final part for the Kurama/Raven(/Hiei) adventure and then I’m going on vacation. So as an update, I posted another Greeting, Made some headway on Spiral Screenshots and posted a clip of John Burgmeier singing as Rei from Kodocha.
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Saturday, July 21, 2007

   Another Wonderful edition {or addition} to a story for the Weekend!
Refi: Well the concluding segment was getting long, so I decided to pull one of my famous cliff-hangers (haven’t seen one of those in a while have you? lol) and cut it in half…well in two, no one would be interested in the final Final part if the mysteries were revealed in this one ^^ unless you’re interested in seeing what Raven’s going to do with all these admirers. And if no one was interested in the last part, they won’t read the twist that I throw in at the end when you think everything is hunky-dory. As a clue-if you liked me breaking down the rumor of Hiei liking sweet snow, you’ll find the used fandom fad hilarious ^^ *meow* Oh and don’t worry about the cliff hanger being too stressful, I led it up to a nice cut off ^^ If you want/need to review/catchup on the story, you can visit Cartoon Cops Mission Archive and under the “Works in Progress” Click on “CC Dating Service” for the full up-to-date story!

Previously our heroes defeated the almighty Cell…except he was really the sought-after Ditz in disguise. Hiei’s and Raven’s actions seemed to have pleased the Sinister Voice that is holding Kurama hostage and ponders the next path to take.

Title “Master of the Marionettes: Part 1” Flashes on the screen

*Hiei slowly comes to and looks around the ceiling of a dome-shaped room. Sitting up he sees Raven sitting beside the bed he is in, reading a book.*

Raven: *flatly without looking up from the book* Good morning.

Hiei: What happened? Where are we now?

Raven: *while still reading* I located a way back into the Tower of Terror, but those Z-Fighters insisted that we stay here and rest. I agreed because I thought it would be safer to go after Kurama with you standing on your own two legs rather than having me carry you around.

Hiei: How long have I been asleep?

Raven: Long enough for me to collect myself through meditation.

Hiei: So you needed to recover from your attack as well.

Raven: Look. What you saw…was something…that should never be let loose. It has to do with my father…

Hiei: *cutting Raven off* I am a demon, in case you forgot. You may label it dark or evil-I don’t care. The dragon you saw me use others called evil and forbidden, but I still mastered the art of controlling it. You have a great power yourself. Do not fear that power.

Raven: So even if my very existence will usher in the end of everything…that doesn’t bother you?

Hiei: You haven’t done so yet, and you don’t strike me the type that would. As long as you can master what is inside you, you shouldn’t worry about it.

Raven: uh *stares in amazement at Hiei’s acceptance*

Hiei: *abruptly* We have both recovered so we should get moving.

Raven: *normal* Right.

*Hiei and Raven walk out of the room. In an attempt to leave the house, Goku greets them.*

Goku: Hey! Nice to see you’re better! That was some stunt you pulled on Cell back there! Perhaps we could spar together sometime!

Hiei: >.> In your dreams.

Goku: ToT Aw, come on, just a quick little face off? It will be fun ^o^

Hiei: No.

Goku: It won’t take too much time, and I promise not to hurt you.

Hiei: Fool.

Goku: If you do, I’ll show you a really big Kamehameha wave!

Sinister Voice: *small sinister laugh* It won’t be much longer now, and just when you started to get comfortable. *medium sinister laugh* Although, I am curious on how you would have been in that situation. To bad it wasn’t you who was there to comfort her, being an expert of dark and mysterious pasts yourself… *big sinister laugh* …perhaps they need a little bit more dark and mysterious, just to prolong your rescue that much longer. *gargantuan sinister laugh*

*Hiei and Raven walk down the hallway closely and cautiously, prepared for anything to spring. They both stop at the sense of movement around the corner. Eying the corner, they see a tall, mysterious, dark and handsome man with blue rock-like skin and silvery wired hair*

Hiei: And just WHO are you?

Mysterious Man: *Lifts eyes to look at the couple* My name is Zelgadis…and I am your doom.

Raven: Oh joy.

Hiei: And why do you care to even fight us?

Zelgadis: Because I want to return this cursed body back into my former human self, *draws sword* and I was promised such if I destroy you two.

Hiei: Hn. This shouldn’t be too much of a challenge… *readies to draw katana but there is nothing there* Right. It broke with Cell.

Zelgadis: That is too bad, I’d hate to do this to the defenseless.

Raven: *levitates* We’re not completely defenseless.

*A pair of hands holding a katana materialize from the wall.*

Hiei: *eyes shift to the wall* How convienient.

Raven: It may be a trap…

Zelgadis: Enough talk AH! *lunges at Hiei*

*Instantly Hiei dives to grab the katana and unsheathes it in time to block Zelgadis’s attack. He jumps back and strikes again. (Lots more sword action cut out ^^ Just imagine it then read on) Hiei counters and twist Zel’s sword around.*

Hiei: Ha you’re open! *swoops in for Zel’s gut but gets nothing but cloth as the new katana breaks* wha- *eyes wide open*

Zelgadis: *stands straight to show off unwounded abdomen* The rock golem part of my chimera being is very useful in times like this. *shine sweeps across the showing rock belly*

Raven: Great defenses. And you want to give it up?

Zelgadis: I’m tired of looking like a freak AH!

*Zelgadis resumes swinging at Hiei and Raven alternatively. Hiei dodges and Raven dodges and blocks while they discuss the situation.*

Raven: I can take care of him like I did Cell.

Hiei: I don’t think he is as tough, my Dragon will end this quickly.

Raven: We don’t have time to wait for you to hibernate again.

Hiei: Oh, and I suppose we can just wait for you to meditate for the next few hours.

Zelgadis: This ends now! *sweeps sword down on Raven*


*Hiei hits Zelgadis with a flaming fist in the back that knocks him down the hallway rolling into orange putty. Ditz overcomes the dizziness and scurries off laughing before Hiei and Raven can go after him. Hiei sits on the ground.*

Raven: Nice, but he got away again. *looks down on him and then stops levitating* Your neck is bleeding.

Hiei: Oh really I didn’t even notice. Let's get going.

Raven: *slices a section of cloak off to use as a bandage* You should cover that up so it doesn’t get infected. *drops down to knees and wraps cloth around Hiei’s neck* It probably happened while you were grabbing the sword-right before you blocked Zelgadis and pushed his blade back. *ties knot and wipes sweat from brow*

Hiei: Wait. *Jagan twinkles* You have some too.

Raven: Huh?

*Raven gets nervous as Hiei gets closer to her, his eyes staring at her. His hand extends to hold the side of her face. He gets closer, and closer; those eyes staring. His chin lifts to bring his mouth closer. Ravens eyes get big. They are almost touching. Raven can hear Hiei’s breath. And then he closes in and starts…licking one of Raven’s temples. Raven looks in confused shock then spots that her hand which wiped her brow wiped more than just sweat.*

Raven: >~> And my friends thought I was creepy. ~-~

Hiei: *licking pauses* Do you have a problem with it? *resumes licking*

Raven: No, go ahead and suck me dry, vampire.

Hiei: *almost laughing* hn. *done licking* There. The cut probably came from that fool while I was casting the Mortal Flame. *stands up*

Raven: *rising and dusting knees off* I think I need to meditate.

Hiei: Go ahead. I’ll go rescue Kurama in the meantime. *walks down the hall*

*Despite meditational needs, Raven follows Hiei. They pass many doors as they turn left and right through the maze.*

Raven: (thinking: I need to be there to save Kurama, I’m the one that got him into this. I can’t let Hiei go off on his own, what if he ends up in the same predicament as before? Kurama was really nice to me, but Hiei…Hiei accepts my dark side…I wonder if Kurama would…and would Kurama really try to erase my memory? Hiei wouldn’t…Ack! Why am I thinking like this? Hiei said he doesn’t have girlfriends…but when he…) *raises hand to temple for a moment, recalling the touch of his tongue* (thinking: And just now he sounded almost gentle telling me that I could take the time to meditate. Am I going to save Kurama…or to protect Hiei? I really need some time to think things through, my emotions are screaming to be let out. I need to keep them under control.)

*Hiei and Raven stop in front of a door with a hanging sign with kanji scribbled on it. Subtitles pop up saying “Not the master’s chambers”*

Raven: That’s not suspicious.

Hiei: Kurama is just inside…along with Him.

Raven: *barely audible* Kurama…

To Be Continued…

Raven's Crush

Who do you think Raven likes most at this point?

Mr. Sinister
Beast Boy

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

   Get your car washed rain or shine!
Refi: Yes, so I see this add with the junk mail {FROM THE SNAIL MAIL IT'S NOT AN EMAIL PEOPLES!} about a car wash place and it says “Open every day rain or shine!” I would guess that they don’t get too much business on rainy days, infact I’ve never had need for a car wash-used a few free ones on my starving student card in college, but my car doesn’t get that dirty. And with all the wonderful rainstorms we have gotten here, my car is so squeaky clean that I don’t think that I will ever need to wash it again!

I’m sorry I didn’t explian about the Kurama/Maya AMV last time when I posted it ^^; {The song by the way is from Lion King II-great music, but not so much on plot. And yes the song is slow and boring, but after becoming familiar with it I found it more beautiful ^^} But you guys actually seemed to get it better than the YouTubers who commented and voted ( >.> had to delete some inattentive comments if you know what I mean) Thank you, I needed that after the hassle the others gave me. Yes I did a slideshow because Maya only appears in the manga, and to keep things even I only had Kurama shots from the same chapter instead of blending in Kurama animations. I’ll admit slideshows can be boring so I worked REAL hard (about 80 hours in all o.O) getting the pictures right and adding my own ‘animation’ to them, which I am glad you appreciated (Trust me, I REALLY needed to hear that, THANK YOU!) I also tried to place shots to go with the expression of the lyrics (my fav is where Maya is ‘chewing out’ Suichi for “They can have the world” and it flips to her being ecstatic beyond belief for “We’ll create our own” just to show off excessive mood swings that girls like us tend to get) and even progressed from Black and White to Color for dramatic effect (and when I added the chorus in an extra time to give room for the color changed the key to climax-itize it!) and then fade back into b&w to end calmly. Heart and soul put into a lovely message and how painstaking it was when others (except 411 who found it before my chance to post it here heehee) didn’t get it and said that it was “nothing special” ToT and “seen better” with no comment on why they didn’t like it or how I could improve. But you are a more cultured and refined breed I guess, who could interpret it’s beauty and appreciate my resourcefulness. At first I was way upset that I had WASTED 3 whole weeks of my life I dedicated to persuing a new (for me) form of art that I could have used to work on screenshots, stories, bugging FUNi until they let me in, other job searches, trying to find dates, etc. but even the best met critisim so I can’t let rejection let me down! As Eyes Rutherford said while quoting (sorry if it’s a bit off, I lent out my Spiral DVDs again) Kyotaka, “The ability to get back up after defeat is far more admirable than the ability to never fail.” I bet there’s even people out there that think the Mona Lisa is “nothing special” and it is considered a classic and one of the best. Can’t please everyone, so I better just work on pleasing myself ^^}

REQUEST (at least there was o.O it disappeared, but I’m still doing it for this week lol) FOR KENSHIN TRIVIA! {I’ll be sending out previously won prizes shortly!}
YELLOW: How many Rouroni Kenshin episodes are there? (Not including movies/OVAs)
GREEN: Name Kenshin and Kaoru’s son.
PINK: What mountain does Kenshin’s group go to that shares the name with another famous anime character.
ORANGE: What was Captain Sagara’s first name?
BROWN: What was Sano’s “Fighter for Hire” name?
BLUE: Explain why Sano does not want to ride trains.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

   This post will {not} self-destruct…
Refi: So I got this letter that has, “Time –sensitive” scrolled across the top of the bottom detachable half…and of course my wild imagination says, “Is this another way to say, ‘This message will self-destruct’ o.O?” Well I guess instead of tearing it up and throwing it into the garbage can like junk mail should be treated, I may hold on to this to see if what will happen to it when it expires…

Everyone: …

Refi: …

Everyone: …

Refi: …Oh right ^^ Trivia, peoples wants the trivia answered, as said before I knew it was too easy >.> but I didn’t know what else to do because I had spent the whole day w/ my friends celebrating a birthday. Any request for the next batch of trivial questions?

Here’s another round of Trivia!
YELLOW: Who is Padfoot?
I was seriously looking for Sirius Black Winners: Silent Love, KirbysDouble, Zakuro Rose, and Mike Attak
GREEN: Name two of his friends (code and actual please).
The three of them were James Potter (Prongs), Remus Lupin (Moony), and Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail) Winners: Silent Love, KirbysDouble, Zakuro Rose, and Mike Attak
PINK: How many HP books are there in the series?
Seven Winners: Silent Love, KirbysDouble, Zakuro Rose, Mike Attak, CardCaptorRyoko, and Swords411
ORANGE: What was the name of the competitor from the Russian boy’s school in the Tri-Wizard Tournament?
Victor Krum Winners: Silent Love, KirbysDouble, Zakuro Rose, Mike Attak, CardCaptorRyoko, and Swords411
BROWN: What HP year was Oliver Wood’s last?
ToT I am sorry, there is so much controversy in this topic, when consulting experts, I’ve heard so many things (year 1 in the books, year 3, year 4 and year 5) I don’t know any more the answer to my own question…good thing I had a bonus *sniff*
BLUE: Who was new on the team after Oliver graduated?
Ron Weasley (He’s our King!) Winners: KirbysDouble, Zakuro Rose, Mike Attack, CardCaptorRyoko, and Swords411
Bonus Question: What is the name of Harry’s crush?
I was looking for Chou Chang (I haven’t read the books, so I didn’t know Harry later will like Ginny, I just knew her crush on him) Winners: Silent Love, KirbysDouble, Zakuro Rose, Mike Attak, CardCaptorRyoko

Congradulations to KirbysDouble, Zakuro Rose, and Mike Attak for earning full circles (And Silent Love, you’re REAL close!). I’ll bet working on prizes for them, tune in next time for more trivial fun.

Tribute to Kurama and Maya (and if you don’t watch YouTube, I heard you the first many times and did take precautions, I’m sharing my beautiful work while I can)

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